At Advisors Assistant Holdings we have one simple goal: to develop software that helps advisors build stronger and more meaningful relationships with their clients.

That means our CRM for Financial Advisors has to be easy-to-use, right out of the box. We have to work with an advisor’s existing technology platforms; we have to deliver on what we promise, every time; and we have to back our software with the industry’s #1 technical and customer support.

The Advisors Assistant unique ClearView Screens put all of your client data at your fingertips and make the CRM for Financial Advisors extremely easy to use.

Whether you’re tracking client data, insurance, or investments you can easily move from screen to screen.

Notice on the View Screen below that there are no Windows fill-in boxes. That’s because you view data more often than you type it in. We took extra time to program these easy to read View Screens so you wouldn’t have to stare at those screen cluttering, hard to read fill-in boxes. By eliminating those fill in boxes, we can actually give you more data on each screen.

“I’ve been using your program for years, and it has really helped me make more sales. Just a few weeks ago, I made a $32,000 commission because your program has been reminding me to call this prospect and to send him a birthday card each year. And now this new client has referred me a friend who has 4 businesses. I can’t tell you how many sales I’ve made over the years because your program keeps me on track!

M. Poe

Every Advisors Assistant Comes With:

  • World Class 800 Line Technical Support
  • Software Updates
  • A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Training Webinars

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