AAMobile Device List

Nov 21, 2017

AAMobile is an HTML5 web application, usable on essentially any modern internet-enabled device.  (And quite a few that aren’t so modern…)  It does not require installation from any sort of app store and does not store data on the device where it is accessed, helping it meet a variety of security requirements.

The most important factor in whether a device will work well for AAMobile is the web browsers it supports.  We make certain AAMobile works well with Google’s Chrome (Android Phones, Android Tablets, Chromebooks), Apple’s Safari (iPhones, iPads, Macs), Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (for older Windows devices), and Microsoft Edge. (For Windows 10)  We don’t explicitly test on other browsers, such as Firefox or Vivaldi, but we expect AAMobile to work well on any browser that supports current HTML standards.  At most, it will look differently as the styling falls back  to older, simpler standards.

AAMobile will operate slightly differently based on the general type of device used to access it, but the main difference will be the screen layout.  Based on the size of the viewport (i.e. the screen resolution or window size), AAMobile will respond by changing how much content is displayed and how the menu appears.  This Mobile Responsive design technique is a common way to ensure usability across devices.  You can see it in action when manually you resize a browser window, as in the image below.



Devices known to work well with AAMobile include Windows PC/Notebooks, Surface devices or similar Windows tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android Phones, Macs and Macbooks, Chromebooks, Blackberries, Tizen phones, Linux PCs/Notebooks, web-enabled kitchen appliances, Teslas, and even VR headsets.  You really can use it everywhere… though some uses might be less awkward than others!




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