Google Apps Is Now G-Suite

Oct 13, 2016Articles

Earlier this year, Advisors Assistant version 8 introduced a comprehensive integration with Google Apps for Work. This helps our clients mesh Advisors Assistant with Google’s enterprise email, calendar, task management, and office efficiency applications. Especially helpful in coordinating our system with the world-class mobile device synchronization and security infrastructure offered by Google, Apps integration has been one of the most requested features for financial industry CRMs.

Today that integration has been modified, sort of, because Google changed the name of their “Apps for Work” service to “G-Suite”. If you’re interested you can read more at their blog, but let it suffice to say they do this sort of rebranding quite a bit. We’ll be updating our various help files and screens to reflect the new name, but the integration itself remains the same. Advisors Assistant works great with Google’s services, no matter what they decide to call them.

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