Contact Management (CRM)

Industry studies have found that the #1 reason clients change financial advisors is Lack of Communication.

Advisors Assistant is a comprehensive Contact Management System that helps you keep in touch with your clients to keep them from straying to other advisors. It also helps you organize your office, work more efficiently, and increase sales.

You know how important client contact is, and so do we. We’ve designed a system that will help you track as much information as you need about your clients and prospects, and then use that information to find targeted lists of people for marketing campaigns. Plus, Advisors Assistant links directly with Microsoft Word and Outlook to help you quickly and easily get marketing mailings and emails out to your clients and prospects.

With our unique View Screens, you can quickly and easily get to the information you need. The Advisors Assistant Notes, Markets, Links, Workflows, and Calendar will make sure that you’re keeping in touch with your clients, and that critical follow-ups aren’t slipping through the cracks.

With Advisors Assistant you can

  • Track any type of contact: clients, prospects, groups, vendors, friends
  • Search client & prospect files for new sales opportunities
  • Track where prospects are in the sales pipeline
  • Write unlimited notes with Follow-ups that integrate with your calendar, and organize those notes into topics
  • Link names together and show how they’re related. Great for tracking family members and referrals
  • Track all of your appointments and tasks and assign tasks to other staff members
  • Synchronize Calendar Events and Contacts with Outlook or Google so you can send them to your mobile devices
  • Use Markets to group people into different categories for reports and mailings
  • Send mailings and emails quickly and easily with Microsoft Word and Outlook
  • Use Workflows to increase efficiency and track office procedures
  • Print a wide variety of reports, from address lists to birthday reports
  • Easily Go Mobile with the Advisors Assistant Mobile App
  • Move toward a Paperless Office
  • Save time with Advisors Assistant’s Integrations with other industry software programs
“In the past 12 years my office has used several client management systems. Not one can compare to the power and control Advisors Assistant allows my office to have in managing our block of business. It’s the greatest we’ve ever used. No matter how large or small, your operation will perform smarter and faster with this system.
L. Pond

Every Advisors Assistant Comes With:

  • World Class 800 Line Technical Support
  • Software Updates
  • A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Training Webinars

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