Below is a summary of the latest enhancements added to Advisors Assistant, listed by build number and release date.

To Update Advisors Assistant, first update the computer where your data is stored by clicking on Start | Programs | Advisors Assistant | Update Database. This will start a process that will check for the latest update, compare it to your version, and provide a button to automatically download the new version. You can update while people are using Advisors Assistant. Any user who logs into Advisors Assistant after you update will be presented with a button that will update their local workstation from the internet. It all happens automatically and the users do not even have to log into a site.

Workstation v8.19.143.060

This release is a cumulative update for all users.  it is available to Local users and Web databases receiving AA Everywhere.

The Workstation in this release requires Windows 7 or newer.  

Advisors Assistant Workstation

  • Cumulative Bugfixes:  This release makes all previous bugfixes available to local users.
  • Performance Fixes and Typo Corrections:  We corrected several minor performance problems and typos in the latest release.
  • New Price & Index Import Feature:  Users of the Investment Module can now upload .CSV files with end of day prices for securities and indexes.
Everywhere Update - Workstation v8.19.142.054 / AAMobile v2.4.05

This release is for web-hosted users adopting AA Everywhere.

The Workstation in this release requires Windows 7 or newer.  AAMobile is designed to operate on the current version of any HTML5 compliant web browser or browser app.  To use Google Integration, you should update your copy of Windows Workstation and the most current version of your web browser.

Advisors Assistant Workstation

  • New Add User Feature: Creating new Advisors Assistant users automatically creates their AAMobile Login/ID.  Administrators can still disallow access to the AAMobile webapp using the wizard.
  • Add New User Bugfix:  This update corrects a bug where some new users were set to allow AAMobile web app access, but the setting saved them as disallowed.  Existing users affected by this problem can simply resave the setting.
  • Performance Fixes and Typo Corrections:  We corrected several minor bugs and typos in the latest release.
  • New Price & Index Import Feature:  Users of the Investment Module can now upload .CSV files with end of day prices for securities and indexes.


  • AAMobile Everywhere Update:  Users of this version do not need to authorize their specific device by clicking on an invitation link.  Users may instead follow their private URL or enter their office’s Subscriber ID.
  • New Private URLs: Every user of the Everywhere Update has a private URL to access their database.  This URL takes users directly to the classic login screen without needing to know the office’s Subscriber ID, maintaining security without device lock.
  • New URL Aliases: Offices can apply for easy-to-remember aliases for their private URL, for example:
  • New Phone Search:  We’ve added an option to search for names by phone number.  Numbers can be entered without any parentheses or dashes.
  • New Search Hotkeys:  Search can now be accessed using ALT+P for Name search and ALT+Q for phone search.
  • Improved Search Speed:  AAMobile’s search uses a new preindexing process to increase speed.
  • New Email Reminder:  This feature will remind users without unique email addresses to update their email address in the AA Workstation.  This is part one of our plan to introduce password reset and basic user admin features into the AAMobile web app.
  • Performance Fix For Advanced Query:  We’ve fixed some issues with Advanced Query timing out for large databases.
Version 8 Update, Released August 2017

This release is for all users with both new features and bug fixes.

This release WILL NOT RUN ON WINDOWS XP OR WINDOWS VISTA.  This update will not install if your SQL Server is SQL 2005. (Does not apply to hosted users.)  To use Google Integration, you should update your copy of Windows Workstation and the most current version of your web browser.

Contact Management

  • New Look & Feel Update: We flattened and simplified graphics across the user interface.  This should increase readability and improve appearance on high resolution displays.
  • New Encryption Routine: We’ve updated the encryption routines used to protect PII.
  • New Move Notes Feature: We’ve added a tool to move notes between contacts.
  • New Market Management Tool: We’ve added a tool to remove markets from selected names.
  • New Combine Note Topics Tool: You may now combine Note Topics.
  • New Employer Field: Employer field added to the main contact card.
  • New Report Formats: New export options added to selection reports.
  • New 360 Perspective: Added “ALL” perspective to 360 view.
  • New Mailmerge Fields: “Maturity Date” and “Tobacco” are now merge eligible.
  • New Note Search Feature: You may now search by selecting “Apply Filter” or pressing Enter.
  • Outlook Bugfix: Correction to the Outlook “Archive to Current Name Being Viewed” option.
  • Google Bugfix: Correction to archiving of email with attachments.
  • Workflow Bugfix: Correction to completion of workflows changed by another user.
  • Google Bugfix: Correction to email archiving for messages with no Labels.
  • New Business Bugfix: Correction to status field in New Business View Screen Report.
  • Workflow Bugfix: Correction to intermittent errors when deleting Workflow.

Investment Modules

  • FINRA Compliance Toggle: We’ve added the ability to lock manual additions or edits changes in the investment module.  This is intended to be applied as a universal restriction to meet some firms’ Compliance requirements.  When unlocked, our disclosure and audit features are used to meet requirements.
  • Updated Report: Updates to report #30029 “Account Summary By Investor And Account”
  • Updated Report: Updates to report #30086 “Household Investment Allocation by Account Type”
  • Updated Advanced Query Options: “Account Title” may now be used for search.
  • Deletion Bugfix: Investmnt Accounts may now be deleted when viewing the “All” Perspective.

Commission Module

  • New Fields: Added three fields for Primary Insured DOB, Primary Insured Medicare #, and Primary Insured’s Zipcode

Investment Downloads

  • New Default Modules: All users are granted access to free position download modules.
  • New Download Module: Added transaction download module for Interactive Brokers.
  • DST Updates: We’ve changed “Dividend Stock” and “Dividend to Increase Shares” handling.
  • DST Updates: Miscellaneous Fund Identifier improvements.

Server Utilities (Computer Based System Only)

  • New Backup Feature: Added SQL version to default backup filenames.
Version 8 Released April 29, 2016.

This release is for all users and has major new features. They are listed in order of impact.

This release WILL NOT RUN ON WINDOWS XP OR WINDOWS VISTA.  So many of our integration partners have made changes that require later versions of Windows, that we have to leave XP and Vista behind.  You will need Windows 7 or later.

This update will not install if your SQL Server is SQL 2005. (Does not apply to hosted users.)

To use Google Integration, you should update your copy of Windows Workstation and Internet Explorer should be the latest version.

Contact Management

  • Added an Advanced Query system for contacts, insurance and investments. Click on the Arrow next to Selection Reports on the Sidebar Menu. Learn More
  • A new Alert right on the View Screen which can alert you to key changes in a client’s situation so that any staff member will be aware before interacting with the client. Learn more about Alert Notes  (13592)
  • Added a 360 Degree tab on the View Client Screens which gives you a list of everything happening with your client in the order you suggest.  It pulls together notes, workflows, files, tasks, appointments, follow-ups and notes, all in one place where you can see virtually everything that is happening with your clients.  Learn more about the 360 View  (13590)
  • Google Apps email archiving added. Learn more about Google Apps Integration
  • Google Apps calendar sync added for appointments and tasks.
  • Google Apps contact import and export added.
  • Phase field added as a drop down list field in the contact details and on the View Client Screen.  Phase can be assigned to the client contact record so that you can see which phase of a process they are in
  • Added the ability to archive any Outlook email to any contact by highlighting the email in Outlook and viewing the client name in Advisors Assistant. Then click on the Advisors Assistant Tab in Outlook. Choose “Archive Email To Current Name Being Viewed.”
  • Department calendars are now available. Learn more about departments
  • A wizard has been added for deleting departments to make sure calendar items, etc are not orphaned.(13334)
  • Teams may be used to give access to individual contacts in the Multi-producer and Enterprise versions. You can add a team to “Additional Producers” on the Contact Details Screen and all of the members of that team will have access to that contact’s data. Learn more about teams
  • Social media addresses are now stored with icons on the view screen to click to go to a contact’s media page. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are supported. Learn more about social media links  (10467)
  • Hover help has been added for when the user’s mouse is positioned over one of the social media icons so the user will know where to go to add that social media (Facebook, etc.) address for the contact. (12853)
  • Calendar data export now includes contact’s primary email address. (3051)
  • Added the ability for Selection Reports Name Type search criteria to look only at the primary type, only at additional types, or all types. (9660)
  • Archived messages now contain the client related to the message, if any. (10423)
  • If a user has access to more than one Advisors Assistant database (an assistant working with more than one independent user) and they are using Outlook, Advisors Assistant will now remind them to restart Outlook when they change to a different database. (12639)
  • Fixed a dashboard issue associated with the widget “Contact Count by City” and “Contact Count by Producer.”
  • The drop down list of user calendars now shows more calendars. (12720)
  • Added street address and tax id to the utility that finds and combines duplicate names (12721)
  • Added a Subset Button to the Search All Notes screen so that users can work only with the contact records that the search returns. (12734)
  • Added a button to the Dashboard Screen to make it easier to switch back to Advisors Assistant View Screen. (12729)
  • The Manage function (at bottom of reports menu) has been updated to support the additional producers associated with a contact.
  • FlexField Labels can now be copied between Name Types. (12939)
  • Security Enhancement: All SQL Server commands are now encrypted by the workstation in addition to the normal SSL encryption. when being sent to hosted databases. (12961)
  • Security Enhancement: Passwords can no longer contain the User ID in any part of the password. (12951)
  • Syncing from Outlook to Advisors Assistant for a calendar item originated in Outlook will add the contact name (if there is one in Outlook) to the subject line in Advisors Assistant so users will know who is associated with the event. (12973)
  • Calendar Reports: Added an Excel button to be able to export the calendar events that match the criteria to Excel. (13093)
  • Calendar Log: Added a process log when a calendar event is deleted so administrators can tell who may have deleted the event. (13108)
  • Laser App insert menus now include the spouse and trust name. (13303)
  • Admin Menu rearranged and the word “Maintain” is removed for a more descriptive menu item. (14132)
  • Notes Function Keys: F2 and F3, when pressed in the body of a note now adds the user’s initials to the date/time. (13751)
  • Date fields, when exported to Excel, are now formatted as Date instead of Custom so that users in non-USA areas will have the correct format. (13753)
  • Phone Screen now has an “Availability” field which is a drop down list so users can know when they can call a number, if it is restricted. Selections include Daytime, Evening, Anytime. (14011)
  • Contact List functions now replace “Mailing List” functions to better reflect the design of the feature. (14198)
  • Added memory to the size of the Phone Log and Letter Log screens so if you reset the size, it is remembered user by user.
  • Enhanced the “Copy To” function for copying email addresses from one contact to another. It now copies more fields. (14331)
  • Added a User Preference under the General Tab to let each user decide what shows up on drop down lists. The choices are Description, Abbreviation, or Both. (13640)
  • Added “Last Updated” to the Phone Dialer screen so the user will know which is the very latest phone number. (14603)
  • Added the ability for the Administrator to take a report off of the reports menu on both the main application or AAMobile. Click Admin | Report Designer and then right click on any report and choose the Hide option. (14662)
  • Added the ability to keep Advisors Assistant from being exited while ReadyDoc is running.  ReadyDoc must be exited first so that Advisors Assistant can receive the communication necessary to add the document to the View Client with Files listing. (14719)

Contact Management (Workflows)

  • Workflow tasks can be set up to automatically export to Google Apps’s calendar and those tasks completed in the Google Calendar associated with a Workflow will complete the workflow event in Advisors Assistant.
  • Workflows now have 6 user defined FlexFields which can vary with each Master workflow. These fields are searchable. (13257)
  • Workflow FlexFields can be used as report criteria on workflow reports. (13297)
  • Workflows master steps can contain a “Phase” , such as the phase of the sales process, the client is in. Phase can be searched on for reports. Learn more about workflows and Phase
  • When a user completes a Workflow Event that contains a Phase, the phase of the next event is automatically assigned to that client who has the workflow.
  • Added the ability to skip workflow events (steps) in a workflow provided the user has the security rights to skip steps and terminate workflows. (13317)
  • Departments can now be set up and used for workflow assignments.
  • Added the ability to filter workflow reports by department.
  • Teams of Producers (Advisors) can be set up to assign to workflows and predict revenues in Sales Pipeline type of workflows.
  • Workflow report criteria updated to allow searches by team name. (13297)
  • Master workflows which are in use at the contact level can no longer be deleted. However, they can be “Deactivated.” This way they can still be searched for reports, but they do not appear on any drop down list to attach for new workflows. (14219)
  • Master workflows now have a default priority to automatically fill in the priority field when a workflow is assigned to a contact. (11812)
  • Master workflow events are now shown in a grid, making the display easier to use and more cosmetic. (13360)
  • Calendar report criteria expanced so that users can now search for calendar events including workflow events, excluding workflow events, or exclusively workflow events. (13435)
  • Added Workflow Report: Team Revenues By Workflow And Advisor. (13691)
  • Added Workflow Report Team Revenues By Phase (14116)
  • Added Workflow Report Active And Overdue Workflows With First Pending which is similar to Report 70003, but only shows the next pending event. (14530)
  • View Client With Workflows now indicates if a workflow event is skippable. (13779)
  • New Workflow Report: “Active & Overdue Workflows With First Pending” shows only the events that are active and overdue and ONLY the next pending event rather than all of the pending events. (Shorter report) (14530)
  • Added “Active Event Criteria” to workflow report filter so that you can search on an event and only get those that are active. Completed events will not be selected for the report. ((14515)

Investment Module

  • Add ability to export prices to Excel on Price Lookup Screen. (4105)
  • Added a utility to combine 2 securities together on the security level (vs investment by investment). (4204)
  • Black Diamond Position Download added. (13882)
  • Black Diamond Single Sign On Added.
  • Added split percentages to the producers on an account. (8770)
  • Streamlined adding transactions manually with the ability no save and load the next transaction screen. (11021)
  • Added a utility to back out a batch of downloads. This is useful when bad data is sent by one of the funds. This utility is only available by contacting technical support and having them work with you. (12393)
  • When the expiration date for a download module nears, there is a warning message. (12866)
  • You can now modify a price for an investment by right clicking on the investment in the list on the View Account with Investments Screen. (12872)
  • Added indicators as to whether dates were beginning or end of day for the Investment Initialization Screen and the two Performance Report Criteria Screens. (12902)
  • FlexField Labels can now be copied between Investment Types. (12939)
  • Account tax status can now be customized. (13038)
  • Added a new transaction type to close out a variable annuity after a death of the annuitant. (13154)
  • Added a check box to the Account Details screen to indicate that an account is an Advisory Account. This can be searchable. (13277)
  • Added a drop down selection on the View Client With Investment Accounts Screen (on the right side mid screen) to control which accounts are displayed in the list. Only Advisory Accounts, All Accounts, etc.)
  • Price lookup changed to provide the ability to delete many prices at the same time. (13895)
  • New Household Report, “Household Account Summary with Mailing Address II” which is similar to report #30074 but has subtotals for each account. (14611)
  • Added “Shares” chart perspective to the View Investment with History Screen. (14701)

Insurance Module

  • Added a view client with Annuities Screen for annuity class products.
  • Added Mortality and Expense fields to annuities. (12850)
  • Added Renewal Date to bottom View Client With Insurance Screen. (1318)
  • FlexField Labels can now be copied between Policy Types. (12939)
  • Added download for National Life Group.
  • Estimated Annual Premium added to Insurance New Biz. (13083)
  • Added “Account Type” to report 20031. (13088)
  • Changed Maturity Date to Income Date for Annuity policies (13289)
  • Added “Premium Payment Method” field to Insurance Screen (13296)
  • Added Modal Premium to the View Client With Insurance Screen (8894)
  • Long Term Care screen now has ability to enter Excess Premium levels. (13455)
  • Added Policy Summary By Owner II Report . Similar to report # 20008, but the Effective Date of the Coverage has been removed because it confused some users and clients. (14080)
  • Added a new Policy Relationship: Re-Insurer. (14196)
  • New Report: “Selected Names and Insurance By Primary Producer.” (14248)
  • Added Cigars to the Tobacco Drop Down List (14574)

Insurance Commissions

  • Added the ability to designate which month is used to start renewals so that if renewals start the following January regardless of when the coverage was written, renewal commissions are generated based on that entry.
  • Provided for advance payments for first year commissions which are less than the full 12 months.
  • Notes added to Commission Rate Tables so users can explain how a table has been set up. Notes are for the table overall with separate notes for various rate table levels, such as agent level tables, manager level tables. (14591)
  • Rate table Fixed Tab, for producers and managers, now supports a fixed dollar amount and a percentage of the Agency Level fixed dollar amount of commission.(9250)
  • The ability to create a SubSet has been added to the Commission Report Menu so you can easily go from one contact to another limiting the database just to what is on the commission report. (9622)
  • New Report: Producer Transmittal Detail With Coments. (14343)
  • Subset Button added to Insurance Commissions Report Menu so you can create a subset based on the commission filter. (9622)
  • Changed the number of decimal places for the input of the commission splits so that it will now carry 2 decimal places.  For example, instead of 45.1% you can now input 45.15% (13813)
  • Added Renewal Begins Date which will control when the renewal year(s) are used in the rate table so that, in the case of health policies that start renewals on other than the policy anniversary, the renewal year will get used for commissions. (14579)
  • Added the ability to advance commissions through the end of the calendar year or through the Renewal Begins Date. (14588)


  • Files View added so the list of files linked to a contact is available. You can view ReadyDoc files and the list of files on your local system, but browser security does no provide for opening files stored locally.
  • Documents saved with ReadyDoc Document Management System can now be viewed in AAMobile.
  • Advanced Query and most reports available in AAMobile.  Reports on phone size devices are limited to current client reports.
  • Calendar events can be set up for multiple contacts
  • Calendar events can be added to multiple calendars
  • New Business actions are now available for Contact level, Insurance level, and Investment level actions.  You can edit or add new business actions.
  • Follow-ups can be added from Notes, Markets, and New Biz actions. And 17.143.755

This release is for all users. Once the server program is updated, the stations require updating.

This release has major new features and new integrations and includes fixes reported since September, 2014

Contact Management

  • Added Excel export button to Calendar’s Report View’s Event List (13093)
  • Added Excel export button to Calendar’s Day View task list. (13093)
  • Made improvements to Diagram Viewer for View Client With Links (12725)
  • Outlook Enhancement: Added an option to user preferences to allow users to either have outlook archive emails as they come in or to set a timer so that the archiver will archive every XXX minutes. There is more information on this in the help topic “Setting Up Outlook Installed Locally.” Scroll down to the Email Archive Trigger section.
  • Added the ability for users to skip any email archive session when the timer method is selected through the use of a 15 second count down timer before the archive process begins.
  • Added the ability for users who select timer method of email archiving to archive at any time by Selecting “Archive Now” on the Outlook Ribbon, Advisors Assistant Tab. (Outlook 2007 and later). (12346)
  • AdvisorVault integration added. AdvisorVault is a client facing web site for sending secure communications, files, reports etc. TO AND FROM clients. View a 9 minute video about AdvisorVault by clicking HERE. It demonstrates the tight integration with AdvisorVault.
  • New Feature: Added CAM System integration. CAM stands for Career Activity Management. For more information about CAM, click HERE. (12266)
  • New Feature: Added the ability to have Advisors Assistant automatically burst reports to individual PDF files so that when you run a batch of reports for multiple clients, you can end up with individual PDFs. For more information about creating bursted reports, click HERE and scroll about half way down the help topic.
  • New Feature: Dash Board now will persist in it’s own window. You can minimize the Dashboard and switch to the main program.
  • New Feature: View Client With Links Screen now has a Diagram Perspective which will give you a visual representation of who is linked to whom. You can do degrees of separation (2 is the default) and also navigate with the diagram.
  • New Feature: You can now set the order AND show or hide the icons in the Partner Section of the Sidebar. This is done in System Preferences in the Partner Tab.
  • New Feature: In the Personal Contact Wizard (Tools Menu), added the ability to get a list of only those who are Heads of Household. (12169)
  • Mailing List Import now shows the labels for the Flex Fields that match the Name Type Chosen. (12233)
  • Limited the number of calendar items that can be shown on the Day, Week or Month view of the part of the calendar that shows the times (left side of the day view and the week view) to 50 items. The list becomes too small to use and it causes the calendar to take too long to load.
  • Calendar report #8004, Events Summary By Contact, was repeating the contact name and they were out of order. Fixed. (12251)
  • Changed the drop down list on the Day View to indicate that it controls what is shown on the left of the screen. (12177)
  • Added a feature that has you confirm when you drag and drop an appointment on the Month View Calendar Screen.
  • New Report # 10041 “Client Birthday Report With Primary Address II”
  • Added a Workflows checkbox to the Calendar Reports filter so that you can limit reports to only workflows.
  • Import Mailing List feature was not counting the number of records imported. Fixed.
  • Auto Sync with Outlook Calendar was not alwasy addressing deletions and modifications. Manual sync was addressing them. Fixed.
  • Saving reports now defaults to the PDF format.
  • Changed Vocalocity Button to Vonage Biz because Vonage bought out Vocalocity. (12229)
  • Find and Combine Duplicate Names was not showing records with different first names but the same tax ID as a possible duplicate. Duplicate Tax ID’s will now show on the list. (12409)

Investment Module

  • Tax Status field on Investment Account is now customizable. (13038)
  • Added labels to some of the investment screens to show which values are Beginning of Day and which are End of Day values (12902)
  • Set DST Module to ignore the Close Out Position Indicator as it was not a reliable field in the DST file. (12840)
  • Mid Atlantic Capital Group Download Enters Beta Testing
  • Multiple users can now download at the same time.
  • New Feature: Added Single Sign On capability to Pershing’s NetX 360. Add your credentials to the Other Passwords Tab of User Preferences. Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the help topic for more information. (12601)
  • New Report #30101, “Summary By Investor And Account II” (12207)
  • Fixed an issue with showing the indexes on report 40014. (12133)
  • Relabeled the Investment Footnotes screen to make them more intuitive. (12319)
  • Added a check box to the Reconciles Created from Downloaded Positions to allow the filter to look at only those positions that had 0 shares/units. (12399)
  • Now, when a reconcile transaction gets deleted, if the asset has a Close Date, it will get blanked out. (12399)
  • Reconciles Created By Download Positions screen is now resizable and the size is remembered by the system. (12399)
  • Added support for Quik! Forms Version 8. (12601)

Insurance Module

  • Added Account Type to Policy Number Section of report #20031. (13088)
  • Added Annuity Class to Insurance Plans with specialized annuity fields.
  • National Life Group Download enters Beta Testing
  • Added new Surrender Period to the Coverage Plan Screen (12839)
  • New Report #20048, Production Summary Bar Chart added (12232)
  • Added total to Net Cash Value column on View Client with Insurance and also validated the Net Cash Value definition to match help topics for insurance and Annuities. (12255)
  • Added download for Partner’s Life of New Zealand. (12284)
  • MassMutual would sometimes same the exact same coverage twice. Added smarts into the download to detect this rather than consider it two coverages. (12298)

Insurance Commissions

  • New Feature: You can now select multiple transactions on the View Policy With Commissions screen and delete the selected transactions all at once.
  • New Feature: Commission Posting Screen now shows both the Due Date range searched and the Due Date range found. (12101)
  • Future premium due dates were not always calculating. Fixed.


  • Added a system preference to show entire policy and account numbers. (12613)
  • AAMobile Version 2 will be released soon. Current version is frozen. New version will contain many many enhancements including reformatting itself automatically based on the width of the screen. This version is designed for all browsers, tablets, and phones.
17.053.652 And

This release is for all users. Once the server program is updated, the stations require updating.

This release has major new features and new integrations.

Contact Management

  • Outlook 365 Integration: You can now archive emails hosted by Microsoft in the Outlook 365 web application environment.
  • Office 365 Outlook Calendar Integration. You can sync the Advisors Assisstant Calendar with the Office 365 Outlook Calendar.
  • Exchange Server Integration: If your company is using Exchange Server and you are not using the locally installed Outlook, you can now archive emails.
  • Exchange Server Calendar Integration. You can sync the Advisors Assistant Calendar with the Exchange ServerCalendar.
  • Outlook Sync new feature: Automatic syncing where you can set a timer in User Preferences to tell Outlook to check the Advisors Assistant Calendar for new events. If your assistant adds something to your Advisors Assistant Calendar, and your Outlook is running, it will sync that event to Outlook.
  • Outlook Sync new feature #2: Real Time Sync has been expanded to not only sync to Outlook when you enter an event into Advisors Assistant, but it will now sync from Outlook to Advisors Assistant when you enter an event into Outlook.and as long as Outlook has a connection to Advisors Assistant, it will sync to the Advisors Assistant calendar. This feature is turned on in your User Preferences.
  • Outlook 365 Sync from Advisors Assistant’s Calendar to 365 Calendar (Or Exchange’s Calendar) will sync the additional calendars shown in the Calendars field list. This is 365 and exchange only. It does not happen when Outlook is installed on the local machine.
  • System admin can now turn off the use of the Category boxes for indicating if an email was archived. (Exchange Server only.)
  • There is a new icon on the View Client Screen just to the left of the word Perspectives (under the Add Button) that will resize the screen to match your screen resolution.
  • Phone log will now show the elapsed time the log was open from the time the phone was dialed to when you save the log. Be sure to keep the log open. A line will be added to the log with the elapsed time when the log is saved.
  • Extensive work on View Notes. This section was essentially rewritten.
    • Loads Faster
    • Long notes are partially shown.
    • Increasing and decreasing font size on the View Notes Screen can be done with icons in the lower right corner, next to the screen sizing icon.
    • When you double click on a note to drill down to the edit window, you can scroll long notes and go to next and previous notes without going back to the notes list.
    • You can control font size.
    • The automatic screen sizing icon has been added so you can click on it and resize the Notes Screens. The resize function will optimize the notes area of the screen.
    • You can also right click on the column headings to optimize the column widths.
    • More work on the notes is planned in the next release.
    • You can now use Tab characters when writing notes.
  • Laser App Anywhere Integration: If your BD is using the web based Laser App, Advisors Assistant will pass data to it also.
  • Messages sent in Advisors Assistant now have an optional “Related Name” field so that the message will get archived in a note topic, “Internal Messages” and stored in the notes associated with the Related Name.
  • Workflows: New report, Active Events Summary With Notes. Report # 70007 suppresses completed and terminated events. Same as 70005 with the addition of the Event Notes shown after the event.
  • Names With No Future Events Feature: You can now get a list of all names in your database with no future events in the calendar. This is accessed from the Reports Menu at the top of the screen. If you get a large number of names, recommend exporting to Excel.
  • VOIP dialer integration with Vocalocity Phone Systems. Extensife information is provided in the Help under Vocalocity in the Help Index. This feature provides automatic phone dialing from the Dial button on the View Screen.
  • Docupace Integration: Advisors Assistant now integrates with the Docupace document management system.
  • Ability to turn off email archiving on individual email addresses. There is a check box on the email address screen that, when checked, will override the archive function. Great for emails to attorneys, accountants, interoffice emails among managers, etc. The Category Box on the Outlook inbox will show as gray so you won’t have to wonder why an email didn’t get archived. A gear with a red slash Icon will show on View Screen next to the email label if the address is not archiving.
  • Text Flex Fields can now be turned into drop down lists so that the data entry must come from the drop down, which is controlled by the System Administrator. This choice can be made on a field by field basis. (See the help file on this for lots more info.)
  • Administrator now has the option to allow users to control where they archive their Outlook Attachments. This is useful for users in remote locations who want to archive their own attachments rather than archive in a central location (and the database administrator does not care if this happens.)
  • A copy to clipboard button has been added to the Address Lookup Screen (click on down arrow next to address on View Client Screens)
  • A copy to clipboard button has been added to the Phone Lookup Screen (click on down arrow next to the phone number on the View Client Screens.)
  • Name Prefix and Suffix fields added to the Mail Merge field list.
  • Administrator’s Log now records attempts to log into Advisors Assistant, both successful and unsuccessful.
  • System preference added to enable or disable recording of user logins.
  • Add Email Address Screen now is part of setting up a new contact just like the address and phone screens.
  • Added a decimal point to the tax bracket field so that it will record tenths of a percent instead of just whole percentages.
  • Money Tree removed from Integrations until they release their new system.
  • Fixed a problem with custom colors not saving right for the calendar events.
  • Market Distribution Dashboard Widget looks only at the names the user has access to, not all names when calculating totals. (Bug Fix).
  • Fixed a security role bug. The security task, Delete Workflows was not preventing workflows from being deleted. Fixed.
  • Changed the export to Excel format from XLS to XLSX when exporting from View Screens and Selection Reports. This removes the 256 column limit that was part of the XLS format. If you have Excel 2003, be sure to get the free software from Microsoft that will allow you to use XLSX files.
  • Workflows: Under some circumstances when future events were completed before they were due, other events could get completed and remain in calendar. Complicated, but fixed.
  • Calendar task list now sorts by color.
  • Added Job Title to the View Client With Links listing grid. (You can remove it from the grid by right clicking on the titles to the list.)
  • Opening a workflow linked to a deleted investment account produced an error. Fixed. (12100)
  • Appointments added for the same day could show up on the overdue perspective of View Client With Events. Fixed (12082)
  • Real Time Sync in Outlook was slowing down the opening of an event screen in Outlook. Fixed. (12008)
  • The Excel Button on the Combine Names Screen was not opening Excel after exporting the data. Fixed. (11964)
  • User Preferences would not let you exit without picking a vendor for form automation. Fixed. (11830)
  • Maintain Reports Screen now exports comments field with the Excel Button.
  • It was possible for messages with a blank for related name to be viewed under Search All Notes. Fixed (11755)
  • Deleted calendar events in Outlook (only when connected to exchange server) were not always getting deleted in Advisors Assistant. Fixed. (11557)
  • Delete Workflows has been added to the Process Log so Administrators can see who deleted a workflow and when. (8699)
  • Saving reports now defaults to PDF format as it did in previous releases. An upgrade to the viewer caused the last release to default to another format.

Investment Module

  • TD Ameritrade Veo Single Sign On (SSO) Integration: You can now go directly from a View Client With Accounts Screen into the TD Ameritrade Account Overview and other functions by right clicking on the account in Advisors Assistant.
  • After investment downloads, the updating of market values from the new transactions and prices will now run in their own window so that users can do other things in Advisors Assistant instead of having to wait for the processing to finish.
  • GWN Investment Integration: You can now download investment positions from GWN.
  • Albridge download now has an option to have accounts be set up automatically.
  • Hovering the mouse over the amount of Net Additions on the View Account With Investments Screen will show you Net Additions + Expenses + Fees total.
  • A Producer ID field has been added to the Update Client Screen. This is designed for use by Broker Dealers. Please see the help associated with this for more information.
  • New transaction type added for taxes withheld. They are not included in fees and are considered as withdrawals.
  • Changed Albridge download to accomodate their new URL which will produce faster downloads.
  • Albridge now populates the Company in the Security record if it is sent.
  • Albridge Broker Dealer File: Added the ability to process the BD file that Albridge makes available to broker dealers. (Enterprise System Feature).
  • It was possible for report # 30045 to list a husband’s policy under the spouse’s name in this household report depending on the order in which things were searched. Fixed.
  • It was possible to get an error processing a DST account with leading zeros. Fixed. (12060)
  • Taxes Withheld transactions were no showing up on the View Screen transactions lists. Fixed. (12027)
  • Sungard would not download previous day’s prices for hosted users unless user was in the Pacific time zone. Fixed. (11720)
  • Added and “All” Perspective to the View Client With Accounts Screen.

Insurance Module

  • New Insurance Report, Insurance Summary III. Adds Beneficiaries to Insurance Summary II report.
  • New Insurance Report #20047, Coverage Listing Wide, similar to 20013, but without the premium totals.
  • Added Cash Value and As Of Date to the grid on View Client With Insurance.
  • Fixed a sort order problem with Insurance New Biz report #9650. Now sorts by whether the action is completed and then by Requested Date.
  • Added an option on the Add/Modify Producer screen to show all of the lines of the Producer’s address on insurance reports 20009, 20010, 20023, 20026, 20035, and 20036.

Insurance Commissions

  • Updated all commission reports so that rounding did not affect the sum of the commissions. At times they were a penny off. Now they are not.
  • Optimized commissions to run faster when there is enough memory available to the system. SQL Workgroup or SQL Standard are best to take advantage of the optimizations. It does not show up as much in SQL Express.
  • New Report, “Commission Distributions Detail By Policy Producer 1” Report 60017.
  • Fixed a display issue with the Commission Due Date when coming from the calculate commission screen. and using the post button. (10778)
  • The commission posting screen is now resizable. Use the resize icon in the lower right of the screen.
  • You can now use Ctrl-Click on the View Policy With Commission Transactions Screen to delete more than on transaction at a time by highlighting more than one transaction. (Version 17.053.652 or later required.)

AA Mobile

  • Easier navigation from a calendar item to a contact record. You can now click on the client name in the user’s calendar and navigate to that contact record. From there you can use functions such as calling, emailing, etc.
  • An “X: has been added to the phone number’s extension to indicate that it’s an extension.
  • Fixed an issue where date of birth was showing up as a day early with some users.
  • Users with security task “View All Calendars” can now see the Office Calendar in AAMobile without specifically being added to the access list of that calendar.
  • User ID on login now shows in all caps.
  • A single quote in a contact’s name was causing problems on the Recent Cleints list. Fixed.

This release is recommended for all users. It has some new features that were not included in the last release because of timing. It also has integration with Office 2013 and minor fixes reported by users. It also addresses an issue where some of the system preferences were getting reset by the update.

Contact Management

  • Office integration with Office 2013 now works. Microsoft made some under the hood changes in Outlook and Word that caused 2013 to error when called from Advisors Assistant.. (10420)
  • Added a system preference that will prevent multiple addresses or phone numbers being added for the same location. (10642)
  • The ability to change the Primary Producer on a contact now has been assigned a security task so that you can restrict that ability. (10588)
  • An error could occur when deleting a contact when a user was synching with multiple Outlooks. Fixed (10447)
  • The spelling dictionary was getting recreated with every update. Fixed (10395)
  • Note date searches changed to use the modified date for search all notes and searches on the notes view screen. This makes more sense than using the created date. (10428)
  • There were cases where an update was resetting system preferences. Fixed, but this update only puts the preferences in a data table that does not get updated, so it will be the next update that will leave those preferences alone. It’s a chicken/egg thing so you may see some preferences reset in this update. (10473)
  • When hyperlinks to the Internet were set to be active, they are now active in non-email “notes.” (10513)
  • When doing a Word Merge documents opened in Word 2003 through 2007 open in print layout view as they always did. Word 2013 opens them in draft view. (10561)
  • ReadyDoc and Imaging Assistant can now coexist on the same workstation for viewing documents. (10575)
  • Some of the numeric fields were not being formatted correctly when exported to files. Fixed. (10604)
  • The week view of the calendar was not showing all events when the calendar was set to “Week Starts on Monday.” Fixed. (10666)

Investment Module

  • “Trustee” has been added to the list of relationships between Accounts and Contacts. (10411)
  • Added a calculation of the previous 5 days of transactions after each download. A System preference can tell the system to skip this step. This is to prevent assets from being left off of a selection report if they became non-zero as a result of a download transaction or were newly purchased OR a transaction causes them to go to zero shares, but they still show on the report (as 0) when they were to be left off. (10640)
  • Sungard download for hosted systems speeded up dramatically. (8992)
  • Added Annualized Rate of Return to two Multi-Period reports #45012 and 45006. (9040)
  • Fixed an error that could occur when manually adding an account if the installation had the investment module with no download modules. (10437)
  • Made some changes to speed up investment calculations when moving from client to client on view screens when client had years of history of transactions.. (10459)
  • Sterne Agee download was having a problem with certain price factors. Fixed (10355)
  • Albridge was sometimes sending the wrong position date. Added logic to reject any position date older than a week and use the transmittal date for the position date. (10153)
  • Made some changes to the Ramond James download (9542)
  • Fixed a problem with bond unit factoring for bonds with very low prices (10465)
  • System now processes unsettled transactions when set to trade date reconciles. (10356)
  • Using the delete key to delete values from the Yield fields was not replacing the numeric values with 0.0 and caused and error. Fixed. (10574)
  • Investments exported to Excel are now recalculated if needed. (10617)
  • Changed “Automatically Assign New Accounts” checkbox on some of the download modules to “Automatically Add New Names / Products” (10619)

Insurance Module

  • When adding an annuity throught he Policy Wizard. Funding option selected in the wizard did not match the option saved. Fixed. (8500)
  • Kiwi Saver for Fidelity Life of NZ is now on list of Downloads..(10312)
  • Clicking “Reset Premium Due Dates From Selected Date Onward” button on the Premium Due Tab of the Modify Policy Screen could sometimes produce an error. Fixed. (10610)

Insurance Commissions

  • Commission rate was not correct on reports when participant rates were involved. Fixed (10134)
  • If a user had never run a commission report before and clicked on the Load button, to load the previous report criteria, an error would occur. Fixed. (10565)

This release is recommended for all users. We will begin updating Hosted users Apr 1, 2013. Hosted users will automatically be notified to download the new Advisors Assistant workstation the first time they log in after they are updated.

Windows 8

Tested Advisors Assistant on a touch screen Windows 8 computer (Dell All-In-One running 64 bit Windows 8. 32 bit Win 8 should also work) and program responded to both touch and mouse. Advisors Assistant tested on Windows 8. This does NOT include the Windows 8 RT Tablet.

Surface Pro With Windows 8

Advisors Assistant works on the Microsoft Surface Pro 64 and 128 models. There are some minor screen resolution issues which we will be taking care of very soon. We recommend using the Surface Pro keyboard with the movable keys. Tapping into a field does not automatically bring up the screen keyboard, but there is an icon you can use to manually invoke the “soft keyboard.” We will be fixing that issue soon. Even though we are Microsoft Partners, we were not able to get a Surface Pro any earlier than the general public. We have purchased two of them for testing and development and are fully committed to the Windows 8 Tablets.

Contact Management

  • Created a wizard for setting up new users that will save administrators lots of time.
  • Created a different way of displaying User Task Rights so that they can be sorted by function and grouped, making it easier to examine security rights when setting up new users.
  • Added Finance Logix Integration. (9688)
  • Created Exchange Server interface routines for archiving emails and sync’ing calendar items for Outlook Web Application using Exchange Server. Users can manually sync their calendar and archive emails with Exchange Server using Outlook Web Application (OWA). Archiving attachments and synching recurring tasks is not implemented.
  • Changed the reporting of trapped errors. You can now automatically send them to an “error server” where they are stored encrypted. Tech Support will automatically be notified when you submit a report.. (9460)
  • Phone log that comes up after dialing the phone (or clicking on the dial button and cancelling the dial function) now gives you a choice of which note topic you want to use. It defaults to phone log, but there is a drop down list with all the other topics for that contact. (9424)
  • Changed the Connection Utility so that public key for hosted only shows when it it entered. Once saved it is encrypted so it will not show up. (9561)
  • When users drag and drop an appointment to a different time, a confirmation screen now comes up so they can verify the change. (9309)
  • Adding and editing notes now has font size control. You can make the text bigger. (9351)
  • You can now see notifications of messages and calendar events. Who was notified and when by clicking on the Notification Button on the Modify Calendar Event Screen or the Message Screen. A good management tool. (9472) (9369)
  • User messages can be saved as a note under the client record they concern. We added a security task that controls the ability to delete these user message notes and topics. (9373)
  • Added SSL encryption to the Advisors Assistant Uploader. Previously the file was AES 256 Encrypted. Now, there is double encryption. (9652)
  • Added the ability to do a an Excel Spreadsheet Export for the Find and Combine Duplicate Names utility in the Tools Menu. (8841)
  • The primary indicator for FAX numbers was being ignored. Fixed. (8022)
  • The save criteria in the Outlook Sync was not saving the “Include Note Topics Titled Outlook Notes” in the export. Fixed. (8191)
  • When dialing with Skype from the Calendar Event screen, the program would sometimes hang. Fixed. (9240)
  • In the calendar, when creating new events, you can now indicate that the event has been completed before saving the event. Previously you had to save the event and then edit it. (9459)
  • Added the ability to choose columns to display on the Calendar Day View Tasks and the Calendar Report View. (9292)
  • In Outlook, if a user tried to change an email while Advisors Assistant was archiving the email or attachment, this would cause a problem. The system now detects that issue and will go back and try to get the new changed email to archive. (9172)
  • Changing the priority in a workflow event was not changing its priority in the calendar event associated with the due date. Now it does! (9411)
  • Group sponsors have been added to the group list in the Group Tab. Previously they were not shown on purpose, but users requested they are shown. (9417)
  • The Schedule View in the Calendar was changing colors and reordering the calendars. A color choice for the schedule has been added and the screen is now ordered by first name of the calendar user. (9507)
  • Workflow widget on Dashboard was not always getting updated when a workflow was totally ignored and the contact record was never visited. Fixed. (9546)
  • Name type of Suspect can now be removed from the list. (891)
  • Sometimes Outlook would try to archive email even if the database was not available to connect to. Fixed. (9829)
  • Added the location field to Calendar Report # 8014
  • A Calendar Event originally created as a follow-up can now be changed to a recurring event. (9421)
  • A hosted user could time out if they lost their internet connection to the server. We now have a more user friendly error message that just tells them they probably lost their internet connection and to try to reconnect. (9672)
  • Undocumented Feature just for those who read this list! : You can create a QR Code for any contact by right clicking on the Dial Button from the View Client Screen. Scan the QR Code with your smart phone and you will see the result. Code includes Name, Address, Phone, and Email.. Esc makes the QR code leave the screen. This is a way to get contact data into your phone if you are not using another method of synch. (9693)
  • Mobile Assistant changed their emal address they send the notes from which caused a problem with archiving their notes. Fixed. (10294)

Investment Module

  • Raymond James download is available. (9466)
  • Transaction logs are now created for investment transactions which are changed. The before and after is shown for the fields that are changed. This lets you track if downloaded transactions were changed. (9405)
  • TDA Veo Position Only download completed.
  • Added the ability to use Trade Date or Settle Date for reconciling the system. Previously only Settle Date was used. (5355)
  • Enhanced the Analyze Investment Logic in the Investment Utilities. (7107)
  • Fixed an issue with the Account Assign Wizard when you checked Head of Household. (8707)
  • Added a Profile Tab to the Add / Modify Accounts Screen(s) for Know Your Client requirements. Several fields added. Check out the help under that tab. (8943)
  • DST Vision was not working at the account level for some users. Fixed.
  • Orion login procedure changed. Passwords never show on screen once they are entered. (9295)
  • Report 30060 would sometimes show a blank household. Fixed (9323)
  • When calculating investment values from the Investment Utilities, some messages have been added when time consuming calculations are going to take place and there is a completed message at the end of the routine. (9435)
  • Users can now add items to the Investment Account Tax Type drop down list. (9524)
  • In some 401(k) accounts, Fidelity sent double positions (very rare). They needed to be summed. Fixed. (9644)
  • If an investment had more than 10 million shares, it would show as zero on the view screen. Fixed. (9723)
  • View Investment With Positions report #9505 now sorts by Position Date.
  • LPL Download files did not have dashes in phone numbers. We now add the dashes. (9664)

Insurance Module

  • Added Kiwi Saver download for New Zealand users. (9543, 9544)
  • Added Export for LifeAssist integration.
  • Contingent Owner has been added to the policy relationships drop down. (9478)

Insurance Commissions

  • Warnings about policies not set to calculate commissions now ignore terminated and expired policies. (9365)


  • Added partial editing feature where a user can be restricted as to what they can change in the Advisors Assistant database.

This is a minor release that has some bug fixes reported and a few features that we didn’t want to hold until the next bigger release. If you don’t want any of the features, you could wait to update at a convenient time.

  • Fixed some issues with Note displays. There is still an issue that is intermittant where the sort order of the notes is not remembered. We are working on this.
  • Enhanced the Commissions Not Set Up Listing at the end of calculating Insurance commissions to exclude terminated and expired coverages. (9365)
  • Added NOTIFICATION TRACKING so that it is recorded when you click on the little popup notification. There is a Notification Button in the Calendar Event Screen which will show you who, and when that calender event was noticed to the user. (9369)
  • Made some changes to Report 60000 to take care of rounding problems. (9355)
  • Fixed a problem with the commission filter not picking up the first day of the search criteria on Posted Date. (9313)

This is a minor release. This release has some fixes and minor changes. It is an add-on to the release.

  • There were some circumstances where the notes could lose their memory for the column widths. Fixed. (8773)
  • Coverage Type and Coverage Description were reversed in the .CSV export file. Fixed. (8903)
  • The schedule view of the calendar was always showing 30 minute increments even if the time increment was set to 15 minutes. Fixed. (8946)
  • A Resource Library item has been added to the Help Menu at the top of the screen. This library will be expanded. (9044)
  • The file extension for importing and exporting workflow master has been changed to ZIP and they will zip and unzip automatically. (9081)
  • Changing a task to an appointment from inside of a note follow-up got broken in the last release. Fixed. (9104)
  • The new location field in the calendar was not getting exported to Outlook if there was no name associated with the appointment. It got exported if there was a contact name associated. Fixed. (9198)
  • A few users reported that their calendars were opening off of their monitors because the X and Y coordinates of the calendar got lost from resizing.. Fixed and any user who reported this got an immediate update. (9219)
  • The View Notes Screen would sometimes open unsorted. Fixed. (9244)
  • Fixed an issue with the Wedbush Download (9277, 9278)
  • Symbols that had a maturity date were not showing on some reports. (9271)
  • Under some circumstances you could get an error when attempting to export insurance data to a CSV file. Fixed. (9332)

This is a major new update with many new features and a few fixes. It is recommended for all users.


  • Investment data added to the AAMobile module. Now both Insurance and Investment information is available from iPhones, Android phones, iPads, and Android tablets.
  • Added the ability to recalculate market values for a client’s portfolio or a single account so that you can update values from the field if new data was downloaded at the office. (8404)
  • Reorganized the Calendar Events to separate them by appointment, tasks, and calls to make them easier to find items on the list. (8705)
  • Google Investment Data for an individual security available from Investment Detail Screen.
  • Added the Name Status field to the Name Detail Screen. (8778)
  • Added support for British Date Format. Uses a system preference from main system. (8443)
  • Calendar events screens now separate events by Appointment, Tasks, and Calls making important items easier to find. (9031)
  • Calendar Event Screen now indicates if an event is completed. (8336)
  • Expanded the client lookup and recent clients screen to show more information.
  • When adding a calendar event, date defaults to tomorrow’s date. (9088)
  • Location field added to calendar event display (9032)
  • Policy and Account information added to the top of the Notes screen when the note is associated with a policy or investment account. (9003)
  • Added a Notes button to the Coverage LIsting Screen.
  • Insurance and Investment Notes are editable. Other investment and insurance data is not, but making notes in the field is important. (9001)
  • Notes screen now shows the Follow-up date associated with the note. (9000)
  • Calendar Event Sub-Type added to the Calendar Event so now you can tell if a task is associated with a Workflow, etc. (8975)
  • Date spinner default was January 2002. Now it defaults to today or tomorrow depending on the field. (8400)

Contact Management

  • Calendar screens now resize by dragging the corners or edges. Event Edit Screen resizes automatically to a larger size if your vertical resolution is higher than 1084. (8755)
  • Several items were added to the Process Log, a report available under the Admin Menu. Look up “log” in the help index for more information. Now an administrator can tell who performed various tasks in the data, such as deleting an investment, changing an address, etc. (3518)
  • Initial screen after login will come up faster.
  • New System Preference which allows administrators to disable internet links in notes and archived emails. This could prevent a user from clicking on a link in a note and accessing a malicious Internet site.
  • Added the ability to associate an internal message with a contact name and view the message under the View Client With Notes.
  • Outlook Attachment Archive: Added a lookback feature designed to be run once which can go back the number of days in your lookback preference and archive attachments to emails already archived before we had the attachment feature. (7040)
  • When adding a note, you can now slide the screen aside to see the View Client Screen. Previously it was hidden. (3648)
  • You can now adjust the size of the phone lookup screen so that it shows more numbers and it remembers it’s size. (5373, 7855)
  • New Report: Events List by Client II, #8018. Similar to #8010 but has a page break when the contact name changes. (5685)
  • Fixed a problem with the way the Spouse’s first name displays when you are modifying the household. (6098)
  • Workflows: Added a Subset button so you can now create subsets from contacts who have certain workflows. (6179)
  • Users can now control the order of how the View Client Screens display the multiple name types. (6585)
  • Calendar: You can now Add to Search for calendar reports so you can create an “OR” type of search. (6752)
  • Fixed a problem with the last backup date displayed in the Server Utilities. It was a display problem only. (6797)
  • A new feature was added that enables us to send messages to our users when important events take place. The messages can be taylored to which modules users have, etc. You may see a message from CMS now and then. (7545)
  • Outlook Sync: Added an option in the Outlook Preferences Tab to ignore the last change date. (7547)
  • Workflows: Fixed a problem where workflow events were going to outlook and then losing the property that they were workflows if they came back into the AA Calendar. (7668)
  • Outlook archiving now archives the emails that accept and decline appointment and other event requests. (8014)
  • Process logs now record when a new name is added to Advisors Assistant. (8557)
  • Email address window now resizes so you can see more addresses. It remembers your size. (8593)
  • A “Messages” perspective has been added to the View Client With Notes Screen. (8617)
  • Added a System Preference to disable the ability to send emails from inside Advisors Assistant using the default emailer. This is for enterprise users who want to control user’s emails. (8619)
  • Added a system preference to allow administrators to hide Partner Icons on the Partner Menu that they will never use. (8620)
  • Added the ability for an enterprise Advisors Assistant to log into Advisors Assistant by clicking on a link on the Enterprise’s web page, such as a Broker Dealer or an Insurance Company’s web page. (8621)
  • Added the ability for the system administrator to prevent users from changing their Login Password. or User ID. (8622)
  • Added a tax bracket field to contact data. (8631)
  • Added Drivers License Expiration Date field to available mail merge fields. (8685)
  • Added Medicare Number field to Advisors Assistant contact data. (8703)
  • Calendar Schedule Screen has new look. We rewrote this screen. (8713)
  • When using the Word Button on the View Screen, Advisors Assistant now sends (to mail merge file) which ever email is visible on the view screen, even if it is not the primary email address. (8825)
  • Added Primary Name Type and Primary Email Address to report #10022 (8849)
  • Day View of calendar shows additional months when calendar is stretched wider (rescalling) (8859)
  • Laser App: Added 3 new fields to the Laser App Export. Client Tax Bracket, Spouse Tax Bracket, and Client Retirement Date. (8887)
  • Added Expected Retirement Date field to the Modify Name Screen | Application Info Tab. (8887)
  • Added “Location” field to the Calendar Event Screen for Outlook Integration. Advisors Assistant now sends this field to the Outlook Calendar. (8905)
  • Workflows: Added the Must Complete field to the list of fields that are exported for workflows. (8925)
  • Medicare number added to CSV Export. (8941)
  • Integration with Money Tree Total Task Wizard now supports their Version 5. Check ou the help topic for details. (8932)
  • Added the ability to increase font size on view notes screen to accomodate very high resolutions.(9119)
  • Integration with Mobile Assistant and Copy Talk changed so that if the phone number is not included, no archiving takes place for that emailed note. (7500)

Investment Mofule

  • Investment trailer commissions report added. It is on the Investments Reports Menu. (2056)
  • Process log records when a user deletes an investment record. (3518)
  • DST Vision now correctly goes to the account when right clicking on the View Screen. See Help index under DST Vision. (6575)
  • When basis recalculates as the result of changing an investment transaction, the View Investment Screen now refreshes with the new basis. (7897)
  • Adding a new Investment Transaction no longer defaults today’s date.
  • Changed how accrued interest is handled in bond transactions. (8021)
  • Process Log now records when an account is added or deleted. (8026)
  • Process Log now records moving an investment from one investor to another. (8590)
  • User Preference: You can now turn off recalculating the client’s portfolio whenever a transaction is changed.
  • Performance Reports 40014 and 40015 now show the Account Title instead of just the Account Type. (8551)
  • Orion and Albridge downloads now automatically assign producers so they don’t stop during the download if there is a new producer’s data in the file. (8609)
  • Added YTD Realized Gains calculations (short and long term) to system and the ability to show on reports.(8632)
  • Securities Report Filter Screen got some cosmetic changes so it was more standardized with other screens. (8821)
  • Reconcile routine now looks back 7 days to see if it can find an “offsetting reconcile”. This is a reconcile of the same value but with the opposite sign. (3.87 shares and -3.87 shares). In that event, instead of adding a new reconcile, it will delete the first reconcile. This is done mostly to overcome a Fidelity cash dividend abberation in the cash account. (8940)

Insurance Module

  • Policy Product Class added tot he Maintain Abbreviation list under the Admin Menu. (7990)
  • Home Office Product Code has been added to the Insurance Plan Lookup Screen (8576)
  • Some insurance reports were only showing Primary Insured. Fixed. (8789)
  • Lincoln Financial download entering Beta Test. (8513)

Insurance Commissions

  • Process log now records when a user deletes an insurance commission transaction. (6522)
  • Added the ability to display base and excess modal premiums on reports. (8787)
  • Report 60005 shows the modal premium on which the commission is based rather than the total modal premium. (8930)

This release consists of some fixes that were mostly reproduced under very specific circumstances. All of these will also be included in the next main release, so if you don’t see anything on the list that affects you, you don’t have to download this update.

  • Fixed an issue with MoneyGuidePro Export that was introduced in previous release where file was not passed to MGP. (8549) (This was sent to anyone reporting it prior to this release)
  • Under some circumstances, household list was listing Head of Household twice. Fixed. (2818)
  • Made changes to calendar to significantly increase speed of displays. This mostly affects hosted systems with lots of calendar events in the current date and coming month.(8523)
  • Spouse first name was not displaying correctly on View Client With Household Tab after making a change to the household. Fixed. (6098)
  • If user right clicked on a workflow event in the calendar after completing the event, an error occured. Fixed. (8447)
  • You can now delete a single event in a reoccuring event list on hosted databases. (5183)
  • When adding a new name, if a user checked Head of Household and then tried to uncheck it before saving the record, you could not save the record. Fixed. (8727)

Investment Module

  • If the user clicked on the source tab in an interest transaction and then clicked on the destination tab and then back to the source tab, an error would occur. Fixed. (8516)
  • SEI downloads: Assign wizard has been changed to work like other downloads. (8451)

Insurance Commission Module

  • Hosted users can now do the Agency Net Report. (8540)
  • Fixed an issue with Trailer Commissions in the 3rd year. (8560)

Insurance Module

  • Lincoln Financial Download ready for Beta Testers but waiting for Lincoln to set up file transfers. If you want to get on the list, email support. (8513)
  • Fixed an issue with archiving MassMutual files which have already been processed. (4820)

This release is recommended for everyone. There are several new features, new reports, and some fixes of issues reported by users.

Custom Report Titles have been added to this release. Most, but not all of the titles can be customized. Usually the ones which can’t be customized are the ones where the title is variable and is established by the program. Sometimes only the title can be customized and the subtitle can’t. Administrators can control the titles or they can let individual users control them on a report by report basis. There is also a security task so you can turn off custom titles on a user by user basis. (6841)

Read all about it in the help indexed under “Custom Report Titles.”

Contact Management

  • Prefix and suffixes added to names.(4644)
  • Added the ability to add Markets and/or Links to names as they are being imported with the Mailing LIst Import. (8002)
  • Added and streamlined the Greeting box to make it a combinantion drop down or enter freeform data. (8116)
  • Addressee field in address streamlined so that it is either a drop down list or a freeform entry box. (8124)
  • Producer can show their photo on reports that have the “For Service Contact…” block on the report by adding his/her photo to their name record. (8015)
  • On the Modify Household Screen, two of the columns could not be deselected so they did not display. Fixed. (7623)
  • Found some ways to speed up getting data for the view screens. May be noticed on hosted databases. (7783)
  • All regions on notes screen now scale. (7784)
  • Outlook 2007 import was adding a “(” when the last change was made in Outlook. Fixed. 7804)
  • New Report “New Business Actions By Contact” (7806)
  • View Client With Notes Report now gives users sort order options. There is now a report options tab in File | User Preferences. (7815)
  • New Report “Workflow Detail By Contact With Notes” # 70006 whch is like report 70000, but has notes. (7821)
  • A new version of the Advanced Report Designer will become available on first use for those who have this optional tool. (7834)
  • Overdue workflow tasks were not showing as Red on the Calendar. Fixed. Under certain rare circumstances a task could fail to show on calendar. (7837)
  • Added the ability to delete Workflow Notes provided you have the security task rights. (7845)
  • Calendar Word export now includes the addressee and address fields. (7852)
  • Calendar report filter now filters the Recurrs field correctly. (7857)
  • Switched the positions of the fields Follow-up and Completed on the New Biz Screens to make it more logical. (8039)
  • New Zealand users were having a problem trying to generate reports for tasks due in February and March. Fixed. (8042)
  • Server updates have been speeded up. (8068)
  • New Report “Shortest List of Contacts With All Name Types” Report 10037. (8105)
  • Added new Prefix and Suffix fields to Outlook export and import to Outlook Title and Suffix fields. (8112)
  • Added the ability to export producer list to Excel on the Producer Lookup Screen. (8143)
  • Readydoc: Added the ability for the user to control the document date in ReadyDoc so it will appear on the list for a date other than the date scanned. (8189)
  • Dashboard: Birthday and Anniversary List widget will now allow for the next 0 days. Setting birthday to 7 days and anniversary to 0 days will now give a week’s worth of birthdays. (8298)
  • MoneyGuidePro: Adding a person as a member of a household with someone else as the head of the household could produce confusing results when sending data to MGP. Now, if a person is not a head of household and not a member of a household, they are made the head of household (their household) when the first MGP export happens. (8305)

Investment Module

  • Sterne Agee download now available.
  • Added a “Footnote 4” which can appear as a short footnote at the bottom of each page of a report for such notices as “Report is not complete with out disclosures on last page.” (8019)
  • New report 30093, Asset Summary With Gains. This was ISBST2 in Version 2. (7800)
  • Fixed an issue with LPL reconciling cash balance account. (7833)
  • Added the ability to “Analyze Investment Data” to scan for data problems. See Utilities Menu or the help. (7871)
  • Fixed issues which came up after release of downloading investments with hosted. These were released as fixed to those users affected. (7890)
  • Fixed some reverse split issues with reconciles. (7933)
  • Added the Acquired Date to the View Client With Investments list. (7989)

Insurance Module

  • Fixed a problem where the PAAR download was not updating some parts of a policy record.(6319)
  • Reports 20018 and 20043 were printing both date and time. Fixed. (80029)
  • Added completed date column to View Client With Insurance screen. (8108)
  • View Client With Insurance Report now prints Footnote 3. (8253)

Insurance Commissions

  • New Report “Agency Net Due and Posted With Insured” Report 60014 (8323)
  • Fixed a problem on the Commission Distribution Report 60007 in the Company Net Due and Paid total. (7026) Similar issue on report 60006. (7522)
  • The rate column on the commissions distributions grid was not displaying the right rate when the base amount was per paticipant. Fixed. (7537)
  • Fixed a problem with the Insured’s Total on report 60011. (7720)
  • Fixed an issue when searching for Due & Partial Paid” items which had a remainder that was subsequently paid. They won’t show up now when they are paid off. (7803)
  • Added a light gray separation between commission levels on reports. (7851)
  • Fixed a problem with fixed amount calculations and the year. (8035)

Imaging Assistant

  • Fixed a problem when adding multiple files at the same time to Imaging Assistant. (7381)

Strong Passwords are highly recommended on all systems and are now required on hosted systems. If you do not enable strong passwords, Advisors Assistant will nag you on log in. You can turn off the nag screen for up to 5 days. Security is important. All users should protect their data with strong passwords.

Contact Management

  • Email Attachment Archiving (Outlook 2007 and later). This is turned on in the System Preferences | Outlook Tab by the Administrator. Be sure you read the help for that screen before turning it on.
  • Reports run faster. All reports will run faster. This will be especially evident on hosted systems. On local network systems it will be evident on long reports.
  • A new messaging feature has been added to allow us to communicate with users without having to use email. Communications can take place based on modules to which a user is subscribed..
  • Note topics can now be set as drop down list items or entered freeform so that you can standardize topics throughout the organization. Look up Notes | Default Topics in the help for more information. (340)
  • Added new Private Notes feature so that only the person making the note can see it. You must have security rights to use this feature.. For more information look up “Private Notes” in the Help Index. (7205)
  • Note Topic added to Search All Notes Screen. This will work best if you use the drop down lists for topics. (2782)
  • Workflow tasks are now either Green or Red when shown on the Calendar Day View task list. (6597)
  • View Notes Screens and Note Topics now indicate which topics are from workflows.
  • You can no longer delete workflow notes from the View Notes Screen. They must be deleted from the workflow itself so that the workflow can track them. (7534)
  • Workflow tasks can be hidden on the Calendar Day View task list. (7090)
  • New Report: Contact Listing With Pending Events Report #10035. (7149)
  • New Report: Contact Detail Report (Condensed) #10034 which lists all the name types, markets, links, relationships, addresses, and phones in a very efficient manner.
  • New Report: Client Anniversary Report With Primary Address Report # 10036 (7238)
  • Rearranged some of the security tasks on the security role list to make the list more logical (7265)
  • New Deactivate or Delete User Wizard so that you can easily handle future workflows and calendar tasks for deleted users without losing your history about what that user did in the past. Look up “Deactivate User Wizard” in the Help Index for more information. (7280)
  • Added a Workflow Owner to the Workflow Master Screen. (7282)
  • Added an option to notify another user, usually the owner of the workflow, when a workflow is completed or terminated early. (5837)
  • Hosted Users: Added the ability to get a weekly backup downloaded to your desktop. Advisors Assistant is the only hosted system that provides this. For more information on this option, see “Hosted Database Backups” in the Help Index. (7306)
  • Enhanced integration with strategic partner Copytalk. The notes dictated now will go directly into Advisors Assistant notes with no cutting and pasting. See “Copytalk” in the Help Index for more information.
  • When a user’s login fails, there is now an option to view the password that did not work. This let’s the user see the wrong password if they mistyped it. (7386)
  • Changed the way the dashboard displays so that each chart is displayed when it is written instead of waiting until the entire screen is done before displaying the screen. This gives users something to watch as the screen is drawn. (7429)
  • Added a Workflow feature whereby a workflow event can require that prior events be completed before this event is completed. (7554)
  • Added Status field to Report #10000 (7559)
  • Emails received “On Behalf Of” are now being archived (6760)
  • Calls made by the dialer always went to “Phone Log.” You can now set which not topic title you want the dialed calls to go to in the User Preferences Default Tab. (6975)
  • Some abbreviation descriptions were not always editable. Fixed. (7136)

Advisors Assistant Mobile (Application for IPhone, IPad, Android Phones & Tablets HOSTED ONLY)

  • Application released for hosted users only. This is optional at $5 per month for the first device and $2 per month for additional devices. It includes CRM features that would be used while on the road.
  • This is a specially designed browser application for smart phones and tablets, except Blackberries.. It is not just using a phone browser to access a full scale web page.
    • Basic Client Data
    • Addresses and mapping to addresses
    • Email and sending email.
    • Calendar and adding events
    • Phone and phone dialing
    • Notes and adding notes.
    • Links, adding links, navigating using links
    • Households
  • The System Administrator has the ability to turn off access to the database in the event a phone is lost, etc.

Investment Module

After updating to this release, all investment module users should use the Investment Utilities | Account | Calculate Investment Values with the default (Calculate Basis) checked. This can take several minutes or longer. It is necessary due to new code written for this version. It only needs to be done once from one workstation.

  • Download modules now available on our Web Hosted platform.
  • Added integration with Trade Warrior. (Rebalancing Software) Special Trade Warrior export can be imported into their system. For more information, lookup “Trade Warrior” in the Help Index.
  • Download modules will run faster when run non-hosted due to changes made for the Hosted Platform.
  • Fixed some minor problems with tax lots (7167)
  • Performance report #40010 was sometimes printing formulas on top of the index. Fixed. (7380)
  • New Report: Summary of Holdings By Custodian Report # 30092 (7462)
  • It was possible to get an invalid date into the Calculate To date on the view screen. Fixed. (7021)
  • Seperated Fees and Expenses on the following Rate of Return Reports numbers: 45000, 45001, 45002, 45003, 45004, 45005, 45006, 45007, 45008. (7068)
  • Added a new field to the Investment New Biz Screen called Amount to track the money being transferred. (7083)
  • Added the Amount field to the Account With New Biz Report, Investment New Business By Client, and Investment New Business By Primary Producer Reports.(7168 & 7170)

Insurance Module

  • Rider conversion date added to the rider screen.
  • Expired riders no longer add into coverage total. (6877)
  • Added 2 new columns to View Policy With Riders: Termination Date and Expiration Date (7246)
  • New Report: Agent Production III Report #20044.

Insurance Commissions

  • Insurance Commissions requires access to all names for the person posting and generating commissions.
  • Made several changes to commission reports requested by users.
  • Made several changes to Post Different Amount options. See Help Index “Post Different Amount Options” 7283)
  • Fixed a problem with the Commissions Security Role item. (7457)

Document Imaging

  • Document imaging and Document Management stored on the web released using strategic partner ReadyDoc. Scanned and stored images and files appear on the View Client With Files Automatically AMAZINGLY low startup costs!

This is a maintenance release with some new features and reports that were requested. It also has the integration with ReadyDoc, a new Integration Partner which integrates seamlessly with Advisors Assistant for web based document management.

Contact Management

  • Integration with ReadyDoc, a web based document management vendor, completed. Now, you can scan from inside Advisors Assistant and have files listed in your View Client With Files with web storage and browser access. Watch a video about the ReadyDoc integration.
  • Fixed a dashboard problem caused by double clicking on a pie slice vs single clicking. (6352)
  • Added Follow-up date to View Notes Report #7000 (7147)
  • In the calendar month view, the background was changing colors when scrolling from one month to another. Fixed. (6848)
  • New Calendar Report # 8017, Events List By Dan And description. (6893)
  • Reports 10031 and 10030 would not run with Tagged Names. Now they will. (6963)

Investment Module

  • Entire houshold now re-calculates when you view a head of household. (6357)
  • Fixed a basis problem with reverse stock splits. (6412)
  • Trying to run a household report from a tagged name report selection was producing an error. Fixed. (6859)
  • Fixed a problem with the chart on report 40015. (6947)
  • Fixed a problem where some basis adjustments were being ignored. (6993)
  • Cash accounts are always rounded to two decimals. (7004)
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem with Report # 40021, 40033, 40034, and 40036(7138 – 7141)

Insurance Module

  • Added a Benefit column to Production Detail Report #20015 (7161)
  • Added “Waiting Period” field to Insurance Screens for Health Class and P/C Other Class. (7181)

Imaging Assistant

  • Adding more than one file at a time (not scanning files) into the IA Document Server was producing an error. Fixed. (6925)

Insurance Commissions

  • Fixed a time out problem on long commission reports which occured only on hosted databases. (6460)
  • Added a preference to the Insuracne Plan, Commission Tab to turn off warnings when the plan is not set to calculate commissions. (6951)
  • Added a commission direct payment from company for trailer commissions. (6976)

This version contains some new features and reports and is also a maintenance release.

If you are still on Version 6 and do not have .NET 4 on your system, it will download .NET 4 from the Microsoft site and install it. If .NET 4 is not present, 1.7 GB disk space will be required and checked for because of temporary files used for the installation.

When you update your server, station updates will be required. Check that you have 1.7 GB of free disk space on your station.

Your version is on the log in screen or you can click on Help | About Advisors Assistant.

Contact Management Module

  • ReadyDoc Integration released so you can now scan to the Internet through a partnership with ReadyDoc.Scanned documents and files are stored in the Cloud and appear automatically on the View Client With Files List. To view, you just double click on the file in the list. For more information, contact our Sales department.
  • While scanning in ReadyDoc or Imaging Assistant you can now go back to Advisors Assistant and view other contacts.
  • Mailing List Import added the ability to import into the Status field. (6801)
  • The automatic preview of a Calendar Event when the mouse hovers is now a USER Preference so those who do not like that feature (and there were some) can turn it off. (6582)
  • New Utility for combining duplicate names where there are several duplicates. This utility will show possible duplicates and let the user choose whether or not to combine the records. (6144)
  • There were times when you opened the calendar and it would show 12am. This depended on where the cursor was when you previously closed the calendar. Fixed. (6449)
  • When pasting into a note, the cursor was going to the top of the page after the paste. Fixed. (6134)
  • You could make a Dashboard Widget disappear if it was already at the bottom of the screen and you clicked on the Move Down Button. Fixed. (6541)
  • Basic Report Designer contact data had Address Country listed twice and missing Address County. Fixed. (5045)
  • When a calendar event on today’s date but for a time past is modified, a notice of Impending Event was popping up. Fixed. (6383)
  • Apostrophe has been added as a valid character for email addresses. (6590)
  • The Status field on the view screen has been made longer. (6694)
  • Calendar Month View Report’s title did not always match the month being viewed. Fixed. (1795)
  • Birthday report #10010 was showing both the birthdate and a time of midnight. Now it just shows the date. (6824)

Investment Module

  • Schwab Download Released
  • Albridge Download Released
  • New Allocation Reports: Added Asset Allocation Pie and Bar reports that show allocations by the individual assets. Report # 30089 and 30090. (5537)
  • Fixed a problem with reverse stock splits and basis.
  • There is now a new Ownership field on the Mofify Account screen. (6405)
  • It was possible for DST to duplicate a security if the same security was downloaded by the SEI download. Fixed. (6450)
  • Fixed a problem with accrued interest on bond purchases and the cost basis. (6184)
  • When viewing a head of household, all of the assets for the entire household now re-calculate instead of just the name viewed.(6357)
  • LPL download code SPN now processed as a spinoff. (6400)
  • New reports 30087 and 30088 added Asset Aquisition Date and Allocation Percentage to existing reports 30036 and 30037. The latter reports were not changed. (6402)
  • Fixed a column heading issue on report 40040. (6676)
  • Fixed an issue with Fidelity Streetscape files for the FCASH and the Cash Balance Account. (6691)

Insurance Module

  • Report “Completed Policies By Company” #60014, had some issues with the page breaks. Fixed. (6127)
  • Changed New Biz report #20011 to sort by Initiated Date. (6464)
  • Hosted versions of the MML PAAR download were not updating policy information. Fixed. (6319)
  • Insurance Report 20009 was not numbering the last page with the summary for the entire report correctly. All client pages were numbered correctly. Fixed. (6124).
  • Fixed an intermittant page break problem on report 20031. (6142)
  • Rider Benefit Amounts added to Policy Values Statement report 20026. (6385)
  • Finishing out of the Add Policy Wizard was not showing the Company and Type fields unless you modified the coverage. Fixed. (6662)
  • Finishing out of the Add Policy Wizard was not showing the Primary Insured, Owner and Group With and Primary Beneficiary in the Relations Tab until you clicked OK. Fixed. (6664)

Insurance Commissions Module

  • Changed the commission module and the insurance commission reports to give users the option of choosing whether commissions paid directly to the producer by the company are included in the Agency Level Totals. Previously they were not, but you now have the option.
  • Added an option on the Rate Table Screen so that the user can choose if a commission paid directly to the producer from the company and calculated as a percentage of agency commission should be deducted from the agency totals on reports. See commission help for the rate tables. (6465)
  • You can now change a posted date on a commission transaction. (4967)
  • Fixed a problem with Agency Totals on commission distribution reports having to do with remainder transactions. (5370)
  • Fixed some commission adjustment report issues (6592)
  • Paid Amount subtotals on the Modify Commission Distributions Screen now include paid remainder transactions. (6228)
  • When a different commission amount was paid from the Commission Distribution Screen, and the rates were adjusted to match the amount paid, the rate would calculate to a rounded rate. It now shows 3 decimal places. (6345)
  • Commission Distribution Reports now flag any transaction due prior to the effective date. (6423)
  • When a commission is posted as more than the amount due, and the Pay Different Amount option is chosen, the transaction was being shown as “Overpaid”. This has been changed to “Paid in Full” since the users has indicated that the increased amount is correct. (6427)
  • Commission Distribution Reports now differentiate between Direct Paid and Agency Paid in the summary section. (6538)
  • Users were not able to manually add a transaction on the exact effective date. They had to do one day after. Fixed. (4332)
  • It was possible to leave a non-commissionable amount blank instead of zero by deleting the amount. Fixed. (4147)
  • Commissions calculated for multiple agencies did not allow you to change the agency on the policy. You now can. (6408)
  • Report 60005, Commission Distributions Detail By Company was not including Agency Level in Company Totals. Fixed. (6560)
  • Commission Rate Table Override 1 Column was not allowing fractions of a percent to be entered. Fixed. (6008)
  • Commission Agency Net Report had Adjustments on them, but did not identify the transaction as an adjustment. Fixed. (6669)

This version contains items that had been scheduled for right after the Version 7 release.

If you are using the Insurance Commissions module, this update is recommended.

Contact Management Module

  • Workflow master export was failing if illegal XML format characters in the name of the workflow master were used. These are /:*?<>| and \ and will not be included in the exported master. When the file is exported, these characters are stripped out of the file name.
  • Workflow event instructions can now contain an active Web Link. (6350)
  • Made more room on View Reports for email addresses so very long email addresses would not wrap. (6371)
  • The “Do Not Warn Me Again” checkbox was only working for the current session. Fixed. (6218)
  • Fixed a problem with importing “Daily Every Weekday” recurring events from Outlook. (6197)
  • Added Date of Birth and Anniversary Date to Report 10001. (6364)
  • Taskes imported from Outlook now uses the user’s default colors rather than setting the color as Black. (6322, 5864)
  • Fixed a Dashboard error that occured only the first time changing the setup on the dashboard with our sample data. (6391)
  • Right clicking on the Dashboard Button on the Sidebar Menu will now bring up the Dashboard Setup so users can bypass the dashboard itself and remove a widget that may be causing trouble. This removes a catch-22 because if a widget was causing problems (bad data that would not chart) you could not load the dashboard to get to the setup. (6353)
  • Dashboard Birthday and Anniversary list was not reporting correctly. Fixed. (6355)

Insurance Commissions Module

  • Manually entering transactions when the only commission was based on the number of participants was showing participant and manager commissions as 0. Fixed. (5852).
  • Calculating a commission advance for a fixed amount commission when the mode was more often than once per month was trapping an error message. Fixed. (5946)
  • Adding a manual transaction when commission was based on the number of participants and the producer earns a percentage of the agency participant commission was defaulting the wrong values on the screen. Fixed. (5147)
  • Posting a remainder commission for a fixed commission amount and using the Post Different Amount button was producing an error. User must use the Grid to tell system what to post to each level rather than use the automatic method using the button. The button is now disabled for a partial payment on a partial payment. (4812)
  • Premium Due Calendar was having issues. We rewrote that tab’s routine. This was a display issue. Fixed. (6363, 6048, 4988)
  • Footnote 3 was causing some Commission Report Criteria Pages to overflow. Fixed. (6169)
  • Premiums for manually added transactions were not displaying on transmittal reports. Fixed. (6046)
  • When a commission was posted with a different amount and no remainder was posted, it was being shown as “Overpaid” on the report because of some fractional cents in rounding. Fixed. (6356)

Investments Module

  • Fixed a problem with Pct of Total on the first grouping when used for a group. (6349)
  • New Report: Investment Accounts And Insurance Summary. Report # 10033. (6246)
  • When there is no Account Title (Modify Account Screen), the reports will now use the Account Type and Account Number. If there is an Account Title filled in, then the Account Title field will be used. This gives the user control on how the name of an account will appear on reports. (6314)
  • Report 30081, Combined or Investor Account Summary II, was incorrectly grouping accounts with no account type. Fixed. (5998)

Insurance Module

  • In a group master plan, when the master plan was added to a participant’s coverage, the funding option was always defaulting to Traditional. Fixed. (6171)
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with the effective date column on New Business Report # 20005. (6260)
  • Insurance New Business Report 20018 was not printing the producer name when the search criteria searched for 1 producer. Fixed. (6138)

This version is recommended for all users. If you do not have .NET 4 on your system, it will download .NET 4 from the Microsoft site and install it. If .NET 4 is not present, 1.7 GB disk space will be required and checked for because of temporary files used for the installation.

When you update your server, station updates will be required. Check that you have 1.7 GB of free disk space on your station.


  • Screen Scaling. You can scale all the View Screens for higher resolution monitors and wide aspect screens. You can just drag the edges or corners of the view screens to the size and shape you want. View screens currently scale, but we will be working through the other screens in upcoming releases.
  • Workflows. The workflow module is coming out of beta testing. Not only does it do workflows, but it fully integrates with the Advisors Assistant calendar, putting active workflow events into the calendar and taking them out when they have been completed. Workflows are great for tracking sales pipelines. Workflows and the new Dashboard work great together for tracking your progress through the sales process. There are several help topics on workflows which will familiarize you with the features. Check the Workflows Overview in the help.
  • Customizable Dashboard. Our new Interactive Dashboard will show you pie charts, bar charts, and lists of contact demographics, current and overdue workflows, calendar events, asset distributions, and more. You will be able to customize the Dashboard, choosing what you want to see. There are several help topics on the Dashboard which will orient you.
  • Client Pictures On View Screens. You can import pictures of clients into Advisors Assistant and automatically create thumbnails for the View Screens. Clicking on the thumbnail will expand the picture for full viewing. Add a picture by clicking on the camera icon.
  • Outlook Archiving Enhancements including more efficient archiving, messages to users while archiving, and for those who have Outlook 2007 and 2010, color coding the category boxes to tell you which emails have been archived, which email addresses were not found, and which emails were not checked (in case you checked email without access to your Advisors Assistant database.) More archiving enhancements are coming soon including archiving of attachments.
  • Color Coding of Calendar Events You can assign a color to the Event Subtype Abbreviations.
  • New Reports and Report Enhancements Several new reports added as suggested by users and footnotes on most reports are moved to a disclosure page at the end of each client’s section of the the report.
  • Rich Text Formatting For Footnotes: We’re adding a third footnote that can be formatted in “Rich Text” which gives you control of Font Styles and Sizes, underlining, bold , and italics, plus paragraph justification and centering. So you’ll be able to create very custom style footnotes that can take up as much of the page as needed.
  • Scanning To The Cloud: Through an partner agreement with ReadyDoc, you can now scan from within Advisors Assistant and store documents in the Cloud. Scanned documents will appear in your View Client With Files list, and you can view them from inside Advisors Assistant by just double clicking on the file. You can also view files from your browser by logging into the ReadyDoc site. This is an optional service available on a monthly basis.


In an effort to keep the list managable, some minor changes are not being listed.

Contact Management

  • Fixed some issues reported with the new version of Skype. (5577)
  • Streamlined email export file.
  • For Exports in CSV and XML export formats, you can which individual fields you want to export. This greatly improves the speed of large export files and you don’t need to export data you don’t plan to use.
  • Comment fields added to address, phone, email, and web address fields so you can list the reason for these particular data points and any other information. Comments are not shown on reports. (6242)

Investment Module

  • Several investment reports added. Sort by the seriel number on the list and the largest seriel numbers will be the new ones.
  • An issue with multiple stock splits and cost basis was fixed. This is still an issue with holding date for shares split held greater than a year. This will be corrected in a near future release. (5334)
  • Ability to download Streetscape files from the Wealth Central download added. (5123)
  • SEI download added.
  • Moved disclosure data to the last page of investment reports.
  • Charles Schwab download in beta testing.

Insurance Module

  • Several Insurance reports added. Sort by the seriel number on the list and the largest seriel numbers will be the new ones.
  • Added the third footnote which can be formatted in Rich Text. This is designed to replace the other footnotes so that you can now format individual words and paragraphs.
  • New Report: Insurance Summary By Insured II (6209)

Insurance Commissions Module

  • Producer Transmittal Detail II By Company report added (6204)
  • A new release of the Insurance Commissions Module will follow the release of Version 7 by one to two weeks.

This is a maintenance release recommended for all users. It contains some adjustments, fixes and new reports. Other items and change requests by users will be released in the New Version 7 in the next few weeks.

Contact Management

  • Changed Outlook Archiving so that it allowed more time for the Outlook main program to do its chores, reducing the chance of getting a “Not Responding” message during the archive process.
  • Messages added during Outlook archiving function to let users know what is happening.
  • Under some circumstances when viewing multiple calendars and switching from one user’s calendar to another, the calendar could show the previous user’s events. Fixed.
  • Gave Driver’s License field more room on the View Screen. Wisconsin has long numbers.(883)
  • New Report: Individual Client Detail Report II Report #10030 is the same as #10006, but without the Flex Fields. (4882)
  • New Report: Individual Client Detail Report II – No Notes Report #10031 is the same as 10013, but without the Flex Fields (4882)
  • Sending an Outlook message without a subject and archiver turned on could produce a message that tells users to call CMS Tech Support. Fixed. (4888)
  • If a contact is entered with no Primary Producer, a warning message appears when the record is saved and the user is given an option to continue or return to the form to enter the Primary Producer. (4910)
  • People not using the Outlook archive function were getting a message at the startup of Outlook. Fixed. (5032)
  • A help topic was added explaining how the Net Benefit on the Insurance View Screen is calculated. (5039)
  • Contact New Business Report #20020 was not sorting by contact name. It is now. (5112)
  • The screen that comes up at login showing events that have taken place before the login was changed to only contain one window. The lower window was confusing. (5143)

Investment Module

  • Add a “Disclosure Page” at the end of each report section. Removed the footnotes from the bottom of each page and put them on the Disclosure Page. Added a third footnote which is Rich Text format for font control, bold, underline, size, etc., For more information, please look up “Report Footnotes” in the help index and also check the “See Also” section of that help topic. Note: This has not yet been extended to all reports, but we will be adding reports in future releases.
  • Added Custodian Contact information to Disclosure described above. See “Custodian” in the Help index for more information. Note: This has not yet been extended to all reports, but we will be adding reports in future releases.
  • New Report: Client Detail With Investment Summary (2921)
  • New Report: Combined Account Summary II Report #30081(4616)
  • New Report: Asset Summary By Objective With Gains Report #30080 (4616)
  • New Report: Combined Asset Allocation By Category With Pie Chart Report #30079 (4616)
  • New Report: Performance Detail Report #40076 (4616)
  • View Client With Investment Accounts Report #9090 would sometimes cut off the right side of the legend. Fixed. (5089)
  • New Report: Open Accounts Valued Less Then 1.00 By Producer Report #30084 to help locate accounts that should be shown as closed. (5127)
  • If there is a default basis type at the account level, it is now used for any asset added to the account. If there is no default basis type in the account, then Average is used for Mutual Funds, FIFO is the default for other assets. (5139)

Insurance Module

  • New Report: Client Detail With Insurance Summary (2921)
  • On Insurance New Business Report #20027, which is a report designed to show only pending items, replaced the Completed date column with Follow-up Date. (3123)
  • New Business Report #50009 would sometimes overwrite the page header. Fixed. (4780)
  • Client Detail Reports (10016, 10015, and 10013) would sometimes skip policies owned by other than the insured. Fixed. (4815)
  • Insurance Summary Report #20003: Premium Mode was not wrapping to the next line if the description was long. Fixed. (5046)

Insurance Commissions Module

  • Some of the dates and policy number fields were too small to larger data. Reviewed all commission reports and made these fields bigger. (4837)
  • On commission distribution reports, Policy numbers with dashes were doing math. “100-50” would show as “50”. Fixed. (4881)
  • Removed report totals on last page of Report #60001. As pointed out by a user, they were not needed. (4896)
  • An error occured when manually adding a commission transaction to a policy with a rate table, but no effective date. Fixed. (5142)

This release is recommended for all users. It contains fixes, tweaks, and some new features. There are 3 new reports and changes to many reports suggested by users. The new calendar, introduced in the last release, got some tuning suggested by users. You can see a list of the changed reports by sorting the report menu(s) by date.

Contact Management

  • Calendar Day View was defaulting to 12am if you changed days. Fixed. Calendar Day View now defaults to 8am. (4565, 4583)
  • New Report: Individual Client Detail II – No Notes, report # 10031 added to Selection Reports. (4882)
  • New Report: Individual Client Detail II, report # 10030 added to Selection Reports. (4882)
  • In Workflow Beta: You can now change a workflow begin date to an earlier date. (Workflows are in late beta testing. You can join the beta by contacting us at the CMS maillbox. The full email address is in the Help under Workflow | Overview) (4337)
  • Columns at the bottom of view screens can be removed from the list by right clicking on any heading and unchecking the column. Resorting the list was making them come back. Fixed. (4403)
  • Calendar: The details of an appointment sometimes did not show when the mouse hovered over the appointment in the day view. Fixed. (4572)
  • Calendar Reports 8013 and 8014 would sometimes overwrite the heading with data. Fixed. (4581)
  • Workflow Beta: Terminating a workflow and then changing it back to active was not resetting events from terminated that occured after the termination. Fixed. (4799)
  • We removed the OK button on the Edit Notes Screen for archived emails since they can’t be edited and the button was confusing. (4819)
  • Workflow Beta: Deleted active workflow events are now removed from the calendar. (4826)
  • Primary Producer added to the Name Lookup Screen. (4831)
  • Workflow Beta: Adding notes to the first event of a newly created workflow could sometimes effect due dates of future events. Fixed (4833)
  • Mobile Assistant (See Help for Notes Dictation) now supports multiple contacts having the same phone number and will use the last name and first initial of the contact to decide among the multiple numbers. (4839)
  • Workflow Beta: Fixed some workflow reports due to previous changes in design. (4840)
  • Speeded up the login process to the program. (4875)
  • Outlook archiving of emails: Made some changes to reduce the time Outlook spends archiving emails. Still working on this with MSFT. (4877)
  • Calendar: Preceding week did not display if you first clicked the “W” button to display the next week and then the “W” to display the preceeding week. Fixed. (4879)
  • Currently selected tab on View Screen now shows red text to make it easier to determine which tab is active. (4913)
  • You could delete an Industry Code that was in use. Fixed. (4930)
  • Ampersands in note topics were displaying twice. Fixed. (4936)
  • A calendar appointment could appear to duplicate after a drag and drop but went away after the screen refreshed. Fixed (4968)
  • Last day of the month appointments were not showing in the Month View of the Calendar. Fixed. (4983)
  • It was possible to get an error if you added a member to a household from the View Screen. Fixed. (5050)
  • Workflow Beta: Added the Wait Days and Duration to the Workflow Event Screen for informational purposes (5076)
  • It was rarely possible to get an error message that said “The Operation Completed Successfully”. which is not an error at all. These are now suppressed. (5130)
  • Process log now tracks if a Note Topic has been deleted. (5151)
  • Removed the Print Options Screen for the Report Button at the bottom of the Day, Week, and Month View of the Calendar. It was not needed and confusing. (5156)
  • Added an “Info Button” to the bottom of the Add/Modify Producer Screen which shows who added and modified the data. (5180)
  • Changed the color of terminated events to dark orange from yellow. on reports. (5200)
  • Workflow Beta: Fixed a problem with some workflow events not showing on calendar. (5262)
  • Calendar key word search would error if you included an apostrophe in the key word. Fixed. (5295)
  • A few users reported getting an error while viewing a note. We could not reproduce, but put some safety code in that may prevent it. (5308)
  • Changed report # 8006, Events By Contact With Phones to put the contact name next to the phone number. (5315)

Investment Module

  • Change to Calculation of Average Basis. The basis was drifting very slightly off of the average when there were sells then buys and then sells. Fixed. (4832)
  • MoneyGuidePro export now includes the brokerage cash balance account when it has a negative value.. These , however are ignored by MGP. (4836)
  • Changed some Fidelity Fee codes from Expenses to Management Fees. (5015)
  • Changed the Months Held computation on Report 40072. (5141)
  • Added more error checking to the Transaction Add/Modify screen to make sure enough information is added to create the Cash Account transfers when needed. (5192)
  • Investor Totals removed from ROR Report 40040 because they were causing problems when Household level was chosen in the Filter. Choosing Investor Level in the filter still produces these totals. (5163)
  • New Report, Market Value Summary, Report # 30078 added to Investment Selection Reports. (5240)
  • If you changed users on a calendar event and touched the event with the mouse with the user drop down list still showing the entire list of names (you didn’t close the list by double clicking but only single clicked to select the new name) the appointment on the calendar would add 15 minutes to the start time. This took a while to recreate. Fixed. (5193)
  • Fixed a problem with ROR on Interest Bearing Securities. (5202)
  • New Report: Added report to recreate V2 VSBS Report. #30078, Market Value Summary. (5240)
  • In the TD Ameritrade Download, the brokerage fee was being reported as a Misc. Expense Transaction. Now verified that it belongs as a Commission. (5241)
  • Changed the user interface on the reconcile transaction screen so that a user could not change all transactions by not selecting any transaction and picking a defaut transaction type. We prevent that from happening now. The user could still cancel the session without finalizing the change. (5245)
  • Fidelity download transaction code P/L now processed (5260) RFS added for IRA conversion (5319)
  • SEI download of US Treasury TIPs not sending pool factor for TIPS, but adjusting the units.for the inflation index. Changed our download model. (5261)
  • Added the feature that will tell a user they must select a household name or group with name if they try to run a report without making that selection. (5318)
  • New Report: Account Values For Selected Period Report #40046. (5340)

Insurance Module

  • Changed the way Net Benefit is calculated for annuities when the base cash value is 0.
  • The last screen of the policy wizard was not doing the case split math correctly making manual correction necessary. Fixed. (5207)
  • It was possible to get an error adding an additional coverage to a policy. Fixed. (5220)
  • Mass Mutual PAAR download was not updating a policy if the effective date did not match, but policy number and other data matched. Changed to now update. (5161)

Insurance Commission Module

  • Added Adjustment tracking between Agency and Producers and Managers. (4959)
  • Commission Adjustment Transactions are now showing on the Commission Distribution Reports. They are not yet showing on Producer Transmittal Reports. (4958)
  • Manually adding a commission transaction to a policy with a rate table but no effective date in the coverage could trap an error. Fixed. (5142)
  • After searching for Transmittal Report data and then exporting to Excel, it was possible to get an error. Fixed. (5239)
  • Fixed a totaling problem with Report #60002 (5148)
  • Commission reports updated to include commission adjustments (5259)
  • Commission Adjustment Screen was requiring a Posted Date when it should not have. Fixed. (5344)

This release is a release with many new features, reports, and modules. Some of the reports and fixes were released in interim releases so users did not have to wait, but we list them here with the major release. This release is recommended for all users.

New Modules

  • New Calendar Module. See new calendar features in Contact Management Section Below.
  • Insurance Commission Tracking Module Released (Our sincere thanks to a wonderful group of beta testers!)
  • Workflow Module Placed into Beta Testing. This module will be a regular feature for all systems when out of beta. Check out Workflow in the Help Index. This has been in a limited beta for a few months.
  • Albridge Download placed into Beta Testing
  • SEI Download Placed In Beta Testing
  • RBC Download Module Placed Into Beta Testing

To join any beta, please email A special code is needed to unlock the module while in beta.

Contact Management

  • Calendar Rewritten: We rewrote the calendar to cure some trapped errors that would occasionally occur and which were out of our control, while keeping, but enhancing the same user interface so users did not have to learn a new calendar.. The new module has the same basic interface, but more flexibility. You can now choose to show tasks on the left side of the Day View if desired. The reports from the day, week, month, and year views are better. Calendar help is much more extensive and detailed.
  • New Feature: Added integration with Mobile Assistant, a note dictation service so that you can dictate notes from you cell phone or regular phone. The notes are then emailed to you and the Advisors Assistant Outlook archiver will insert the note into your client’s notes in a special note topic. You can edit, delete, or move these notes. This can eliminate the need to type notes or cut and paste notes from dictated sources or emails. See Mobile Assistant in the Help Index. (3298)
  • Changed the message that tells users when a station update is available to let them know when the server is not involved in the update. (2254)
  • Fixed a calendar problem where changing a begin date to an earlier date made the completed checkbox unavailable. (3862)
  • Incorporated updated (optional) Advanced Report Designer. Those using this program will automatically get a message to update it the next time they use it.
  • Some tasks created in New Business did not appear in the calendar. Fixed. (3905)
  • Saved mapping templates for the mailing list imports did not have a delete function. Added. (3416).
  • Made Follow-up selectable in the Calendar Event Sub-Type. (4243)
  • Added new fields to the Calendar’s Word Export data. “Contact Producer” (the Primary Producer for the contact) and BeginDateLong (The long format for the date of the calendar event: January 4, 2010) (690)
  • Added function so that pressing the F2 key will add the current date at the cursor location to various note fields including calendar notes. (827, 4023)
  • New Calendar Report: Events By Date & Priority With Days Rolled, Report # 8015 which shows only events that are incomplete sorted by date, Priority, and the number of days the event has rolled over. (1004)
  • New Calendar Report: Events By Date & Priority, Report #8016. (1004)
  • Added Excel Button to the User Lookup Screen so that you can now export a list of users and print the list. (1375)
  • Shift + Tab now moves you backwards a field in Calendar Notes. (1634)
  • New Report: Households And Groups With Members, Report #10028. Lists members of households and groups and basic information about the members. (2040)
  • Fixed some spacing and wrapping cosmetics on New Business Reports 20011 and 50005. (2145)
  • Added Flex Fields to the Client Detail Report # 10006. (2248)
  • Email archiver now archives the email to ALL contact records that have the email address. Previously it only added it to the first email address entered into the database. (2338)
  • Changed the sort order of links and household members on Client Detail Report #’s 10006, 10013, and 10015 so that the names sorted last name, first name vs first name, last name. (2875).
  • When you used the Manage Selected Names feature but selected your names using the Tagged Names feature, you could not add markets to the tagged names. Fixed. (2927)
  • The email archive form that shows you if an email was archived (highlight the email in Outlook and click on the Advisors Assistant Button) now includes the email address along with the name to which the email was archived. (3040)
  • Removed the buttons at the bottom of the selection reports screens and made all of the screens respond to tabs at the bottom of the screen. (3142)
  • Outlook sync could add duplicate events when syncing from two computers into one Outlook calendar or two PDA’s into one Outlook. Fixed. (3204)
  • You can now delete saved mappings for the mailing list imports. (3416)
  • Fixed a page break problem on Report # 10022 (Shortest List of Contacts With Markets) which could sometimes, but rarely occur. (3715)
  • Fixed a problem caused by a documented bug in Outlook where Outlook created multiple birthday and anniversary references when an existing contact was saved by an external program. Fixed with a program workaround. (3717, 3726)
  • If you set a recurring task in the calendar as completed, the subsequent recurring tasks had the completed checkbox dimmed. Fixed. (3807)

Insurance Module

  • Released Union Central Insurance Download
  • The New Biz Action dropdown was not being saved with the report criteria. Fixed.
  • Added the Rider’s Insured Name to Report 20026 (4047)
  • Added an Excel Button to the screen showing the list of coverage plans so you can export the list and print it. (2076, 1163)
  • Added Modal Premium to the View Client With Insurance Report # 9100 (1944)
  • New Report: Underwriting Time By Company And Submitted Date, Report # 20033 shows underwriting time in days from submission to completion. (2362)
  • Default Manager Feature added: When you add a policy, the system will default the coverage’s Producer #1 to the Primary Producer associated with the name and also will default the Manager #1 field to the default manager if one is set. This is not done during downloads, only manual entry. (2942)
  • New Feature: You can now search on the policy’s underwriter from the Insurance Tab on the Selection Reports Search Criteria screen. (3142)
  • New Report: Insurance Policy Notes – All Notes, Report #20038. Shows insurance notes for the policies selected. Does not show contact notes or investment notes. (3697)
  • New Report: Insurance Policy Notes – Latest Note, Report #20037. Shows the latest insurance note for the policies selected. Does not show contact notes or investment notes. (3697)

Investment Module

  • Resolved index issues with Sungard’s changing of the index symbols. This was in an interim release. (3860)
  • Released Wedbush Download Module
  • Changed the following Pie and Bar Chart reports in the Investment Selection Reports so that the chart now corresponds to the selection criteria. Previously, as noted in the report comments, it included all of the portfolio. Report # 30002, 30004, 30005, 30006, 30016, 30017 (3929+)
  • New Report: Realized Gains Summary By Lot Sold. Report # 40072 in the Performance Reports Section.
  • New Report: Time Weighted ROR Portfolio Summary With Performance Graph, Report 40071. A single page summary report without detail for accounts or assets. (1550)
  • First Clearing Security Name was being left as all upper case in download. Fixed. (2194)
  • New Report: Investment Summary By Company With Maturity Date, Report #30071 which is similar to a report in Version 2 .(2667)
  • New Report: Investment Summary By Company And Account, Report #30070 which is similar to a report in Version 2 .(2667)
  • New Report: Investment Summary By Company, Report #30072 which is similar to a report in Version 2. (2667)
  • Fixed a problem with the Principa export when a symbol begain with an “@” character. It is now removed for the export. (2933)
  • Default Manager Feature added: When you add an account, the system will default the account’s Producer #1 to the Primary Producer associated with the name and also will default the Manager #1 field to the default manager if one is set. This is not done during downloads, only manual entry. (2942)
  • Accrued interest for bonds was not being posted to the accrued interest field. Fixed. (2947)
  • New Report: Performance Summary – Dollar Weighted, Report #40073. A landscape report with a different set of fields than other performance reports. (3027)
  • New Report Performance Summary – Percentage Gains (ROI), Report #40074. A landscape report with a different set of fields than other performance reports. (3027)
  • New Report Performance Summary – Time Weighted, Report #40075. A landscape report with a different set of fields than other performance reports. (3027)
  • Wedbush download can have different addresses in the two files that contain addresses in the download. We now put both addresses into the client’s record when they are different. (3046)
  • New Report: Combined Account Summary With Mailing Address, Report 30073 which shows account summary information for “Group With” combinations of accounts. The report contains an address block (primary address) for the “Related Client” selected and the address block of the Primary Producer for the Related Client as a service address. (3494)
  • New Report: Household Account Summary With Mailing Address, Report 30074 which shows account summary information for “Household” combinations of accounts. The report contains an address block (primary address) for the “Head of Household” selected and the address block of the Primary Producer for the Related Client as a service address. (3494)
  • New Report: Investor Account Summary With Maining Address, Report 30075 which shows account summary information for Investor’s accounts. The report contains an address block (primary address) for the Investors selected and the address block of the Primary Producer for the Related Client as a service address. (3494)
  • Changed the way the net cash flow appears on investment reports so that it is a simple sum. (3495)
  • View Screen listing for stock split type transactions was showing a gain or loss after the split which was the gain/loss for the entire asset, not just the split transaction. This was confusing. Changed so the gain/loss shows a zero for the split transaction. (3508)
  • New Report: Account Notes By Investor – All Notes, Report 30076. Shows all the notes for the accounts selected, but does not show any contact notes or insurance notes. (3696)
  • New Report: Account Notes By Investor – Latest Note, Report 30077. Shows the latest note for each account selected, but does not show any contact notes or insurance notes. (3696)
  • Fixed a user interface problem that required users to check the include all investments box when searching for investment new business items. Now, if you search for Investment New Biz, without setting any criteria on the Investment Selection Tab, you get the results you expect. (3779)
  • Changed the MassMutual BOB download so that when an annuity product downloads with an account value, but no subaccounts, then the account value is set as the policy’s cash value and the funding option is set to “Untracked Investments”. (3799)
  • LPL was putting data which had no producer reference on the exception reports and not putting the data into the file. Changed the download so that the data gets added with no producer if it is a new account or just added if the account exists. (3811)

This update is recommended for all users because it has many new features for all modules and many changed suggested by users. The number in parenthesis is an internal reference for system use.

We have started the Beta for Insurance Commissions Module and are going to start betas for RBC, SEI, and Schwab as soon as possible after the release of this version.

Please Note: If you are using Windows XP, the next major release will require XP Service Pack 3. Windows Update will update this for you.

New Features In Contact Management

  • Added Head of Households only to Outlook Synch Screen and made some cosmetic changes.  You can now limit the sync to just Heads of Household.  (2628)
  • Added the ability to track who viewed, added, deleted, and printed files for files associated on the View Files Screens.  See File History in the Help index for how it works and limitations.  Also works with Imaging Assistant.  New perspectives added to the View Files Screen and new right click menu added to the View Files Screen. (2657)
  • File History Reports and Filter added to the Administrator Reports.  From the Main Menu click on Admin | Reports.  You can see who viewed, added files, or deleted files, when they were added, deleted, or viewed, and, with Imaging Assistant, when scanned, printed, emailed or saved to the station.  The filter lets you select by user, and date ranges. (2859)
  • Markets added to the Manage feature in the Selection Reports so you can apply the same market to all contacts selected. (2289)
  • Notes on recurring events can now be edited.  The edit affects all events for that series of recurring events. (2253)
  • Automated Workflow Module now available as a Beta Test.  You can join the beta by emailing and asking to beta test Workflow.  (2565)
  • You can now make mass changes of producer through the Manage option.  Look in the help index under Producer / Changing for more information.  (2427)
  • Added the ability to move a note from one topic to another. (2398)
  • Added the ability to merge two note topics into one (2398)

New Reports In Contact Management

  • View Account File History # 7082 shows file history audit for files associated with an individual account. (3359)
  • View Policy File History # 7083 shows file history audit for files associated with an individual account. (3359)

Changes, Additions, & Fixes In Contact Management

  • Added the Note Created Date to the View Screen Notes Report #7000. (3594)
  • Calendar was forcing PM from any event between midnight and 12:59am.  (We did not think that anyone would schedule events in the am during that hour. ) Fixed  (3137)
  • Changed Client Detail Reports 10006, 10013, 10015, and 10009 so that the user can ignore the Description, the policies and investments will still group correctly (2903).
  • Deleting a single occurrence of a series of repeating events needed to be deleted twice- Fixed. (2337)
  • Fixed a problem for users who use dd/mm/yyyy date format that caused them to get backup reminders more often than they should. (2775)
  • Fixed a problem with setting monthly recurring appointments. (2445)
  • In the Basic Report Designer, Days Rolled (Calendar field) was taking too much space.  Fixed. (3617)
  • Mailing list import changed the value of a money field mapped to a flex field. – Fixed (3032)
  • Patriot Act ID fields added to the XML export format in the Selection Report Export so that organizations can send the file to services that check for terrorists. (3072)
  • Quote in Reply for messages was always in effect even if you unchecked the box. Fixed  (1811)
  • Recurring calendar events could not be edited if the first event in the series was in the past. Fixed (1881)
  • System now detects email addresses that do not appear to be valid form the view screen when you click on the email address.  Now it will let you continue and use what appears to be invalid so the decision is the user’s. (2411)
  • You can initialize your file history data to see who added or last changed any file associated on the View Client With Files.  Click on Admin | Initialize File History. (2859)
  • Added pending events to Client Detail Reports 10006 and 10013. (749)
  • Added the web site to the Daily Planner Contact Listing Report # 10025 (806)

New Features In Investment Module

  • Added a Match Accounts Button which starts a Wizard to the Unassigned Accounts Screen in the downloads so that an account can be assigned to another person, such as an UGMA account being grouped with the donor’s investments.  Previously, you had to set up the new account and then combine with the other investor.  It also lets users assign an account that moved from held at the company (supported by DST or DAZL) to a brokerage account to the original account. (3213)
  • Added data compression to download files saved in the database.  This allows them to take less space in the SQL Database (2255)
  • Combining of accounts is now tracked in the Administrator’s Process log. (3214)
  • New option symbols accommodated by downloads. (3023 – 3025)
  • Wedbush download released for final beta. (1348)
  • You can now search on the account custodian in the Relationships section of the Investment Tab of the Selection Reports. (469)
  • Rate of Return for Options modified to apply the return of an executed option to the underlying security.

New Reports In Investment Module

  • Performance report with no asset detail added.  This was report IPLBTROR in Version 2 (665)
  • Accounts By Producer, Report 30064, shows Market Values grouped by Producer and sorted by each producer’s investors.  (2956)
  • Combined Asset Allocation By Category III, Report 30061 shows asset allocation by category for household and “group with” by category. (2883)
  • Combined Asset Allocation By Objective III, Report 30062 shows asset allocation by objective for household and “group with” by objective. (2883)
  • Combined Asset Allocation By Sector III, Report 30063 shows asset allocation by sector for household and “group with” by sector. (2883)
  • Investment Summary By Asset Company, Report # 30065 (3332)
  • Performance by Objective.  Was TPSBO in Version 2. (2499)
  • Transaction Audit By Account Producer, #30067, allows an OSJ or other organization to see transactions based on selection criteria which are only certain types which would affect investment compliance.  These types are in a footnote at the end of the report. (3573)
  • Transaction Audit By Investor, #30066, allows an OSJ or other organization to see transactions based on selection criteria which are only certain types which would affect investment compliance.  These types are in a footnote at the end of the report. (3496)

Changes, Additions & Fixes In Investment Module

  • Added cosmetic changes and took off the return for the account daily cash balance for Performance Reports 45009, 45010, and 45011. (2735)
  • Built in a 1 cent tolerance for comparing transfers in and out of accounts.  Sometimes the brokerage company would not send exactly the same amounts for transfer transactions.  (2809)
  • Changed the handling of DVR (Dividend Reinvestment) Type 2 sent by DST where the reinvestment actually goes to a money market account and is not “reinvested” into the fund creating the dividend, but reinvested into a different fund.  The processing will now “reinvest” the dividend into the fund creating the dividend so that the rate of return is reflected correctly and then create a new transaction to exchange the shares into the asset receiving the dividend.  This retains basis and ROR correctly. (2951)
  • Changed the label “Performance Report” to “Show on Performance Reports” on the Add / Modify Account Information Screen so it would be easier to understand. (3210)
  • Deleting a basis adjustment now automatically unfreezes all of the transactions’ basis occurring before the adjustment .  Adjustments cannot be edited, only deleted. (3078)
  • Downloads of a few Variable Universal Life plans were getting 0 share positions.  We now accommodate and ignore the 0 position. (2843)
  • Fee transactions can now be entered as a negative number (3100)
  • Fidelity download would sometimes duplicate an address for a new account added to an existing client.  Fixed (2077)
  • Fidelity transactions with a source / destination of INCOME is now ignored. (3152)
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem on the Account Summary With transactions, report 300007 where the headings on subsequent pages could look bad. (3082)
  • Fixed a problem with report 30048, Summary of Holdings By Investor that occurred when two investors had exactly the same portfolio values. (2677)
  • Fixed a problem with the list created by the Resolve Obsolete Investment Utility (2965)
  • Fixed a problem with the MassMutual download where riders could be duplicated on PAAR downloads if two base coverages, instead of one base coverage, were sent. (2898)
  • Fixed Security Lookup by the name of the security so that it handles apostrophes. (981)
  • For purposes of Account Additions money into the cash balance account from an outside source (in the flow field) is considered an addition as if it came from the client.  (3145)
  • In brokerage download modules we renamed the function “Automatically Add New Names” to “Automatically Assign New Accounts” to make it easier to understand. (3235)
  • In the Combine Account Wizard, the account lookup screen was not limiting the list of accounts to a specific investor and producer to make the selection easier.  Fixed. (3130)
  • Made several changes to the Combine Accounts Wizard to accommodate various unique situations.  (3170, 3176, 3247)
  • Moved the Calculate ROR check box to the account level because leaving individual assets out of the calculation, though it seemed like a good feature, could cause calculation problems. (3091)
  • New transaction type for spinnoff’s so that the new asset can be initialized. (2850)
  • Removed the ability to remove a single asset from the calculation of rate of return.  This was causing all kinds of problems with the cash flows in the account.  You can now only remove an entire account from the calculation. (2785)
  • Spinoffs were causing problems because the first transaction in the new asset was being sent as a type of dividend.  Adjusted code to accommodate spinoffs for rate of return. (2760)
  • Summary of Holdings By Investor was only showing the first investor with 0 market value instead of all of them.  Fixed. (3257)
  • The bar chart on Performance Report 40014 had problems establishing the scale of the chart. Fixed (3181)
  • The Trust Company of America download was reversing changes that a user changed a name from an organization to individual or individual to organization. Fixed  (3084)
  • The View Client With Accounts Report number 9090 now shows the account number in the pie chart rather than the account type.  (2960)
  • Tweaked index returns so that the YTD return for a 1 year report matched YTD and 1 Year.  They were one day off. (2789)
  • Users can no longer adjust the cost basis on transactions when the asset’s price is fixed at $1 per share. (3002)
  • Users can no longer save an investment record with no Basis Type set. (2957)
  • View Account With Investments Screen Report now is sorted by asset, high to low.  (2786)
  • When you combine accounts, or user the new Match Accounts Button the custodian is automatically updated to that of the surviving account or the account being downloaded in the matching process so that accounts moving into brokerage accounts have the custodian updated. (3247)
  • ROR now using the price of the transaction on the liquidation transaction instead of the closing price.  This normally would have only a slight effect, but could be larger. (1297)
  • Standardized the sort order for all the Multi-Period Performance reports and changed some cosmetics. (890)

New Features In Insurance Module

  • Added Primary Insured column to the View Policy With Coverages Screen. (3506)
  • Added new policy relationship, Joint Owner, so that more than one owner can be associated with a policy. (2290)
  • Added Primary Insured to the Household Perspective on View Client With Insurance Screen. (2531)
  • Fidelity Life Assurance, New Zealand Download Added

New Reports In Insurance Module

  • Insurance Production By Manager, Report 20032 (2765)
  • Client Coverage New Business By Insured.  See the comment column on the report menu for description.  Report # 50010 (3550)
  • Insurance New Business – Actions Pending By Producer, report 50009, shows all new business actions by producer regardless of the selection on the filter. (2967)

Changes, Additions, And Fixes In Insurance Module

  • Action Follow-up Date was not printing correctly from the Basic Report Designer. Fixed. (2574)
  • Changed the View Coverage Screen to show the coverage’s benefit amount for Life and LTC rather than the combined coverage including riders. (3070)
  • Cosmetic change to View Policy With New Biz Report 9650 where the heading was too large in the coverage section. (3047)
  • Fixed a problem with new business report Submitted Coverage By Manager 1, Report 50007 (3115)
  • Fixed an insurance grouping problem with the Investment Account and Insurance Summary, report 30023. (3034)
  • Fixed cosmetic problems with Client Coverage New Business Report 50001 (2871)
  • If a policy’s surrender charge is more than the cash value, the surrender value will now show as zero, not less than zero. (3584)
  • Made the font larger on Report 20009 (2577)
  • Speeded up the display of the Coverage Plan Lookup screen on hosted databases. (3169)
  • The flex fields in the group master policy were not moving to the participants of the group when a participants was added to the master.  Fixed. (1873)
  • The lookup screen for the insurance coverage plans was made wider to accommodate longer plan names (2840)
  • When a name was only listed as an insured on coverages other than the base coverage, the policy was not showing up on the insured’s view screen and the insurance tab was not turning blue. Fixed (3542)
  • When the MassMutual Book of Business sends a holding with no insured, owner, or payor, the download trapped an error.  Now this is accommodated by putting the plan name and policy number in the registration block.  The policy is now put into the unassigned policies so the user can assign it manually.  (3395)
  • You can now type a space as part of a policy number. (2854)

This is an important maintenance release with several new reports in all sections of the program.

  • Added a column to the View Client With Insurance Screen for the Class of Insurance. If you don’t like it, just right click on any column heading and uncheck the Class Box and it will not be shown. (2646)
  • Added Valuation Date field “As Of” for the insurance values on the Investment Account And Insurance Summary Report (2597)
  • New Report Added: Insurance Summary II. Similar to Insurance Summary but includes Coverage Cash Values and different grouping. (2598)
  • New Report Added: Cost Basis With Income which shows details of transactions’ affect on income (dividends etc.) and realized gains. Similar to a report in Version 2. We are not talking about taxable income, that’s for the tax people to decide.(2602)
  • New Report Added: Class Breakdown Pie Chart (2514)
  • New Report Added: Class Analysis Pie Chart. Similar to report above, but contains Additions and Difference between Market Value and Additions. (2515)
  • New Report Added: Class Breakdown Bar Chart (2514)
  • New Report Added: Shortest List of Contacts By Type. Sorts by Primary Name Type and shows total names by type. (2454)
  • Download for MassMutual’s Book of Business added and ready for MassMutual’s release later in January.
  • New Report Added: Summary Of Investments By Household (1792)
  • New Report Added: Investment Values Summary which is similar to report number 30028, but has a shares column so that it is like the report in Version 2. (2586)
  • Changed Rate of Return to use the trade date and / or trade price for a closeout trade of an issue. (131)
  • Changed the title of “Cumulative Cost Basis Summary” to “Cost Basis Summary” so it would be grouped in the list with other Cost Basis Reports. (2649)
  • Added a preference for MassMutual download to process investments when there are no shares reported. (2567)
  • Added a sort by Asset Name to the 6 reports “Combined Asset Allocation By….” (2573)
  • The combine names feature was not transferring Tax ID. Fixed. (1016)
  • Combine Investment Accounts now changes the account number on any insurance products that may use investments in the combined account for funding the policy. (1310)
  • Assets set to “Custom Basis” were not creating tax lots so you could not customize them (Catch 22). They now create tax lots that act as FIFO until you actually customize the lots and freeze them. (1850)
  • Added a sort order to the sections of the Client Detail Reports for the Household Members and Links. (2525)
  • On Main Download Screen, changed the “Add Unrecognized Names” checkbox to “Add Unrecognized Names Automatically”. This box only appears if the downlaod has parsed names in it. (DST does not show the box.) (2537)
  • Multi-period Performance Reports when run for a household were showing the investor’s name instead of the household name. Fixed. (2321)
  • Changed the way net additions were summed at the account level to accomodate rare circumstances. (2430)
  • Interest reinvestments were adding to basis even when set not to add to basis (VA’s). Fixed. (2588)
  • Suppressed the “@” that is used to make symbols unique when being downloaded from more than one source on reports 30013, 30031, 30049. (2595)
  • Made the post download processing report clearer by separating the exceptions from those items that were processed, but “need attention” which means they should be checked by the user. (2603)
  • If there were two notes with the EXACT same date and time (to the second)for the same client, the notes report was not printing the second note. Fixed. (2617)

This update is recommended for all users. It has two major new features, many new reports, cosmetic changes to existing reports, and many smaller items suggested by users.

  • Added “Subsets” which are groups of names that you can work with as if they represent your entire database. You can establish a subset by using the selection reports and then clicking on the subset button at the bottom of the Report Selection Menu. For more information, enter “Subsets” into the Advisors Assistant Help index.
  • Added the ability to “manage” selected names so that you can add a particular market or name type to a group of names all at the same time. These first two management items are the beginning of a list of functions. We expect our users will give us feedback on which functions they want us to add. For more information, enter “Manage Button” into the Advisors Assistant Help index.
  • Advisors Assistant recertified for Microsoft Certified Partner status by being tested for SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Client. This was in September, before Windows 7 release.
  • Windows 7 tested for both 32 and 64 bit versions. Received Microsoft Front Runner Award for being Windows 7 compatible. No testing done on HOME versions of any operating system. Say NO to Home Versions because Microsoft does not include full network capabilities.
  • Added a new field, Account Title, which will allow users to put a freeform title into accounts which will appear on reports. Reports have not yet been updated. (Next Release)
  • Added the client’s name to the Process Log Report for Combine Investments. (These logs record major changes to the database and are available under the Admin | Reports menu.)
  • Added report Contact List Sorted By Name With Latest Note. Report #10001 to Contact Selection Reports
  • Added report Contact Listing By Primary Name Type (Condensed) Report #10026 to Contact Selection Reports.
  • Added report Policy With Managers Listing, Report 9615 which is run from the View Policy With Producers Screen with the Managers Perspective selected.
  • Added report Summary of Holdings By Account Type Report #30050 to Investment Selection Reports.
  • Added report Combined Asset Allocation By Sector Report #30051
  • Added report Combined Asset Allocation By Sector II Report #30052 which has different columns from #30051.
  • Added report Combined Asset Allocation By Objective Report #30053.
  • Added report Combined Asset Allocation By Objective II Report #30054 which has different columns from #30053.
  • Added report Combined Asset Allocation by Category II Report #30055 which has different columns from #30035.
  • Added report Cumulative Cost Basis Summary Report #40050 which is run from the Performance Reports Menu. NOTE: YOU SHOULD RECALCULATE BASIS by using Investment Utilities | Account | Recalculate Investment Values. Only the cost basis box needs to be checked. Some changes were made in the basis calculation as it relates to the cash balance account and reconciles.
  • Added report Account Performance By Return – Dollar Weighted Report #40051. This report lists account returns high to low. Note that when run on several clients, using the From/To fields on the filter, investment performance reports can take a long time to run while the various calculations are performed.
  • Added Report Account Performance By Return – Percentage Gain (ROI) Report #40052 (See notes above for #40051)
  • Added Report Account Performance By Return – Time Weighted Report #40053 (See notes above for #40051)
  • Added Performance By Return – Dollar Weighted Report #40054 which shows the return sorted high to low and the client holding the asset. NOTE: Run this on a limited number of clients using the Client From/To on the report filter or it can take an extremely long time because of the number of calculations performed for each transaction.
  • Added report Investment Performance By Return – Percentage Gain (ROI) Report #40055. See the notes on #40054 above.
  • Added report Investment Performance By Return – Time Weighted Report #50056. See the notes on #40054 above.
  • Added report Investor Performance By Return – Dollar Weighted Report #40057 This shows portfolio’s return high to low. NOTE: run this report on a limited number of clients using the Client From/To on the report filter or it can take an extremely long time because of the number of calculations performed and the number of transactions read.
  • Added report Investor Performance By Return – Percentage Gain Report #40058 This shows portfolio’s return high to low. See the note for 40057.
  • Added report Investor Performance By Return – Time Weighted Report #40059 This shows portfolio’s return high to low. See the note for 40057.
  • Added report Dollar Weighted ROR With Allocation Report #40060 which the allocation of each asset and account compared to the top level you choose (Investor, Household, or Group.)
  • Added report Percentage Return (ROI)ROR With Allocation Report #40061 which the allocation of each asset and account compared to the top level you choose (Investor, Household, or Group.)
  • Added report Time Weighted ROR With Allocation Report #40062 which the allocation of each asset and account compared to the top level you choose (Investor, Household, or Group.)
  • Added report Period Gains – Dollar Weighted Report #40063 which shows beginning and ending period price,values, and dates with Withdrawals and Total Gains.
  • Added report Period Gains – Percentage Gain Report #40064 which shows beginning and ending period price,values, and dates with Withdrawals and Total Gains.
  • Added report Period Gains – Time Weighted Report #40065 which shows beginning and ending period price,values, and dates with Withdrawals and Total Gains.
  • Extremely long notes were not behaving correctly when there was a page break on the report. – Fixed. (2263)
  • Fixed a problem with annualizing negative returns. (2240)
  • AdvisoryWorld ICE and Morningstar export file location was not sensitive to the user changing the destination. Fixed. (2203)
  • Changing the name of a Household did not show on reports until the program was restarted. Fixed. (2177)
  • Alphabetized the list of Partner Exports on the Sidebar Menu. (2176)
  • Made some changes to MassMutual’s PAAR import requested by users. (2164)
  • When you mark a calendar event complete in Advisors Assistant, it now marks the calendar event complete in Outlook. (2144)
  • Added Asset Class to the Modify Security Screen. Reports using this will be out soon.
  • Pool Factors in Investment Module now allow for values in excess of 1.0 to accomodate TIPS. (2261)
  • Made some changes to Time Weighted Rate of Return to accomodate some rare transaction combinations. (2115)
  • When you combine investments, the entire account now gets recalculated on exiting the Wizard. Also changed the way reconciles and positions are combined. ( 2102 – 2104)
  • Page breaks in Investment Report 30050 now work better. (2086)
  • When you used the Auto Add feature in the Fidelity download, it was not always parsing the names correctly. Fixed. (2079)
  • The “Vendor” in the basic report designer was not always displaying correctly for New Business reports. Fixed. (2068)
  • When Insurance Flex Fields were used in a search and the criteria was saved, not all the flex field criteria was saved. Fixed. (2053)
  • You can no longer leave the Investor blank when setting up an account. (2026)
  • The version number of Advisors Assistant has been added to the bottom of reports next to the report number. (2022)
  • Unassigned accounts no longer show up on reports run by producer. (2018)
  • When viewing a client with no date of birth recorded, the mouseover tool tip was incorrect. Fixed. (2005)
  • Short term capital gains were being rounded to the dollar. Now shows cents. (2395)
  • Total gains at the account level at the account level rate of return will not be reduced by management fees and management fees now reduce basis. (2385)
  • Performance reports that covered investments liquidated and then repurchased months later had a problem with dates being displayed for the ranges. Fixed. (2382)
  • Added PCD transaction code to the transactions processed in Pershing (2379)
  • Made cosmetic changes to selection Report Export Screen by hiding check boxes that did not apply to the export chosen. (2366)
  • Some Selection Report Export files only went to the default path even if you changed the path. The new path did not display. Both fixed.
  • Running Performance Reports without the correct security role caused an error instead of denying access with a nice message. Fixed. (2357)
  • Fixed a problem changing the flow of a transaction producing a message that the transaction was changed by another. (2348)
  • Some help topics had “Topic Title” in the Table of Contents instead of the real topic title. Fixed. (2341)
  • Outlook lookback feature could error when folders extracted from Exchange Server were not extracted and appeared to be stored locally. Changed the error to a better message. (2340)
  • Fixed a calendar error when the user clicked the Dial button and there was no name associated with the calendar event. It now provides a message. (2314)
  • Changed some screens in the Mass Mutual PAAR download that were confusing users. (2302)
  • Add policy wizard was not saving Accident and Sickness amounts on Disability Policies. Fixed. (2271)

We had some major modules that were not quite ready for the release in Mid August and included them here with all new features and some fixes reported by users.

  • Fidelity / NFS Download Module Released.
  • TD Ameritrade Download Module Released.
  • The Summer 2009 Newsletter can now be found at
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 is now required for any Windows XP computers being used as the server for Advisors Assistant. Use Windows Update to update your computer. This update has been available for about 8 months.
  • Added PUTNAM Account Number change utility. This takes place on September 7th. The change utility is accessed by clicking on the Utilities Icon on the Investment Side Bar Menu and then click on Account.
  • Added new Performance Report #40049 which added a Net Additions column to report #40038.
  • Added support for the DST FAN Mail Closeout Indicator. If this indicator is sent by DST it will mean that you will no longer receive information on the particular asset. You can tell Advisors Assistant to liquidate the asset, removing it from your active status. The help for this item will be in the next release.
  • Added support for Date of Birth when it is sent in the DST FAN Mail download. Not all fund companies will be sending it, so you will not see it in all the new client records.
  • Added support for DST Account Tax Type if it is included in the file sent by the fund companies. Not all fund companies will send this.
  • Removed the Index with symbol SPT from the index list. That index is no longer active with Sungard.
  • When importing a calendar item from Outlook into Advisors Assistant, if the subject was blank in Outlook, the program gave an error message. Now it puts “Blank In Outlook” into the Advisors Assistant Subject field.
  • Advisors Assistant can now send out alert messages to users of the Investment Downloads.
  • Fixed a problem in the Effective Date Display on Report #20015
  • Return of Principal Transactions in Brokerage Accounts was not putting the money into the cash balance account. Fixed.
  • When the database is reindexed, it will now shrink the log file to recover space on the Hard Drive.
  • Added the ability of the Outlook Archiver to look back through the “Personal Folders” in the last release. If users renamed the “Personal Folders” area to something else, this was not working and could disable the archiver. It will now work with renamed Personal Folders.
  • Added an option to the Modify Security Screen to fill in the 9th character when Sungard validated and sent back an 8 character cusip. Most downloads use 9 characters. The 9th character is really a check digit and can be calculated.
  • Fixed a problem with Investment Transfer transactions out of the account to other accounts where net additions were concerned at the account level. This was limited to the view screen only. Reports were correct.
  • It was possible to get an error message when manually adding a transfer transaction between accounts and hitting the right combination of tabs and enter keys. Fixed.
  • First Clearing now sums multiple positions sent the same day for “Outside Investments” not held at FCH, but reported in the download as positions only.
  • You can now change the system type (Single use, network, multi-producer) during the trial period even after initially setting it.
  • When exporting to Outlook, if the End Time is BEFORE the Begin Time, then it is reset to Begin Time + 1 Hour.
  • Using the Modify Name Screen to add a Spouse, now also adds a spouse link. Previously it only added the link when adding a new name with a spouse.
  • Sungard indexes previously used a space in their Index ID. Sungard removed the space. The removed space was not getting updated in Advisors Assistant. Now it is. You amy need to re-select any of these indexes that previously had spaces. Use Securities/Indexes on the Investment Sidebar Menu.

This release is a maintenance release with some new features and new module releases. All new features were the result of user suggestions and there were several minor changes, such as sort order of some reports resulting from user suggestions. .Extensive work was done for compatibility with newly released operating systems. In the Investment Module, we worked on simplifying Rate of Return calculations, and adding downloading capability. The numbers in parenthesis are for internal reference.

  • Drivers License state of issue and Passport country of issue added to Laser App integration. (426)
  • MoneyGuidePro integration released. Sends client and spouse demographics, investments, and insurance to MGP web site. (See the help under MoneyGuidePro or MGP) (1406)
  • Tested installers on Windows 7.(1442) We know of no Windows 7 issues and have user reports that it works just fine with Advisors Assistant.
  • Added an autodial button to the calendar screen (486)
  • Added the ability for downloads to handle blank rep codes. Some registrations lack rep codes, but it is rare. (214)
  • Added Combined / Household Account Summary By Type report # 30049 to match V2 report ASBSTGW (1374)
  • Updated View Account With Transactions report #9530 so column titles matched the View Screen list. (1574)
  • Added capability to detect, support and backup Advisors Assistant on SQL Server 2008.
  • Added support for running Windows Server 2008 and installing into Windows Server 2008.
  • Added CUSIP column to the View Investment With Positions Screen. (1606)
  • Changed requirement for Windows XP back to Service Pack 2 and set installer to install .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 if needed. XP Service Pack 3 had a bug that would not let SQL Server 2005 install without help from our tech support. This did not affect people who had already installed SQL Server 2005 on their servers and subsequently updated to XP Service Pack 3. MSFT is aware of the problem.
  • TD Ameritrade Download Released
  • Wedbush entered alpha testing.
  • LPL entering Beta Testing.
  • Performance reports now always include the Account Daily Cash Balance. The asset level performance for the cash balance is suppressed, but it is calculated into the account level and portfolio levels. Removed the ability to leave it off of the report. It was causing too many complicated issues. (1426)
  • Added a column “Net Additions” to the View Account with Transactions list color coding the transactions’ Additions showing Red for money going out. The column sums at the bottom. This will help to know which transactions affect ACCOUNT Net Additions, Account Additions and Account Withdrawals. (1664)
  • Changed Quik! Forms to accomodate a change they made which could cause the export file from Advisors Assistant not to be found. (52)
  • Outlook archiving now handles multiple addresses being received by Outlook.
  • Added report Summary of Holdings By Investor which shows the total assets for each investor selected sorted High to Low. Report 30048. (100)
  • Outlook archiver lookback feature now searches all personal folders in addition to the inbox. (414)
  • Outlook import no longer attempts to set spouse links. This was causing problems.(537)
  • Deleting a calendar event in Advisors Assistant in real time sync mode now deletes the event(s) in Outlook. (543)
  • Changed Outlook lookback archive feature to look back up to 999 days from 365 days. (554)
  • Fixed a problem automatically starting Laser App from Advisors Assistant when multiple users were using Remote Desktop and Terminal Server. Previously only the first user would start. Changed the way we called Laser App. (602)
  • Fixed a problem in Pershing Download that took place when switching from symbol FGRXX to PGRXX. (646)
  • Gave stations the ability to update stations when the station program has changed but the database version has not changed. (760)
  • Investment module work to calculate returns on options as they expire and are repriced.
  • Made it impossible to skip step 3 in the Combine Investment Wizard. (926)
  • When assigning investments during a download, if you don’t provide an account type, the warning is now in Red vs Blue. (938)
  • Assigning joint accounts with Pershings new format was duplicating phones or addresses if both joint tenants had the same phone number and address. Fixed. (951)
  • Performance reports would trap an error if an asset had no prices near the beginning of the reporting period so there was no beginning balance. Fixed. (1168)
  • Under some circumstances, it was possible to manually create more than one cash balance account from the transaction screen. Fixed. (1215)
  • Changed the way the export file name interacts with the default path when exporting files. (1222)
  • Removing a name from the calendar list could remove a different name form the list. Fixed. (1232)
  • There was a sorting problem in report 30011 and 30031 when two accounts were of the same type, but different numbers. The parenthesis seemed to fool the sort in the report designer. Applied a couple of changes so this would not happen. (1234)
  • Added help to Notice of Impending Events screen. (1247)
  • Under some circumstances the days past due on the calendar popup could show a very big number. Fixed. (1248)
  • Added account type processing to Pershing Download. (1251)
  • Performance Reports now warn if an investment has 0 shares and no liquidation date. Liquidation date is used to exclude assets from the report if liquidated prior to the beginning of the reporting period. (1254)
  • Added the ability to enter a security price of zero. (1255)
  • Changed Pershing processing to accomodate the new FDIC money fund which does not include any activity code in the normal file. (1273)
  • Changed the rights for those using the Advanced Report Designer. They can now delete any report form the system (but it will be replaced on the next update) and they can export any report numbered over 100,000 (their custom reports) and import any report regardless of number. (1283)
  • Sungard added some spaces to their symbols for indexes and removed other spaces from symbols. Changed our Sungard list to accomodate these and Sungard symbol changes changes. These mostly affected indexes. (1287)
  • Added the ability to modify a cash balance transaction (1329)
  • Searching on the account level value was actually searching individual investments. Fixed. (1332)
  • Fixed a problem with LIFO calculation. (1335)
  • Increased the length of the Drivers License field to accomodate Canadian licenses. (1357)
  • Manually entering a withdrawal from the cash balance account did not always automatically calculate the basis. Fixed. (1366)
  • Added an objective field to the security screen. Version 2 conversion to Version 6 utilizes. (1371)
  • Trust Company of America cancelling transactions had problems finding the transaction to cancel. Made smarter. (1393)
  • Combining 2 producers’ records into one producer’s records could trap an error in the Multi-producer version. Fixed. (1378)
  • Added the money fund file (only available to BD’s) to the first clearing processing. It will process if present. (1392)
  • Made some cosmetic changes on the post download processing reports. (1398)
  • Ctrl-Alt-A keystroke was not working from the View Client With Investment Accounts. It was supposed to simulate clicking on the Add button. It does now. (1400)
  • Trust Company of America transmittes positive shares with negative principal where management fees were concerned. Accomodated. (1432)
  • Performance reports run on multiple clients were sorting by first name. Changed to sort by last name, first name. (1445)
  • When the price file was totally empty for an investment, you could not enter that first price from the transaction screen. Fixed. (1470)
  • Some dates on the Client Detail Reports were not “regionalizing” for non-USA formats. Changed. (1488)
  • Downloaded transfers into an account arrive with no price. Changed the download to apply the price based on the current price in the price file for that asset. (1498)
  • Changed the sorting for the View Coverage With Pages report # 9740. (1516)
  • Added email address to Daily Planner Listing report # 10025 (1518)
  • Dollar Weighted ROR Detail Performance report 40031 was printing date/time instead of just the date. Changed.
  • It was possible to run out of memory when running several performance reports on large datasets causing a forced exit from Advisors Assistant.. Fixed. (1540)
  • When the name lookup user preference is set to “Entire List” the name selection field on the performance report filters was not defaulting to the name being viewed. It was going to the top of the list. Fixed. (1575)
  • When Combining Investments where both had an initial values screen, the combine routine was keeping the surviving investment’s initial values instead of the oldest initial values. Fixed (1585)
  • Added a help topic to Select Files To Archive (download screen) (1595)
  • Update process was changing footnotes on custom reports. Now it doesn’t. (1608)
  • When an admin updated an abbreviation code, sometimes a warning message showed when it was not needed. We made this smarter so it only shows when it directly applies. (1626)
  • Added the ability to update the description of the Policy Product Class. (1627)
  • User initials are limited to 6 characters in the download modules. (1642)
  • Made some cosmetic changes to Investment reports #30036 and 30037. (1662)
  • Long asset names on report 40010, Three Types of Returns Wtih Transaction Valuations” were not wrapping to the next line correctly. Now they are. (1671)
  • Added Insurance Selection Criteria help topic. (1672)
  • DST downloaded security names were not always downloading upper/lower case when sent in all CAPs. Now they are proper cased. (1678)
  • Adjusted the buttons on the Connection Utility Program. In vista they were too high on the screen. (1687)

This release is a combination maintenance release with some fixes, several new reports and some minor cosmetic fixes or minor design elements to make some reports look better. Some new features were also added, but mostly minor ones. We also made some screen modifications suggested by users or to make the screen more intuitive.

The number in parenthesis at the end of the items below is for internal reference only.

  • A PDF file of the User Manual is now on the Help Menu at the top of the screen. Clicking on the link downloads the PDF file and may take several minutes. You will see a progress indication at the bottom left of the screen in most browsers. The manual is about 850 pages so you may not want to print it. All the links in the manual work just like they do in the help. The manual is an organized printout of the help files. (1088)
  • Added new report: Transaction List By Trade Date & Investor (Report 30038) to Investment Selection Reports. Shows transaction details sorted by transaction date and grouped by Investor. This report can be very long so it should only be run for 1 or a small gorup of investors at a time. (519)
  • Added Two New Investment Reports showing Asset Share Balances sorted high to low and Low to High Report #’s 30040 and 30039 to assist users in finding any assets which have very small share balances and may not have been completely liquidated by a sell transaction. This can occur when positions are sent with more decimal precision than transactions. (1167)
  • Added Investment Breakdown By Objective Pie Chart Report # 30037 to Investment Selection Reports (767)
  • Added Investment Breakdown By Object Bar Chart Report # 30036 to Investment Selection reports (767)
  • MoneyGuide Pro integration is active, but does not yet support Households.. This has been coded but not tested and will be in the next release minor release. (594)
  • Added a calendar report that can be used for a 7 hole planner book. You would punch the holes yourself. (345)
  • Added New Report: Household Account And Insurance Report #30045 which shows both insurance and investments for an entire household showing subtotals for investors and policy owners. (1259)
  • Added Investment Selection Report Asset Allocation By Type With Bar Chart Report # 30042 (855)
  • Added Asset Allocation By Type With Pie Chart Report # 30044 to Investment Selection Reports (855)
  • Added Asset Allocation By Type With Bar Chart – Simple Report #30041 to Investment Selections Reports (855)
  • Added Asset Allocation By Type With Pie Chart – Simple Report # 30043 to Investment Selection Reports (855)
  • Added New “Performance Report, Performance Calculations With Transactions”, Report # 40047 to show the cash flows that affect performance. This is not designed for a client report. (888)
  • Added “Investment Account and Insurance Summary For Households” report so that you can show an entire household’s investments and insurance on the same report. (1259)
  • Added the Report Name to the bottom of the report viewer. Moved the Exit Button so it was not in the report area. (950)
  • Added Spouse SSN and DL# to Client Detail Reports and fields change based on whether the contact is an individual or organization. (1026)
  • Added the Symbol field to the Combined Account Summary Report # 30031. (1087)
  • For new users, we have started including SQL Server 2005 Express Service Pack 3. Current users should make sure that Windows Update is turned on for their server and set the options to meet your needs so that your server will automatically update itself. This is not a critical update but does have some security features in it. (180)
  • In the Resolve Obsolete Investments utility, fixed a bug that caused problems if you skipped Step 3 in the Wizard. Removed the ability to skip Step 3. (207)
  • Made other changes in Resolve Obsolete Investments that made it easier to use. (208)
  • Changed SubType on Investment Selection Reports Filter to Account Type so that it matched the data entry screen. (238)
  • View Client With Investment Accounts View Screen Report #9090 expanded to include the investor’s name for more information when on the Household Perspective. (300)
  • Changed the calendar so that appointments do not have a due date. (306)
  • Installer now supports SQL Server 2008 in the event that a user has it installed on their server. We are still distributing SQL Server 2005 Express. (311)
  • Removed the ability to only include Account Daily Cash Balance in Performance Reports when it is not $0. The choices are now Always include it or Never include it. If you include fees and expenses in the calculations you must include the Account Dailiy Cash Balance because they reside in that account’s transactions. When you check the box to include fees, the inclusion field will change to “Always”. At this time the Account Daily Cash Balance’s return is not calculated because the balance and return is usually very close to 0. Next release will calculate it. (366, 816,1175)
  • Changed transaction view screens to show both Principal and Transaction Total. (377)
  • Fixed a backup problem on very large databases where it would fail if the backup took more than 10 minutes. SQL had a timeout built in at 10 minutes that had to be reset. we now reset these with the backup routine. (396)
  • Skype’s new version 4.0 has problems on some vista computers where it does not see that Skype is installed. Tech support can send you Skype 3.8 to uninstall 4.0 and install 3.8 until Skype get’s this fixed. (439)
  • Fixed an obscure problem with deleting Initial Values which had transactions prior to the initial value date. (454)
  • Added “Call Price” field to the security record. (1334)
  • Strong passwords was not forcing a change in N days. Fixed. (603)
  • Administrators can now view User Information while they are logged in. (639)
  • On View Investments With Transactions List, the column “Value” was changed to “EOD Value” meaning End of Day Value for clarity. (650)
  • Policy Report # 20000 now shows benefit totals by class of coverage. (677)
  • Made changes to Pershing Download and TD Ameritrade download to better accomodate options. (739)
  • Global Notes Report # 7060 was using too much paper. Removed the Page Break between contact names at users’ request. (781)
  • View Client With Notes Report sort order changed from the add date to the last changed date. Also made some other cosmetic changes. (784)
  • Investment Selection Report 30035 had too much white space in the Investor Summary which could force a page break. Fixed ( 790)
  • Fixed some problems with the Account level Net Additions. (812, 836)
  • Policy Surrender Value field on reports now includes the Other Value field on the screen (823)
  • Performance Report #40040 and 40043 were showing blank lines when there were null values for the report. Fixed. (844, 845)
  • Investment Selection Report # 30001 was sorting by Investor First Name vs Last Name. Fixed. (851)
  • Updated the Advanced Report Designer to the new ComponentOne interface. If you have this installed (optional module) you will be given a link to download the update the first time you try to use the ARD with the new version. (870)
  • Insurance report, Completed Policies By Company (Report #20014)was displaying a date/time instead of just the date. Fixed. (881)
  • Added the End Of Day Value to the View Account With Transaction Report to show the value of the investment at the end of the day. (887)
  • Fixed a problem with Bond cost basis and Accrued Interest (894, 937)
  • Changed Pershing transaction code PCC to be Withdrawal By Client and a flow of Between Client & Account. It had previously been coded as a management fee because it had “Management” in the description from Pershing. ( 896)
  • V2 conversion to V6 was not converting Rider Notes. Fixed (897)
  • Backups of databases in excess of 4 GB now compresses using a new ZIP compatible compression utility. (900)
  • Added Footnotes to Policy Coverage Listing By Owner Report #20001 (904)
  • View Client With Links report #9040 now sorted by Link Relationship. Previously it had no sort order. Also made some cosmetic changes to this report. (918)
  • Fixed an trapped error on the Maintain Producers Screen which only occured under very specific conditions. (954)
  • Calendar appointment dates were displaying on some report with a due date and confusing people. Fixed. (958)
  • Fixed a typo in the warning message on the Initial Values Screen when you try to exit without adding a cost basis. (978)
  • Made cosmetic changes to several Calendar Reports. (998)
  • Added Policy Values Statement Report # 20026, which was temporarily removed in the last build. (1008)
  • Account Summary Without Transactions Report # 30011 sort order changed to Alpha order. (1020)
  • Fixed a problem with the Modify Transaction Screen when using the cash balance account and reinvesting interest. (1023)
  • Selection Report’s Exclude Liquidated Investments feature was made smarter to compare the liquidated date with the valuation date of the report so that investments liquidated AFTER the valuation date chosen for the report were still included ont he report. ( 1027)
  • Investment Selection Report Screen now AUTOMATICALLY checks the box to Include all investments (which match the criteria, of course) when any criteria item is chosen. (1028)
  • Added a description to the report list for Investment Selection Report 30001, Account Summary. (1032)
  • Fixed a problem with printing notes from a policy or account view screen with Perspective of “All”. (1036)
  • If a share adjustment transaction was the first transaction for an asset, it was causing problems with performance reports. AA expected a buy or a reconcile. Changed to allow a share adjustment. (1037)
  • Fixed a V2 to V6 conversion problem that occured when an asset’s download source was changed (example from DST to Pershing) while in Version 2. The conversion was picking up the old position instead of the new position. (1047)
  • Some Sungard Index symbols changed. Eg: S&P Total Return REINV DIV changed from SPT to SPYZ. Also Sungard removed or added some spaces to the symbols. We updated our index list. This symbol change occured last week. (1046)
  • V2 to V6 reverse stock splits did not convert correctly. Fixed (1048)
  • Renamed Selection Report number to Household Account Summary II because it had a name the same as Report 30013. (1110)
  • Fixed a problem with Performance Report # 40000 where the wrong field was on the report in one of the totals. (1117)
  • Made some cosmetic changes on report #’s 10006, 10013, 30005, 30006, 30002, and 30004. (1139)
  • End Date did not show on performance report for some fixed income investments. Fixed. (1174)
  • Sometimes Skype would not go into focus (screen on top) when making a call. Fixed. (1177)
  • Added a Commission field to the Investment Transactions screen to assist in converting data from other systems and to provide more flexibility to users. (1239)
  • Fixed some ROI and Dollar Weighted return problems that occured for short reporting periods with cash flows in and out of the cash balance account on the first day of the period. (1277)
  • Contact Listing (Condensed) report #10010 was not using the first name in the sort. It now sorts Last Name, First Name. (1280)
  • Client Birthday Report # 10007 was not sorting by name if born on the same date. Fixed. (1281)
  • Performance Report “Return on Investment With Graph” Report 40028 was displaying the wrong field for the Account Level Return. Fixed. (1288)
  • Update Sungard Index Symbols. They removed some spaces in their symbols. If you have some indexes fail to download, you may need to check the list where you select which indexes you want to maintain. You may also need to “reselect” the index on the report filter if the symbol has changed because the old symbol is stored with the report criteria. (1292)
  • Cosmetic and sort order changes for the View Notes Report (From the Print Notes Button from View Client With Notes and the Search All Notes. (1300)
  • Several reports were not word wrapping when the client name was long. Fixed (1317).
  • Performance Report # 40032 could overprint the page header under certain circumstances. Fixed (1317)
  • Changed the display of the Account Type and Number. The previous display contained the account number in parenthesis. This caused some sort problems with the reports if there were two account numbers for the same account type. Changed the display so that a dash will now separate the type from the number. (1319)
  • Added a Basis Amount field to the transaction screen. Previously only basis per share was shown. This is a convenience item so users don’t need to calculate the basis from the basis per share.
  • The Account Type Descriptions that are delivered with the system can now be modified. You cannot modify the abbreviation (needed by the system) but you can change the description which is what is shown on reports. (1360)

This update contains some minor fixes reported by users for Pershing and Fidelity Downloads, the calendar, and Selection Report Exports. It is not a major update.

This update may take several minutes to run on your server and we can’t always move the progress bar while it is updating the data structures, so please do not reboot. Large databases could take 30 minutes or more.

This release has several new reports and enhancements requested by users plus some fixes. We wanted to post the list before the actual release so it would be there for everyone.

Be sure to check our home page at and see the new Webinar Schedule andRecorded Webinars by clicking on the Training link! They are FREE.

  • You can now associate an entire folder with a client, policy, or investment account. Just right click on the Add Button on View Client With Files, View Policy With Files, or View Account With Files. You can also right click in the files list. When you double click on an associated folder, Windows Explorer will load and you will be put in that folder. You can then navigate to sub filders and also view documents or other files by double clicking on them. (A much requested enhancement.)
  • Added other name types to “Contact List Sorted By Name” Report (# 10002) plus a few other cosmetic changes to this report so you can see all the name types associated with the contact listed on the report.
  • Added other name types to “Client Birthday Report With Primary Address” Report (# 10012) so you can see all the name types associated with the contact listed on the report.
  • Added other name types to “Phone Book Report ” Report (# 10019) so you can see all the name types associated with the contact listed on the report. Also adjusted spacing and other cosmetic changes.
  • Added Calendar “Events By Date With Contact Details” Report (# 8014) listing calendar events grouped by date with a new page starting for each date. Includes calendars assigned, contact names, primary address, all phones and event notes.
  • Added “Shortest List of Contacts With Files” Report (# 10020) to show basic contact information with a list of the files associated with them.
  • Added “Shortest List of Contacts With Links ” Report (# 10021) to show basic contact information with a list of the Names linked to them.
  • Added “Shortest List of Contacts With Markets ” Report (# 10022) to show basic contact information with a list of the Markets associated with them.
  • Added “Shortest List of Contacts” Report (# 10023) to show basic contact information so you can get a list using the least amount of paper.
  • Added “Shortest List of Contacts By Producer” Report (#10024) which is the same as 10023 above, but grouped by Primary Producer.
  • Modified “Phone Book Report” (# 10019) to add the Contact field to the list. Now both the client name and the contact for that phone number is on the list.
  • Added “Investor Summary” Report (# 30028) which is a simple report showing holdings and asset values by investor. This was # ASGWII in Version 2.8.
  • Added “Combined Account Summary” Report (# 30031) which can be run on individual investors or Group With Relationships.
  • Added “Account Summary By Investor And Account” (# 30029) which Net Additions and Market Values plus other information.
  • Added “Asset Maturity Date Listing” Report (# 30032) which shows the Share Maturity Date listed in the Investment Record. This could be different for each asset if this were an annuity with a maturity date independent of the overall Security Maturity Date.
  • Added “Security Maturity Date Listing” (#30034) which shows the Security Maturity Date kept in the Security Record. Security Maturity is also a searchable field. This would typically be a bond maturity date.
  • Added “Asset Summary With Gains” Report (# 30030) which was report #ISBST in Advisors Assistant Version 2.8.
  • Added “Household Account Summary” Report (# 30033) showing individual investor totals and household total. Was ASBSTGWII in Version 2.8.
  • Added “Combined Asset Allocation By Category” Report (# 30035) showing asset percentages by Category. This can be run for a household or as a Group With report and the title will automatically change. This was ISBCGGW in Version 2.8.
  • Added “Account Values For Selected Period” Performance Report (#40046) which is a money in / money out type of report. Was APSGWIII in Version 2.8.
  • Made some cosmetic changes to the Multi-Period Performance Reports.
  • Added “Submitted Coverage By Agent 1” Insurance New Business Report (# 50005).
  • Added “Submitted Coverage By Company1” Insurance New Business Report (# 50006).
  • Added “Submitted Coverage By Type ” Insurance New Business Report (# 50008).
  • Added “Submitted Coverage By Manager 1 ” Insurance New Business Report (# 50007).
  • Modified the sort order for “Events Summary By Date” Calendar Report (# 8005) so that the events are sorted by time within the date.
  • Added insurance footnotes to report numbers 20003, 20008, 20009, 20010, 20013, 20026, 20029.
  • Modified the sort order for “Events Summary By Date With Notes” Calendar Report (# 8008) so that the events are sorted by time within the date.
  • Fixed Coverage Flex Field #18 in the Coverage Flex Field Report (# 9710)
  • Fixed a spacing problem in “Account Summary With Transactions” Report (# 30007)
  • Added the Custodian to the Account Name Heading in the “Individual Client Detail Report” (# 10006)
  • Some of the View Investment reports cut off the Investor’s name if it was long. Fixed.
  • Enabled the Share Maturity Date field in the Investment record. Previously it was dimmed out. This goes with new report 30032 mentioned above.
  • The Resolve Obsolete Investments utility was not funding the investments that had been converted from Version 2. Fixed. (This utility will force an asset to 0 shares if it has not received a position in X days as chosen by the user. It will also add a liquidated date.)
  • Added an Insurance Exclusion Reports Wizard to the Tools Menu. This will look for policies and insurance types which are not present. We will need feedback on this first effort in this area. These are complicated, so please read the Help on the screen.
  • Added the ability to select the basis treatment of reinvestments based on the security. A new field, “Reinvestments” has been added to the Security Screen which allows you to select reinvestments increase basis. This is important for those selling annuities. Combined with LIFO, annuity basis can tracked.
  • Fixed a problem where some ROR reports needed to be run a second time.
  • Name lookup screen was not working right for looking up by first name and also was not always responding to characters after the 5th character of the last name. Fixed.
  • Share adjustments no longer affect Additions.
  • On View Account With Investments, there were parts of the upper left and right sections of the screen that were not responsive to the drill-down clicks. Fixed.
  • Fixed problems with some backups not compressing.
  • Some transactions were being calculated as of the trade date for view screen values. They now do not affect the value until the settle date.
  • It was possible for the Multi-Producer version to exclude displaying producers which had not had their own “view” set up when all producers were displayed. Fixed.
  • Added a Death Benefit Option to the Annuity Screen.
  • Added a sort order to the Notes Report.
  • Manually entered expenses at the account level were not getting taken into account on ROR Reports. Fixed.
  • The gain amount was not including reinvested dividends. Fixed. (This did not affect rate of return.)
  • Mailing List Import check box to check for duplicates was not being seen by the import routine, so it always checked for duplicates. Fixed.
  • Added a field to map the +4 part of the Zip Code for the Mailing LIst Import.
  • Changed the default setting for excluding cash accounts on the Investment Selections screen. Excluding Cash Accounts is now turned off so the reports will automatically include cash accounts if they have a non-zero balance. This can still be overriden by checking the box.
  • Fixed a spelling problem on the Policy New Business View Screen Report.
  • Added a new feature for being able to upload files to our Secure FTP Server from inside of Advisors Assistant.
  • Removed any interaction with the Windows firewall on server updates. It should be set up in the installation and does not have to be revisited.
  • Multi-period rate of return reports were reporting a logic error that pertained to assets that were acquired after the end of the range. So if an asset not included in the report had a logic error, the report would still report it. Fixed.
  • View Policy With Riders right click was not active. Fixed.
  • Unrealized Gains for share adjustments are not sensitive for long term and short term gain.

This update will require that the computer housing the database is rebooted during the installation. One of the update routines is the Microsoft .NET 3.5 installation. If you already have this on your server, the update will skip that routine. The .NET 3.5 installation comes right from the Microsoft web site so it will download from Microsoft during the update process.. This new .NET version is necessary for accomodating Windows Server 2008 operating systems. The new .NET is not installed on the station computers because it is not needed.

NOTE: Windows 2000 is no longer supported by Advisors Assistant 6 as a server. It can still be run with Advisors Assistant 6 as a station. .NET 3.5 is not supported by Microsoft on Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 because it’s 10 year life cycle has expired. We do not test on Windows 2000.

This release has some new features, several report changes / additions, a few minor bug fixes and some tuning of the investment downloads. It also adds support for updating Windows Server 2008.

  • Added additional information to the Investment download report that runs after the download at users’ request. It now shows the client associated with the transactions. Also slimmed down this report so not as much information that was not useful is shown.
  • Fixed an obscure bug that allowed two primary phone numbers. We never were able to duplicate it.
  • Added a feature where, if a name is an organization, the primary address and phone locations will now default to BUSINESS.
  • Added a feature which will update all Outlook anniversaries and birthdays if the user changes his outlook preference to send these fields to Outlook where it had previously been set to not send. Changing from sending the data to not sending will only affect new records.
  • Added 3 Multi-period investment performance reports that moved the account summary to a position before the account instead of after the account.
  • Changed all 9 multi-period investment performance reports so that the colums will space equally based on either 3 or 4 periods.
  • Added a Fee line to all Multi-period Investment Performance Reports that is only shown if management fees are present in one of the periods.
  • Fixed a problem on the Security Price screen where leaving the date blank caused an error. You can’t leave the date blank now 🙂
  • Added support for updating databases on Microsoft Server 2008.
  • Fixed a problem in Pershing download to correctly interpret transaction code DVE as a cash dividend.
  • Fixed a problem involving changing a policy effective date when the insured did not have a date of birth filled in.
  • Added text to the message that popped up when a user clicked on the scan button in the sidebar menu and no scanning interface was present. (LaserFiche or Imaging Assistant)
  • Fixed a problem with the way transfers were handled in investments and the way Net Additions were calculated.
  • Changed the Short List of Contacts Report (#10000) to include any additional name types assigned to the name instead of just including the primary type.

This is a maintenance release with a few minor additions. It is recommended for all investment users.

  • Changed the order of the columns on the Name Lookup Screen (by popular demand). Order is now Last Name, First Name, Middle Name.
  • Added an option to add the cash balance on View Screens when an account is manually added. A check box was added to the Modify Account Information Screen. When unchecked, the cash balance will show only if it is non-zero. If checked, it will always show.
  • When editing Initial values in investments, the system will always recalculate the entire investment when exiting the Initial Values Screen.
  • When Use These Values As Current is selected on the Initial Values Screen, the valuation date for the investment is frozen at the date on that screen.
  • The phone dialer screen was showing the extension as part of the phone number and in a separate column. Fixed.
  • Tasks and calls will now show in color chosen on the calendar setup screen.
  • Fixed a type on the industry classification list. (list was downloaded from Federal Govt!)
  • When removing a mailing list, the system will not remove any name that has a policy or investment account even if the Name Type was not changed.
  • Database backup was not compressing the backup file over 2 GB. This was a calculation error. Now goes to the full 4 GB. Over 4 GB, the file is left as a BAK file.
  • The Database Statistics from the Admin menu now shows the full size of the data, free space, and indexes plus the log file. Shows all the space used by the system on the drive.
  • Changed the downloads, especially DST, to use database space more efficiently so that it is deleting temporary data just after processing it, except for data needed for exception reports and the transactions list.
  • Added the ability not only to archive download files, but also to delete them by right clicking on the Import Button on the main download screen.
  • Pershing Download now uses proper case for the Addressee and the Greeting.
  • Fixed a problem with the Gains calculation when there were fees or distributions that was introduced in the previous release.

This version has some of the functions and fixes that did not get into but were being worked on. It is recommended for all users.

  • Fixed a problem with the Albridge download where tax id’s were not showing on the Assign Wizard Screen.
  • Added the Manager #1 field to the Union Central Life download.
  • Fixed an error when you tried to modify and account or policy after deleting a relationship other than the owner.
  • Added the ability to highlight and copy text, such as CUSIPS from the registration lines in the Download Assign Wizard so that users can copy and paste CUSIPS or other items if they need to look them up with another program.
  • Added a checkbox on the Week and Month views of the Calendar, “Show Calls & Tasks” so you can show or hide these items on that view.
  • On the Maintain Producers References screen, an ampersand was showing up as an underscore. Fixed.
  • Finishing the Add Policy Wizard and going to the Maintain Policy Screen showed Scroll Bars at the bottom of the screen. Fixed.
  • You can now add a name to a household when the name does not have a nametype.
  • Made a date field on report 40023, 40032, and 40034 wide enough to display wide dates such as 12/23/2008.
  • When cash transactions are downloaded from Trust Company of America with an amount instead of shares, we now supply the $1/share price and shares.
  • Removed the Combine Names security task and attached this task to Delete / Combine Names security since combining names deletes the name being combined.
  • Removed the Combine Investments security task and attached this task to Delete / Combine Investments security since combining investments deletes the investment being combined.
  • Added new Security tasks “”Add / Modify Coverage Plan” and “Delete Coverage Plan.”
  • The Maintain Security screen is now checking the secuirty task for Adding / Deleting Securities.
  • User could trick the Outlook export / import security if they only had one way rights (import but not export in the Outlook Sync) by switching from import to export once on the filter screen. Fixed.
  • On Investment Edit screen, Dividend Option choice now says Paid Out instead of Cash to make it consistant with other sections of the program.
  • Fixed some problems with basis with Intra-account transfers.
  • Changes were made to the Investment Utility for liquidating or deleting investments that are no longer getting positions, have negative or zero balance, etc. Made the screen easier to use.
  • The download reconcile screen now remembers the column widths set by individual users.
  • Added support for Idera SQL Safe, which is a free backup program available from Idera ( Our technical support DOES NOT know how to support this, but if it is installed on the server, it will be used. This is useful if your backup is larger than 4 GB and cannot be zipped up. Idera compresses as it backs up. Then Advisors Assistant zips the smaller file and encrypts it. The free version of SQLSafe does not encrypt. A help topic will be added on Idera in the next release.
  • Added SQL Server Type and Edition on the Help About screen.
  • The Pershing Download was not supporting Zip files. Zip file support has been added.
  • It was possible to add an intra-account transfer and leave $1 per share in the share price when it should not be there if you scrolled down the transaction types using the down arrow. Hole plugged.
  • Pershing and DAZL registration blocks shown in Advisors Assistant are now converted to proper case.
  • Combine Coverage Plans menu option moved to Admin Menu from Tools Menu since it affects the entire database and not just one producer’s clients.

This is a maintenance release with some new reports in the investment module.

  • Pressing Alt-O will now save the note content in the calendar. Previously, only clicking OK would save the content.
  • Fixed a typo in the message about recalculating values for accounts.
  • Select Report flex field entries now allow up to 30 characters.
  • Changed numeric flex fields to display with commas on View Screens
  • Changed First Clearing Download so that it would not import the symbol when the download was using a CUSIP because the First Clearing Download symbols were not always unique. Sometimes two CUSIPS would have the same symbol.
  • In the Investment Download Wizard, added a total line to the list of unassigned accounts to total the accounts.
  • In downloads (DST, DAZL, FCH) when the registration line contains DOB, we now search for a date and show it as the Date of Birth if the date is found on that line.
  • Outlook Calendar Import now looks at the Due Date instead of the Start Date when importing calendar items. Start date could be left blank in appointments.
  • When clicking on the Advisors Assistant button after highlighting an email in Outlook email list, you can now highlight more than one email and the button reports on each email in a separate form. The forms are stacked behind each other.
  • Added a verify dialog box for matching an incoming rep code (in a download) to an existing producer so that clicking on the wrong name gives users a chance to change their mind.
  • In investments, on the Initialize Values Screen, if an asset is set as fixed at $1 per share, the price button is disabled so that users cannot enter a price.
  • Investment transaction notes can now be pasted in from the Windows clipboard.
  • Fixed a problem where a downloaded name could overrun the extremely long name field.
  • Fixed some rate of return problems that occured when certain kinds of transaction scenarios occured.
  • Added Issued State to insurance screens to track where the policy was issued.
  • Added Issued State to Selection Reports.
  • Household reports are now unavailable when using Current Client Reports button. (Made no sense since the current client is only 1 person.)
  • Name lookup now stays on the same name when clicking on a column title to change the sort order of the list.
  • Limited Excel export of insurance fields to 256 fields to accomodate the limit in Excel 2003.
  • New names added via the Household screen now get the same producer assigned as the Head of Household.
  • Added 4 Investment Security Reports. Click on the Reports Icon on the Investment Sidebar menu to access these.
  • Fixed a problem so intra account transfers don’t affect account level additions / withdrawals.
  • Fixed a typo on the Investment Type list. Variable Universal Life is not spelled correctly.
  • Fixed an error that would occur in Combine Coverage Plans if the Finish Button was clicked prior to the final screen. You can’t do that now!
  • Expense transactions now affect Net Additions on the Client Level, not just the account level.
  • Fixed Assign Wizard error in downloads that sometimes occured when the registration was not available to assign.
  • Cost basis now calculates on intra-account transfers.
  • Fixed some transaction edit screen problems that could occur when manually editing intra-account transfers.

This was a maintenance release with a few minor features added.

  • When you cancel out of a note where you typed any edits into the note, Advisors Assistant will warn and ask you if you want to lose the edits.
  • Help videos are now stored on the Internet and accessed through an internet link. This reduces the size of the download for the updates. There may be a few seconds delay in the video starting while the media player fills its buffer.
  • Investment transaction screen now allows you to edit the cost basis per share for dividend reinvestments.
  • Moved the progress bars during the Investment Downloads onto the main download screen so it would not get trapped behind the screen.
  • Added an investment utility to remove unneeded investment positions. Any position that is linked to a reconcile is kept. Also end of month and the first and last positions are also kept. Not important to DST users, but some downloads send daily positions and they can build up and just take up space.
  • Stopped importing Spouse information from Outlook because there is not enough information to determine if the record already exists in Advisors Assistant.
  • Fixed a performance report problem which had to do with initial purchase transaction’s loads and fees not being considered at the account level, but only the asset level. Now accounted for on all levels.
  • Added Account Description on the View Investment Screen.
  • Month view of calendar was not always displaying correct number of weeks when there were 6 physical weeks in a month such as November 2008. Fixed.
  • When adding a spouse on the quick add screen, the producer for the client is now saved on the spouse record.
  • DST Vision Connection added. Right Click on the Account or Investment and look for DST Vision. Look Up DST Vision in the Help Index for more information.

In this list, we have started to report Investment Module changes that affect the sections of the module which have been released.

  • NOTE: The next release will access the help videos from our web server. The videos will no longer be stored and updated to your local computer. This will save lots of download time because the videos in the updates were causing the update file to get very large. If you do not have internet access on your station, we can provide the videos to view from a CD for our cost of shipping and CD Creation ($9.95).
  • When a user logs into Advisors Assistant and they are already logged in from another computer, the message given the user now includes the name of the other computer.
  • User profiles cannot be edited if the user is currently logged in. This was confusing the security model.
  • Outlook import now forces the user to assign a producer to the names being imported.
  • Added a red warning box when a user deletes a member from a household and asks that the name is also deleted from the database. YES must be typed into the warning box.
  • Added Drivers License, Spouse Drivers License, Spouse Tax ID, Client’s cell phone and Spouse cell phone to the Word export file.
  • Modified Advisors Assistant so that it will work with Quik! forms Version 6.
  • Fixed a problem in an insurance rider report where it was not including all the riders for insured based reports.
  • Fixed a problem for the Selection Report in the New Biz Tab. Upper and lower limit check boxes were not working correctly.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a completed task was deleted in the Calendar.
  • After an update, SQL rebuilds the index used for the Notes Search. User is now prevented from searching if the index is in the process of rebuilding. (Takes about 5 minutes.)
  • First Clearing Download now in Beta Testing.
  • DST Fan Mail download now released.
  • Fixed a price date problem when server was being accessed using Web Services and the server was in a different time zone than the user (by 6+ zones.)
  • Processing of the speed of processing DST Price files improved significantly. You may not notice unless you are downloading Nationwide.
  • Fixed a problem where New Search and Add To Search buttons would disappear under certain circumstances.
  • Enlarged the display for security names on the Modify Price Screen.
  • Added a feature so that changing the Basis Type on the Account Screen gives the user the option of updating the basis type for all assets in the account.
  • Adding an investment manually now requires the user to select a Basis Type.

This was a relatively minor release with a few fixes and enhancements.

  • New Phone Book Report added.
  • The Help selection on the Main Menu at the top of the screen now has a link that will take you to this page so that all users can see this list, not just the person performing the update.
  • If you try to sync with Outlook and Outlook is not running, a message comes up telling users exactly what to do.
  • Outlook import now forces the user to assign a producer to the names being imported.
  • When you first go into the Selection Reports screen, the focus is now on the Load button so that if you want to just run the exact same selection as you ran last time, just hit the Enter Key twice. The first enter will select Load and the second will select the previous criteria from the saved criteria.
  • Tax ID’s were sometimes showing the encription code instead of the actual Tax ID – Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with deleting completed events in the calendar.

Certain aspects of Investments are still being tested. When Investments are released to current V2.8 users we will start showing the Investment Module enhancements also. These only include CRM and Insurance.

  • Added new report, Insurance New Business Actions Pending II
  • Added new report, Policy Surrender Values Statement II
  • Added new report, Policy Summary By Insured
  • Added new Calendar Report, Events Detail By Day With Notes and Phones
  • Fixed a problem which did not show events on Sunday.
  • Adding a client or name from the Quick Add feature and you don’t choose a Primary Producer for the name, the system will remind you, but still let you save the name.
  • Added a reminder for any system administrator login to backup the database and check for updates. The user can choose when the next reminder happens, up to 7 days. (That’s a long time to go without a backup!)
  • If a System Admin person deletes a user role in the security section, any user assigned that role is removed from the user list.
  • Added the ability to run Advisors Assistant with a screen resolution of less than 1024 x 768, but you may get scroll bars.
  • The Security Task which gave permission to view all calendars was not working correctly. Fixed.
  • In the Calendar, adding a “With” name now defaults to the name currently being viewed when you click the + sign.
  • Insurance New Biz Reports: Changed the way the reports total the coverages.
  • Added the spell check to the phone log.
  • Added a Spell Check Button to notes so that you can check the spelling on an old note also.
  • Fixed a problem with adding addresses that exported to Outlook which were not Home or Business.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when you tried to import an XLS (Excel) file vs a CSV file. Previously the system tried to import it, but generated an error. Now a message pops up that tells the user that it is not the right format.
  • Added several additional language dictionaries for spell check, including Australian English, Canadian English, British English, Mexican Spanish, and French Canadian. To change from the default American English dictionary, click on Admin | System Preferences. Only an user with administrator rights can make the change and it is made system wide.
  • Fixed a problem with adding an abbreviation that had an apostrophe.
  • Fixed a problem with copying note text to a New Business Follow-up.

We did not get these tested for the last release and we wanted to get these two new features out to users, so this release interval was closer than usual.

  • Added Google Maps function. From any View Client Screen, right click on the address area (upper right quadrant of screen) and a browser window will open and the address will be passed to Google Maps. This assumes you have an internet connection and your region is on Google Maps.
  • Added spell checking functionality to Notes. Words not in the dictionary will be underlined in red. Just right click on the word. International dictionaries are being added for the next release and will include British English, Australian English, Canadian English, Spanish, and others.

This is a major release in preparation for Investment Downloads and will take longer to download the station files. Investment beta testing and download testing is being conducted, but investment module changes are not being listed here.

  • Changed the sorting and grouping of the Policy Surrender Values Statement so it sorts and groups by Insured instead of Owner.
  • Added new Insurance report called Annual Premium and Commissions
  • Added new Insurance report called Client Coverage New Business which is a landscape report that bolds any new biz actions not completed. Actions are listed Oldest first.
  • Added new Insurance report called Policy Values Statement which has riders listed in a column.
  • Made visual enhancements to Policy Surrender Values Statement, #20023.
  • Made visual enhancements to Insurance Reports 20009 and 20010.
  • Added Coverage effective Date below the Benefit on View Client With Insurance Report #9100.
  • Added Report for Avery Labels #5162
  • Added Report for Avery Labels #5160
  • Enhanced Mailing List Import to ignore dates of 1/1/1900 and to still import records even if the name data was incomplete.
  • In the Database Security Section, broke up “Outlook Sync” to “Outlook Import” and “Outlook Export” so that these tasks can be controlled separately. This means that you can give someone the ability to export from Outlook without the ability to Import if desired.
  • It was possible to get an error in the Laser App integration if several fields were very long and the total of the fields exceeded a default value in SQL Server. Fixed.
  • A Laser App timeout could sometimes occur starting Laser App from inside Advisors Assistant on slower computers. Increased the time for starting Laser App to 20 seconds from 10 seconds.
  • Outlook now archives the email sent when the email goes out of the Outbox rather than when the Sent button is clicked. If you do not send immediately, you should set your send time in Outlook to not longer than about 10 or 15 minutes because Microsoft places a limit of recognizing 16 separate emails. (One email to 20 people counts as one email.) If you send immediately, this will have no effect.
  • Fixed an error that occurred if you used an Outlook rule to forward emails to a distribution list if the email was also archived. Email was still archived, but an error in Outlook occurred.
  • Outlook was not importing business names when the contact name was left totally blank. It now imports the business name as an organization.
  • Added a System Preference (controlled by administrators) to provide better control of the Name Types created by Outlook Imports. You now have the option of limiting the new name types created in Advisors Assistant to “Client” or “Imported From Outlook” if the type of name is not already present. (See the Help on the System Preference Screen.)
  • Added a User Preference to the Morningstar Export combine accounts into one portfolio or export each account as a separate portfolio.
  • The message alert window that gradually fades away could cause an error on older video cards, reporting that not enough memory was available. Fixed so that the error will not show. (It still worked, just showed the report.)
  • Added a choice when updating the server to skip the backup. A warning comes up if you elect to skip the backup before updating.
  • Calendar events with ampersands in their descriptions were showing double ampersands on View Client With Events screen. Fixed.
  • Combine Names feature now merges note topics with exactly the same topic title into one topic. This will merge Archived Emails into one email archive.
  • When too many characters were in the phone number field an error would when trying to dial. Fixed. (This doesn’t mean you’ll get the right number dialed 🙂
  • In Outlook Real Time Export feature for calendar events, Outlook must be running. Advisors Assistant now checks the status of Outlook and warns the user if it is not running.
  • Removed the record keys from the export file. They were internal system keys and causing tech support questions.
  • Fixed a problem with Insurance New Biz reports filter not filtering the action correctly.
  • Widened the birthdate columns on Birthday reports so it does not cut off some of the date on double digit months and days.

This version had a few new reports and some fixes to reports.

  • Added Contract New Biz Report by Action
  • Fixed a problem with the Insurance Production Report.
  • Added new Insurance Production Report that shows 1st year commission splits.
  • When adding a Producer using the Quick Add feature, the name type now defaults to producer, saving the clicks to choose it.
  • Surrender value on insurance reports is now net of loans.
  • Rider cash values are now included in the coverage and policy net cash values on reports.
  • Fixed Insurance Report #20003 so that Modal Premium is not showing Annual Premium.
  • On View Client With Files, a vertical bar “|” in the file’s path will now not cause an error message.

This update addressed several suggestions from users.

  • Added Tax ID to the client report dataset. If the user does not have security rights to the Tax ID, they will just see x’s.
  • Added Tax ID to Word Merge file. If the user does not have security rights to the Tax ID, they will just get x’s exported.
  • Added a new column to View Client with Households for the Member Of perspective. Primary column now shows “Yes” if the household is the primary household. The Primary Household is the one that gets exported to reports.
  • Primary Household can be changed by Right Clicking on the Household.
  • On the Household Lookup Screen, changed the label to Last Name of Head Of Household for clarity.
  • Added a system preference to hide the messenger button on the view screens, effectively turning off the messenger function.
  • Fixed a problem with not exiting after cancelling a login to the program.
  • Beneficiaries’ addresses are now exported to Laser App.
  • Fixed a problem with importing mailing lists when the record in the import file was totally empty.
  • Changed mailing list import to except zip codes as numbers. Eg: 91345.0000
  • Changed mailing list import to skip phone numbers composed of all zeros Eg: (000) 000-0000.
  • Added a message to the server update suggesting that they perform updates outside of normal work hours.
  • Fixed a V2 to V6 calendar conversion problem having to do with events occurring every day of the week. If you stored such events, please check them.
  • Some new fields were added to calendar reports. We basically made several changes to the report data to give more flexibility in the reports.
  • When choosing a file for merging with Microsoft Word, both DOC and DOCX documents now show on the list. DOCX is the Office 2007 format.
  • Fixed a problem with Notes that occurred if you tried to add a new note just after deleting a Note Topic and didn’t first click on the Topic List.
  • Added a Household Perspective to the View Clients With Insurance
  • Changed the way old emails are processed so that the system picks up the email date of the old email.
  • When deleting a Note Topic that was being viewed, the screen now refreshes so you can’t try to add to the deleted topic.
  • Tax ID lookups now search without any formatted dashes so if you don’t know how it’s formatted, it does not matter.
  • You can now RIGHT click on the column headings of the lists on View Screens and hide columns by unchecking them. (This feature will eventually be expanded to be able to add columns.)

This version has several enhancements in the area of the Calendar, Insurance, and the interface with Application Automation partners.

  • Insurance Module Screens: View Policy with Riders and View Policy with New Biz added. (Contact New Business Report will be added in the next release.)
  • View Screen reports for Riders and New Business added.
  • Added new Coverage Relationship: Co-Beneficiary.
  • Month-at-a-glance report now shows items on the last day of the month for all times.
  • Added New Calendar reports.
  • When database is updated, the report favorites list was being lost. Fixed
  • Added Partner Exports Button to Sidebar so users could see which interfaces, such as QuiK! and Laser App and Morningstar are available.
  • Added MoneyTree interface.
  • Fixed a problem with Selection Reports loading a saved Flex Field criteria.
  • Changed and/or fixed the way some fields in the phone, address, and driver’s licenses were being sent to Quik! and Laser App.
  • Changed some programming so that the insurance module would never expire and deny access. Some users may need to re-register with the help of Tech Support. It is our policy that once a system is registered that it does not turn off to deny access. The Insurance Module had a bug in the way the registration was working. Fixed.
  • Laser App interface now loads all dependents and income into the Laser App ‘cast of characters.’
  • Outlook integration: Changed the way the business name is loaded so that it will accommodate different cases.
  • Added Insured/Annuitant to Application Information screen so that users can designate the way, and if, it is sent to the Application Programs.
  • Users can no longer set the preference for how long to wait between message checking. Very small settings were causing too much server interaction.

This was a quick end of year maintenance release.

  • Refined Household Lookup Screens.
  • View Policy With Riders screen was not displaying the coverage riders. Fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with combining names.

This release concentrated on addressing some suggestions by users in the area of the user interface.

  • Changed the focus of the buttons on the selection screen so that the Load Button is in focus on entry into the screen. If you load a saved search, the Search Button will be in focus. After the search, the Report Button is in focus. If you press Enter, the button in focus will execute without having to click the mouse.
  • Added the 64 bit SQL Server Native Client to the standard installation files for the server.
  • Added a new field to the Contact fields of the Basic Report Designer called SortName so that client lists could be sorted Last Name, First Name, Middle.
  • A message now comes up when a user tries to paste binary data, such as pictures, into the notes fields.
  • Deleting a name from a household or group streamlined and the option of deleting the name from both the household and the database was added.
  • When selecting a name from the database names list (Alt-Q) or the name drop down lists when editing other screens, the focus defaults to the name being viewed. This is useful in report filters.
  • Removed the hot key (Alt-P) for deleting Notes Topics. Users were confusing it with Alt + P key and it was causing problems.
  • Added a feature to combine coverage plans in the Insurance Module.

This release enhanced the ASCII Import and addressed user reported issues and suggestions with Outlook integration, plus some minor fixes usually under obscure circumstances.

  • Several changes and enhancements to ASCII Import.
  • If a notes search produces more than 1,000 results, a message now suggests adding to the filter to limit the number of hits. This is because that many notes is considered too many to list and/or read.
  • When you change the name of a producer in the main data area, the change is now made on the producer drop down list.
  • If no message was selected in the messaging system and the user clicked on the delete key, an error was created. It is now a message telling the user to select a message to delete.
  • Fixed a problem with changing the sort order of the list of members of a household under the Modify Household Members Tab.
  • If a user did not have rights to add or modify insurance, but tried to change an insurance flex field, they had problems exiting the screen when they got the message that they lacked the rights to change the screen. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to create a follow-up for an individual with a blank first name.
  • Fixed a problem with deleting names. Not all of the associated records were getting deleted.
  • Fixed a problem where names were deleted in Outlook or Advisors Assistant, but not both and then were resynced.
  • Made it easier to sync two users with the same Outlook file.
  • Fixed an error where an invalid value was entered for a modal premium and then the “Fill Down” button was clicked.

This release includes some new features, minor fixes, speed improvements needed when accessing very large databases (several gigabytes) over slow connections, and an additional communications method for internet access usable at the enterprise level.

  • Added file maintenance to the backup function. This is run automatically when you use the Advisors Assistant backup (run from the server). It recovers disk space, truncates log files, and reindexes the database.
  • Added web services access designed for enterprise level installations where using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not feasible.
  • Several speed improvements were made which will only be noticeable if data access is through an internet connection of under 200Kbps or database is several GB in size.
  • Improved Outlook Email Archiving to improve speed and consistency.
  • When deleting a user a new option was added so that the user’s calendar could be left intact as an Office calendar.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when a calendar name or a user’s name contained an ampersand.
  • Fixed a problem where changing a user’s name did not change the calendar name for that user.
  • Added a feature for changing the default colors of calendar events. Now the color change can be applied to past and future existing events at the user’s option.
  • Added new Laser App export feature so that multiple names and their data can be exported to the Laser App database off of the Selection Reports Export Menu.
  • You no longer have to export and re-enter Advisors Assistant to see the new user’s name when a user of Advisors Assistant’s name is changed.
  • Fixed a Quik Forms problem with blank Tax IDs and phone numbers.
  • Added the event time to each event in the Calendar’s month view.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when an apostrophe was located in the name of a household.

This is a maintenance release to fix any problems reported by users.

  • Added the ability to use both Laser App and Quik! Forms from the same station using Advisors Assistant. User sets a preference for which to use.
  • Report viewer now comes up at 100% vs showing the entire page.
  • When a name is deleted in Advisors Assistant and that name has events in Outlook, the next sync with Outlook will now delete those events.
  • Added a progress bar indicator to the Outlook email look back feature that runs from the Outlook Tools | Advisors Assistant Menu.
  • Advisors Assistant Messenger now defaults to newest on top.
  • Fixed some obscure Outlook sync problems.
  • Calendar names with ampersands now show the ampersand.
  • Changing a user’s name now changes the user’s name for the calendar as well.
  • Made the phone log screen larger.

This version includes some enhancements suggested by users and some fixes.

  • Phone numbers were not appearing correctly on calendar reports.
  • Added an additional calendar report with up to 5 phone numbers of the client.
  • The same user can now log into the system only once on a network version. To log in as the same user on a second computer, the user will need to log out of the other station.
  • When adding a producer to the producer list, the database lookup now shows the name of the producer you are looking up.
  • Added an Advisors Assistant Menu to the Outlook Tools Menu. This is the new way of initiating the lookback feature for archiving. The system will look back the number of days designated in the Outlook preferences to pick up any archiving needed for emails that arrived or were sent while not connected to Advisors Assistant.
  • Speeded up the Outlook archiving during the normal send/receive process because the lookback feature only looks back from the Tools Menu (see above.)
  • Added a new calendar setup feature so administrators can require users to always associate appointments with a name in the database. The setup preference is “Appointments Must Have With-Names.”
  • Fixed an error when importing very long email addresses from Outlook.
  • Birthdates and Anniversaries could duplicate in Outlook and Advisors Assistant’s calendar because of the way Outlook creates reminders for them. This would happen if the Outlook sync was done by two different users into the same calendar. Birthday and Anniversary reminders are no longer imported back into Advisors Assistant.
  • Follow-up dates on View Screens and View Screen Reports were showing the original date rather than the rolled over date. Fixed.
  • Added a third street address line to the Outlook sync.
  • Added Coverage Benefit to Insurance Underwriting Report.
  • Added a new Insurance Underwriting Report which only contains the insurance new business items. Removed the insurance new business items from the contact underwriting report.
  • Fixed a problem with appointments not popping up.
  • Event popup preference now works.

This version included several enhancements, some planned and some requested by users, plus some fixes found by us and reported by users.

  • Enhanced sort orders on 11 Insurance reports.
  • Added “Widowed” to the Marital Status drop down list..
  • Added default task and appointment colors to the calendar as lighter colors so they would show up better on the monthly report with a black and white printer.
  • Expanded the Plan Lookup List by adding Coverage Type Abbreviation and Description.
  • Added Producer Perspective to View Client With Insurance Screen.
  • Added Producer Perspective View Screen Report to View Client With Insurance Screen.
  • Added integration with Quik! Forms.
  • Added Update w / Save Option to the station update to accommodate those routers which seemed to incompatible with the .NET download method being used. There are now two options for updating stations. One of them allows the install file to be saved and used by other stations.
  • Added Insurance Policy Subtype to all policy class screens. Previously it was only on Life and Annuity screens.
  • Messages that display during the server update show more detail.
  • Fixed Outlook integration problems and archiving emails with Microsoft Exchange Server, including some fields where long organization names were causing problems.
  • Improved the duplicate detection in Outlook Synchronization when the names are exactly the same and some of the other data used to detect duplicates does not exist.
  • Fixed a calendar repeating events problem where events were repeating incorrectly for requests such as the Second Wednesday of each month.
  • Fixed all (3) reported Selection Report search problems.
  • Fixed a display problem which occurred when the head of household had no primary name type.
  • Fixed a problem with Search All Notes which occurred if a date range was included with a word or phrase search.

This version concentrated on fine tuning the installation process based on feedback from tech support. Additional work was done on Outlook sync and email archiving.

  • Added labels to Advisors Assistant button in Outlook so it would report what function was being performed (checking email, archiving, etc.)
  • Added ability to detect the presence of SQL Server 2000 on computer when installing the Red CD.
  • Fixed a problem exporting to Outlook when there was an apostrophe in the name.
  • Fixed a problem with non-administrators inability to view other calendars when adding a task to those calendars even when they had view rights for those calendars.
  • Added Outlook Integration to the Release
  • Added 2 Insurance Production Reports which show annualized 1st year commissions.
  • This is the release version for Contact Management and Insurance. Refinements are still being made to the Outlook Integration, so that module is delayed slightly.
  • Introduction of Beta3. This is planned to be a short beta to test the internet update procedures and many new group insurance features.
  • Installation routine changed to InstallShield, so Beta2 Advisors Assistant should be uninstalled with the help of our tech support.
  • Group master policies can be easily “pushed” out to group participants under the Group/Household tab. Before release there will be a video demonstrating this feature.
  • Changes to group master policies can be selectively copied to all participants’ policies on a field by field basis.
  • Fixes and tweaks made based on feedback from Beta2

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