Workflow Library

We’ve had many Advisors Assistant Users ask us for a place to share workflows with other Users, so we’ve developed the Workflow Library. We need your help to build the Library and for it to become a valuable resource, so please send us your workflows!

To learn more about how to use the Workflow Module in Advisors Assistant, you can watch a Workflow Webinar Recording from the Guest Speaker Library or the bottom of this Workflow Library page.

How To Download A Workflow from the Workflow Library

You must have Security Rights to Import Master Workflows to perform this function.

  1. Click on the name of the Master Workflow from the Workflow Library below.
  2. SAVE the file to your computer. We recommend you save the file to your desktop, but you must remember the location to which you saved the file.
  3. Once the file has finished downloading to your computer, open Advisors Assistant.
  4. Go to Tools| Workflow | Maintain Workflow Masters or Admin | Workflow | Maintain Workflow Masters.
  5. Click on the Import Button.
  6. Browse to the location to which you saved the ZIP file you downloaded from the Library and highlight it. Click Open.
  7. Advisors Assistant will import the Workflow and it will appear on your list of Master Workflows.
  8. You can now edit the workflow as much as you wish. You can add or remove steps, change the Duration and Wait Days, add Instructions, etc.

How To Share A Workflow You Created

You must have Security Rights to Export Master Workflows to perform this function.

  1. Open Advisors Assistant.
  2. Go to Tools| Workflow | Maintain Workflow Masters or Admin | Workflow | Maintain Workflow Masters.
  3. Highlight the Master Workflow you wish to share, and click the Export Button.
  4. Select a folder to which you’ll export the file. Make sure you remember the folder to which you exported the file. Keep the same name and default file type (AAWF) that Advisors Assistant chose. Click the Save Button.
  5. Email the Master Workflow to with a subject of “Master Workflow to Share”. We’ll be happy to post it in our Workflow Library to share with other Advisors Assistant users, using your first initial, last name, and location in the “Developed By” column to give you credit. We’re looking forward to receiving workflows so we can build our library!

Workflow Webinar Recording: How to set up workflows in Advisors Assistant

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Prospective Client Preparation

This Workflow was provided compliments of Fox Financial Planning Networks,

  1. Enter prospect into Advisors Assistant
  2. Set up appointment for the prequalification phone call
  3. Appointment reminder for prospect
  4. Prequalification phone call
  5. Update Advisors Assistant with notes from call
  6. Set appointment for initial meeting
  7. Create prospective client folder
  8. Email prospect with list of documents to provide
  9. Confirm that documents have been collected
  10. Review prospect’s financial information
  11. Run financial analysis for the initial meeting
  12. Create documents for initial meeting
  13. Send prospect a meeting reminder
  14. Enter meeting notes & follow-up

The instructions within the workflow indicate if the step should be assigned to a producer or an administrative staff member.


Sales Pipeline
  1. Qualify
  2. Initial Mtg
  3. Preparation
  4. Schedule Mtg
  5. Presentation
  6. Follow-up
  7. Get Sale
  8. Delivery
  9. Completion


Telemarketing - Managing A Leads List

This workflow would be added to a staff person in your office who is managing a new list of leads.

  1. Import List Into Database
  2. Research Leads
  3. Suspect Call
  4. Setup Call With Suspect
  5. Send Confirmation Email
  6. Prep For New Prospect Call
  7. Call With Prospect
  8. Follow-up To Appointment Call


Onboarding For New Clients
  1. Open Account
  2. Welcome Letter/Kit
  3. Setup “How Are They Doing” Meeting Task
  4. Setup Recommitment Meeting Task
  5. Appreciation Gift
  6. Service Associate Welcome Email
  7. Status Email
  8. Service Commitment Meeting
  9. First Statement Call
  10. Notify Client of Web Access Details
  11. Centers of Influence and Cost Basis Mtg
  12. Newsletter
  13. New Client Welcome Reception
  14. Re-Commitment Meeting
  15. Integrate Into Regular Service [Select Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Workflow found in the next section]


Onboarding For New Clients - Levels

These workflows go with the “Onboarding For New Clients” workflow above. In Step #15 you assisgn the client a level and start a new workflow according to that level.

Each workflow has similar steps, but with slight variations on how many times you’ll contact the clients each year based on their level.

  1. Annual Review of Financial Plan
  2. Quarterly Review Meeting {this step only appears in Platinum and Gold levels}
  3. Newsletter Group
  4. Weekly Market Updates
  5. Additional Communications {how many will depend on client level}





Annual Client Review


  1. Setup Annual Review Meeting
  2. Send Confirmation Email
  3. Update Client Information & Create Consolidated Statement
  4. Meet with Client
  5. Send Out New Paperwork
  6. Follow-up Call
  7. Receive and Review Paperwork
  8. Scan paperwork Into Client Record
  9. Forward Paperwork to Custodian or TAMP
  10. Look For Approvals and Account Setup
  11. Send Out Confirmation Email


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