Access your Advisors Assistant from Everywhere

With Advisors Assistant you have the best of both worlds:

  • Access Advisors Assistant over the Internet with our Web Based CRM for Financial Advisors and Mobile App, or
  • Install Advisors Assistant locally on your office computers and use Remote Access

You choose the system that best fits your needs. Whichever one you choose, you are in control of your data. And if your circumstances change, we can switch you from one option to the other.

Advisors Assistant Web Based CRM for Financial Advisors

Using Advisors Assistant over the Internet is Easier and More Secure than ever!

Our Web Based CRM for Financial Advisors is designed for those who want to use the Internet to access Advisors Assistant from one or more locations without setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Benefits of the Web Based CRM for Financial Advisors:

  • We maintain your database for you on a server running behind an enterprise class firewall in a secure data center.
  • Your data is backed up every night and stored in a fireproof facility. You can also download a copy of your database backup weekly so you have it in your office.
  • Access is 24/7 except during scheduled maintenance.
  • Our Web Based CRM for Financial Advisors has several levels of security to assure that your data won’t be compromised.
  • You use a unique strong User Login which is designed to meet FDIC requirements.
  • A special Advisors Assistant Smart Web Services program is installed on each computer you’ll be using to access your data. This keeps your data safe from Keystroke Recorders.
  • Advisors Assistant’s Web Based CRM for Financial Advisors does not run in a Browser, so it’s usually faster than other web based programs. There’s very little lag time to drain your productivity.
  • You retain control of your data. You can switch to the computer-based Advisors Assistant at any time or discontinue the service and get a backup of your data.
  • Makes Remote Access faster, easier, and more secure than ever.

Backed up every night

Access is 24/7

Several levels of security

Users of the Web-Based Advisors Assistant can also use the AAMobile Application to connect to their database from Smartphone and Tablet devices.

Support and Updates

  • Every Web Hosted User has complete access to the Advisors Assistant World Class 800 Line Technical Support. Our friendly support team is always ready to help.
  • Every Web Hosted User also has complete access to our FREE Training Webinars which provide complete walk-throughs on how to get started and to insure that you get the most from your Advisors Assistant.
  • There’s a Help Button on every screen. Many of the Help Files contain videos with step by step instructions.
  • Your Web Hosted Advisors Assistant will be updated for you automatically with new
“We love your software. It is the heart and soul of my company. Please keep up the good work!”
H. Hall

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