Guest Speaker Webinars

Advisors Assistant Holdings periodically holds special webinars by experts in Practice Management, Sales & Marketing, and Website Design & Content.

These webinars are for Advisors Assistant users to say “Thank You” for making Advisors Assistant such a huge success!

Workflow Fact and Fiction: The Truth Behind the Industry Buzz about Workflows

Presented by Deborah Fox –

Webinar #1: Workflow Fact and Fiction: The Truth Behind the Industry Buzz about Workflows

Recently there has been a lot of “buzz” about how advisors should use workflows in their business to work more efficiently. The problem is there are multiple opinions of what workflows actually are and how they should be used. The first webinar will “separate the wheat from the chaff” by educating you about what a useful workflow is and is not so you can differentiate what options are being made available in the marketplace. You will learn how a properly crafted set of workflows can keep you organized, greatly reduce the time to complete daily tasks and create a smooth pathway for the delivery of your client services.

Webinar #2: Using Workflow Capabilities in Advisors Assistant to Automate & Track Daily Tasks & Reduce Work Time by 30%

Discover how to effectively incorporate a workflow system into your workday and avoid common mishaps. During this webinar you’ll be provided with best practice ideas on how to use Advisors Assistant as the hub of your practice, from which all client information and activities emanate. Shannon Dempsey from Advisors Assistant Holdings will provide a live demonstration of how to build a useful workflow directly in Advisors Assistant so you can automate and reduce the time it takes to complete your daily tasks.

Grow Your Practice and Your Profits with Technology

Presented by Dr. David L. Lawrence, RFC®, AIF®

Dr. David L. Lawrence, RFC®, AIF®, is President of, a practice consulting firm based in San Diego, CA. Dr. Lawrence has more than 26 years of experience as a financial planner, consultant, public speaker and writer. He has been recognized by numerous organizations for his efforts, including The Internal Revenue Service, the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Agencies, The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, The Financial Planning Association and the United Way. He is a frequent on-air commentator on financial topics with local Fox and NBC Television affiliates. And, Dr. Lawrence currently writes a monthly column for Financial Advisor Magazine.

Grow Your Practice and Your Profits with Technology

Many financial advisors began as one-person shops and grew into larger, more complex practices. With this growth, efficiency of operations has become a major concern. Competing with larger firms is more difficult with profit margins shrinking and clients demanding more services from their advisors.

This webinar reviews methodologies for improving the efficiency of practice operations through a review of technology and systems that can vastly improve operational efficiency and substantially increase net profit without sacrificing quality. This session contains many ideas and suggestions on the use of the latest, cutting-edge technology to supercharge your practice and your profits.

The Accidental Blunders That Keep People From Trusting Your Website – And What To Do About It – September 19

Presented by Michael Lovas

During the Webinar Mike refers to a 15 Point Marketing Analysis Guide you can use to help grade your own website.

The Accidental Blunders That Keep People From Trusting Your Website – And What To Do About It – September 19

The Father of Credibility Marketing, Michael Lovas, is an Expert at using psychology to improve sales and marketing in the financial services industry.

Mike became fascinated by motivation and decision making while serving in the Marine Corps in the 1960’s. He is widely known as the “Father of Credibility Marketing” since he introduced the concept in 1991. Michael uses psychological skills to make good things happen for advisors, and he helps advisors implement best practices from Neuro Science. He also has a deep background in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

An entertaining trainer and coach, Mike has co-authored twelve books, dozens of white papers, and more than 1000 articles. Mike specializes in the psychology of communication and credibility in the financial industry because these are at the heart of why people make the decision to trust you.

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