Insurance Commission Tracking

Make sure you’re getting paid correctly!

  • Automatically calculate first year and renewal commissions
  • Split commissions between up to 4 producers
  • Track overrides, fixed payments, annualized commissions, and more
  • Post and update commission transactions
  • Print commission reports, including Producer and Manager Statements, Agency Distributions, and Graphs

Calculating Insurance Commissions with Advisors Assistant – 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Setting up Commission Rate Tables
  • Utilizing Default Rate Tables
  • Exploring the connection between the policy record and commissions
  • Calculating Commission Transactions for any date range
  • Tracking group commissions for companies that pay by number of members
  • Posting Commissions
  • Creating Remainder Transactions when the company still owes money
  • Adjusting commissions due and modal premiums
  • Printing Commission Reports including Transmittal Statements

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