#88: Tips On Our Latest Update

The most recent release of the Advisors Assistant Workstation is now in the hands of every Web Hosted user and in the process of being introduced to our Computer Based users. The most obvious change is simply visual, as we subtly updated quite a bit of the user interface to improve its appearance on modern displays and improve overall readability. However, we also introduced quite a few fixes and new features. As always, we publish a changelog for public releases, however it’s worth focusing a QuikTip on some of the more important features.

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#87: View Investment With History

Advisors Assistant offers a variety of portfolio tracking features in our optional Investment Module. One of these more detailed options is View Investment With History.

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#86: Create A Mail Merge From Notes Search

Since its introduction, the Search All Notes tool has become one of our more popular features. By searching for particular keywords or phrases within their note, users leverage it to surface all manner of interesting groups from their client data. We regularly get requests about creative ways to uses these searches to generate mail merges, create custom exports, or manage groups of contacts.

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#85: Screen Scaling & Size

As we all continue to use more screens with larger displays and novel new aspect ratios, some of Advisors Assistant’s simpler features have become increasingly important. The Advisors Assistant workstation resizes like other Windows applications and has the ability to arrange data panes within its workspace. This gives you greater flexibility in displaying your data and comes with some extra controls, as well.

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#83: Annuity Tab

Did you know that Advisors Assistant now has an Annuity Tab where you can list all of your Annuities separately on one View Screen? The View Client with Annuities Screen combines Annuity products from both the Insurance and Investment Modules all on one View Screen....
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