Contact Management (CRM) Webinars

Start with the basics of using Advisors Assistant, and learn how to:

  • Track clients, prospects, producers, groups, mailing lists, and more!
  • Search your data to look for new sales opportunities among both clients and prospects.
  • Use Advisors Assistant to build client rapport.
  • Target Markets with Advisors Assistant.
  • Use the Calendar to schedule appointments, review dates, and follow-ups
  • Print letters, envelopes, and labels using Advisors Assistant’s direct connection to Microsoft Word.
  • Generate reports for client meetings.
  • Log letters and phone calls with follow-ups and store the text of the letter in Advisors Assistant.
  • Customize Advisors Assistant Flex Fields and other areas that will make the program work like it was written just for you.

Getting Started With Advisors Assistant – 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Navigating through the Advisors Assistant ClearView Screens
  • Adding Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers
  • Using FlexFields to customize Advisors Assistant
  • Adding Email & Web Site Addresses
  • Adding Notes & Follow-Up Dates
  • Using the Advisors Assistant Calendar

How To Increase Sales With Advisors Assistant – 1 hour

  • Using Markets to increase the power of Advisors Assistant for marketing purposes
  • Linking names together to track referrals and centers of influence
  • Designing Workflows to move prospects through the Sales Pipeline
  • Searching your database for new sales opportunities with Selection Reports
  • Customizing the Dashboard to increase client service

Marketing Made Easy With Advisors Assistant – 1 hour

  • Easily implement marketing campaigns right from your office by utilizing the mailmerge features of Microsoft Word to send a single letter or email, or a mass mailing or broadcast email
  • Setup your Advisors Assistant Database to only send one letter to a household with multiple clients

Advisors Assistant 6/7 New Features Overview – 1 hour

This webinar explores some key differences between earlier versions of Advisors Assistant and the new Advisors Assistant 6/7. It is designed for people updating from an earlier version.

View a previously recorded Webinar. This webinar references Version 6, but it all applies to Version 7 also.

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