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Advisors Assistant provides a carefully crafted user interface, with unique ClearView Screens tailored to provide a familiar experience. Each contact’s most important information is displayed as you scroll through notes, workflow statuses, investment accounts, insurance policies, and other related data. Every contact provides a simple way to flip through their multiple addresses or phone numbers. Our unique Perspectives allow you to focus on different aspects of each record.

With over 50 time-saving Integrations, you can easily use features like sending letters with Microsoft Word, or archiving emails from Outlook or Google Apps. And when new features are added, Ease-of-Use is always a top consideration.

Advisors Assistant CRM for Financial Advisors is the cornerstone of our practice. My staff and I use this program every minute of every day. It’s great to have a top-notch management system that is changing and keeping up with our ever changing industry and our growing practice.”

Juli McNeeley, CFP, CLU - WI

President, NAIFA

“What a great system you guys have developed. I wish I had found you 10 years ago. I have eliminated all other contact programs, and you have me for good!”

Gene Mahn, CLU, ChFC, CLTC - CA

1998 President, MDRT

“We love your software. It is the heart and soul of my company. Please keep up the good work!”

Herbert Hall - FL

“I’ve been seeing the benefits of Advisors Assistant more and more. It was impressive when a prospect gave me a report to review from a big financial company. The report was so inferior to what I get from Advisors Assistant. Your reports are clear and concise and as detailed as I choose to be. Advisors Assistant reports blow away the competition!”

Amy K. Bunker - CA

“I will start by stating that Advisors Assistant is the best dbase I have used. The product is easy to learn and the investment module does an outstanding job. I have been in the insurance business for 17 years and was constantly looking for a database that would allow me to run reports, sort clients and keep all my client data at my finger tips. I stopped searching when I purchased Advisors Assistant. Combined with the flawless experience I have had with the DST FAN Mail download, this is the number one used software in my practice.”

D. Ray Tucker, Jr., CLU, ChFC - AL

“In 1997 Ozzie & I researched and compared all of the stable client management systems written for the financial services industry. Advisors Assistant CRM for Financial Advisors was hands down the winner. Over the past 16 years, Advisors Assistant has been the centerpiece of “The WolfePack” region & our personal production. Advisors Assistant has made our job a lot easier, saved us time, & helped us to generate additional revenue which would not have been possible without Advisors Assistant.”

Tommie Wolfe Currid, LUTCF - FL

“I can’t say enough about how great Advisors Assistant CRM for Financial Advisors is. I’ve been using computers since 1980, and I’ve spent thousands of dollars designing my own client management systems. None of them have come close to Advisors Assistant. It has increased my productivity and my sales.”

Fred Prince, CLU - ME

“In the past 12 years my office has used several client management systems. Not one can compare to the power and control Advisors Assistant allows my office to have in managing our block of business. It’s the greatest we’ve ever used. No matter how large or small, your operation will perform smarter and faster with this system.”

Larry Pond - TX

“I have been around computers since 1972, and I have written many database applications including one for my own multi-line agency. When I found Advisors Assistant Holdings I quit writing my own database and transferred to their products in 1993. IT HAS BEEN WORTH IT 100 OR MAYBE EVEN 1,000 TIMES OVER. Advisors Assistant is an EXCELLENT database management tool where you can manage and track EVERYTHING that you need for not only your clients, but also vendors and prospects.”

Ed Darling, C.E.C. - CA

“Thanks a million for selling me your program. I’ve been in the business for 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s the most efficient and least troublesome database system I’ve ever seen; and every time I do a mailing – clients call me! I just made a large commission after a brief conversation – and there have been many of these types of sales linked directly to your program. Your follow-up system for service work is extraordinary too. Keep up the good work!”

Michael Harris - FL

“We have had your program for 4 months, and I am delighted with it. It’s so much better than my previous program. It takes less than half the time to see all the client links – doctors, spouse, children, lawyers, etc. Underwriting info and notes can be accessed at a snip. In fact overall the whole program is tons better. I have upwards of 1300 clients so it has made my life a lot easier.”

Suky Lea-Jones - New Zealand

“Our firm has used Advisors Assistant for years. We had tried several different programs before and were always disappointed. Since we started using Advisors Assistant we’ve never felt the need to investigate any other program. We cannot run our business without Advisors Assistant CRM for Financial Advisors. I think that says it all.”

E. Dee Hinds, CLU, CFP, ChFC, RFC - CA

“I have gotten more out of your program than any other piece of software I’ve used due solely to your exceptional “after the sale” support. Everyone with whom I have spoken has, without exception, been patient, courteous, and extremely helpful. Even when I was having a bad day, you were wonderful. Candidates for Sainthood!”

Whit Galeski - FL

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Advisors Assistant due to the changes you made in the last upgrade. It is fantastic! The program is so user friendly, (and I need all the help that I can get).”

Brendan Atkins - Australia

“Compliance Officers are amazed by the reports Advisors Assistant provides. The OSJ bi-annual compliance reviews using Advisors Assistant have amazed the auditors for completeness. The reports exceeded NASD, Registered Investment Advisors, and Outside Business record keeping requirements.”

William R. James, CFP®, CLU - CA

“Advisors Assistant has become the backbone of my business. I’ve used several CRM databases developed for financial advisors and have concluded that Advisors Assistant is the one and only to use if you want to really build out a robust financial service business rather than just a solo practice. Most impressive is how dedicated the Advisors Assistant support team has been to my success. Recently when moving to use a hosted Exchange email server, I ended up on the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology. In resolving the issue, Advisors Assistant went to battle on my behalf with Microsoft and Rackspace and dedicated their support team, lead developer, and even Advisors Assistant President. If you are looking to build a financial services business, Advisors Assistant should become your strategic partner!”

Peter Lampert, JD, CPA, LLM - VA

“I believe your software is the single BEST business tool investment I’ve made in the insurance business. With 21 years as a life and qualifying member of the MDRT, 24 years of NQA, and 16 years of NSAA awards, I speak with at least some exposure to the insurance business.”

Wm. Dee Montplaisir - MO

“Once again I marvel at the ease of using DST FAN Mail with the Advisors Assistant CRM for Financial Advisors. The program downloads are seamless and save an incredible amount of timein the servicing of my investment clients. You have developed a winner here!”

E. Duke Marston, JD, CLU, ChFC - ME

“I really do like your program. Mainly, it always works! The technical support is great. You really try to incorporate our needs at the end user level. It is the hub of my business; especially with the insurance and investment module and the report capabilities. I feel it puts me ahead of my competition to win the confidence of the prospectwhen I can show them the type of reports they can come to expect from Hermesch & Associates.”

Tim Hermesch, CLU, ChFC, RFC- TX

“Thank you so much for a great product. Last fall I tossed out an expensive piece of software because although their support fees had increased, their support had diminished to nearly nothing, and their training person had an attitude that was most unfriendly. I’m so glad I replaced it with Advisors Assistant. Your program is so much easier to use and understand. The folks in your support department are great, and they’ve been most patient with me. Your tech support is the best in the industry!”

John F. Klaus - TX

“I’ve been using your program for years, and it has really helped me make more sales. Just a few weeks ago, I made a $32,000 commission because your program has been reminding me to call this prospect and to send him a birthday card each year. And now this new client has referred me to a friend who has 4 businesses. I can’t tell you how many sales I’ve made over the years because your program keeps me on track!”

Michael Poe - AL

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