Advisors Assistant has so many time-saving features available we know it can take time to learn them all. QuikTip emails are sent out to users of Advisors Assistant to highlight these time-saving features and help you learn how Advisors Assistant can simplify your life.

#89: Organize Your Notes

Did you know that you can reorganize your Advisors Assistant Notes easily by moving the Notes within Topics, combining Topics, and even moving Notes and/or Topics from one name in your database to another? All of this can be done quickly without any need to “copy and paste.”

#88: Tips On Our Latest Update

The most recent release of the Advisors Assistant Workstation is now in the hands of every Web Hosted user and in the process of being introduced to our Computer Based users. The most obvious change is simply visual, as we subtly updated quite a bit of the user interface to improve its appearance on modern displays and improve overall readability. However, we also introduced quite a few fixes and new features. As always, we publish a changelog for public releases, however it’s worth focusing a QuikTip on some of the more important features.

#87: View Investment With History

Advisors Assistant offers a variety of portfolio tracking features in our optional Investment Module. One of these more detailed options is View Investment With History.

#86: Create A Mail Merge From Notes Search

Since its introduction, the Search All Notes tool has become one of our more popular features. By searching for particular keywords or phrases within their note, users leverage it to surface all manner of interesting groups from their client data. We regularly get requests about creative ways to uses these searches to generate mail merges, create custom exports, or manage groups of contacts.

#85: Screen Scaling & Size

As we all continue to use more screens with larger displays and novel new aspect ratios, some of Advisors Assistant’s simpler features have become increasingly important. The Advisors Assistant workstation resizes like other Windows applications and has the ability to arrange data panes within its workspace. This gives you greater flexibility in displaying your data and comes with some extra controls, as well.

#83: Annuity Tab

Did you know that Advisors Assistant now has an Annuity Tab where you can list all of your Annuities separately on one View Screen? The View Client with Annuities Screen combines Annuity products from both the Insurance and Investment Modules all on one View Screen....

#82: Subset on Search All Notes

Did you know that you can create a Subset from a Global Notes Search within your Advisors Assistant database? Once you have the list of notes that match your search criteria, you can create a Subset (mini database) of just those names that match your criteria. To...

#81: Importing a Contact list

Did you know that you can easily import a list of contacts into Advisors Assistant? You can import basic demographic information from an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV File to populate that information in your Advisors Assistant database.

#80 Alert Note

You can now add an Alert Note under Advisors Assistant Name Records to keep track of important information about the client or prospect. An Alert Note contains any information you deem important enough to see each time you look up the contact.

#79 Social Media Links

Advisors Assistant now incorporates Social Media links onto the Advisors Assistant name record. By entering in the Social Media addresses for the client, you can click directly to the client’s Facebook page, LinkedIn site, Twitter page, or Google+ page right from their Advisors Assistant View Screen!

#78 360 View

There’s now a 360 Degree Tab now located at the bottom left corner of the Advisors Assistant View Screen. This Tab gathers activities pertaining to the contact from all over Advisors Assistant and puts them all in one place.

#77 Google Integration

Advisors Assistant now integrates with Google Apps for Work. The Google Apps for Work integration synchs contacts, calendar events, archives emails and even links with the Advisors Assistant Workflows!

#76 Outlook Email Archive to Current Name

If you either forgot to enter an email address into Advisors Assistant before sending/receiving the email, or the email would not have normally been archived to that name record, you now have the ability to archive that email manually.

#75 Advanced Query

Advisors Assistant now has an Advanced Query that allows users to retrieve virtually any data they would like within Advisors Assistant. The Advanced Query provides you with more power and flexibility than the Selection Reports search criteria. Yet, it is very easy to use.

#74 Departments

Instead of having to add a task or send a message to each individual User, you can now select the Department which will automatically include all Advisors Assistant Users within that specific Department.

#73 Split Producers

There are two ways to add more than one Producer to a contact in Advisors Assistant. On a client’s Modify Name Screen, you can now include Additional Producers to represent a Split Producer situation. If there are Producers that often work together, you can also create a “Team” of producers.

#72 Copying FlexField Labels between Name Types

Did you know that you can copy the FlexField Labels from one Name Type to another? When FlexFields are related, an Administrator can copy one set of fields to another and then just make a change or two if needed.

#71 Advisors Assistant Dashboard

The Advisors Assistant Dashboard summarizes important information all on one screen. The Dashboard uses pie charts, bar charts, sortable lists and RSS feeds to provide you with up-to-date information of your choosing.

#68 Copy & Paste Email Addresses

Sometimes you may want to send an email to more than one email address listed under a client’s name. Advisors Assistant makes that easy with the clipboard symbol on the email address list.

#67 Albridge Applink

Did you know that Advisors Assistant’s connection with Albridge and the Applink interface lets you go right into the Albridge system without even having to log in? With only one click you’ll be connected directly to Albridge right from your Advisors Assistant database.

#66 Phishing Schemes Getting More Devious

You were fine before you got the phishing mail, and you’ll be fine if you don’t click. Just don’t click unless you are 100% sure where the click will take you.

#65 Building Relationships with Your Clients’ Children

66% of adult children fire their parent’s advisor when they gain control*. You can keep this from happening by starting to build relationships with your clients’ children NOW.—Advisors Assistant will help you do this.

#63 New Website!

We are very excited and proud to announce the launch of our newly designed website! The goal of our new site is to offer increased access to information combined with easy-to-use navigation throughout the site.

#62 Backing Up? Can You Restore Easily?

As we have said many times, backups are extremely important whether you’re using the Computer-Based or Web-Based version of Advisors Assistant. Having a backup plan is definitely important, but you also need to make sure the plan in place is working and your backup is ready to restore if needed.

#61 Calendar Reports

Did you know that there are many different calendar reports available in your Advisors Assistant?


Have You Backed Up Your Data Recently?

#2 Tracking Personal Contacts

Did You Know you can get a report that lists the people who have not had a personal contact from you within a certain time period?

#1 Mapping Addresses

Did You Know that all you have to do is Right-Click on a person’s address box in Advisors Assistant and that address is instantly mapped in Google Maps?

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