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There are many ways to fit Advisors Assistant into your firm’s overall technology package, improving service and onboarding in the process.  One of those is by using our enterprise-grade integration tools, either through one of our third party partners or by working with your own IT team to create a custom connection.  Advisors Assistant provides a RESTful API which allows web sites and other programs to communicate with Advisors Assistant’s web hosted databases.

Here are some of the things you can do with Advisors Assistant’s API:

  • Insert information into your Advisors Assistant database from forms on your web site. If a prospective client fills in information on your web site, you won’t have to re-enter the information into your database.
    • Your web programmer can use the Advisors Assistant API directly using their favorite program tools.
    • In addition to reducing data entry, the API can automatically create a workflow of your choice and place a task in a user’s calendar as a result of the form being submitted on your web site.
  • Get data from Advisors Assistant for use in other programs.
  • Put data into Advisors Assistant from other programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the API Safe and Secure?

Yes.  The Advisors Assistant REST API uses the commonly used OAuth2 and maintains its own authorization server.  OAuth2 is supported by companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

In addition to the standard OAuth2 security, which identifies and authenticates the user, Advisors Assistant’s API supports both “signing” and encryption to add two additional layers of security.  Signing assures that there have been no changes to the data sent or received.  It assures that the data is not tampered with.

Encryption assures that the data cannot be by a read by any third party.  Both of these options are optional to the user.  Advisors Assistant supports both symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

In addition to the features above, SSL is also used to encrypt the data stream.

Do I have to hire a programmer?

Normally, the company that provides your web site support will have the expertise to connect your site to Advisors Assistant using our API.

What information is supported by the API?

The fields supported by the API is being expanded as fields are needed.  Currently the API provides access to:

  • Contact Information
  • Notes
  • Advisor Information
  • Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Email Information
  • Investment Securities
  • Investment Accounts
  • Investment Assets.

How do I get started?

Learn more and get started here!

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