AAMobile Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 20, 2017

What is AAMobile?

AAMobile is an alternate way to access your client database without needing to install the classic Advisors Assistant workstation.  It is a streamlined web app available on any modern, web-capable device.


Who can use AAMobile?

With our new Everywhere update, AAMobile is being made available to every user of an Advisors Assistant Web Hosted System database.  The update is being rolled out throughout February and March.  Database administrators may disallow the use of AAMobile through the User Roles.


Can AAMobile replace the Advisors Assistant Workstation?

For some users, yes.  AAMobile offers a streamlined way to access client data, update demographic information, create notes and calendar events, and generate basic reports.  It can’t be used to update investments or insurance accounts, perform mail merges, or administer database settings… yet.  The table below lays out some of the key differences.


FEATURE AA Workstation AA Mobile
Database Version On-Premises & Web-Hosted Web-Hosted
Operating System Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Everywhere
Contact Records Read/Write/Edit Read/Write/Edit
Notes Read/Write/Edit Read/Write/Edit
Calendar Read/Write/Edit Read/Write/Edit
Investment Module Read/Write/Edit Read Only
Insurance Module Read/Write/Edit Read Only
Search & Query Full Limited
Report Selection Full Limited
File Access Full Details Only
ReadyDoc Access Full Full
Workflow Full Events Only
Commissions Module Full Not Available
System Administration Full Not Available
Word & E-mail Merge Full Not Available
Email Sync Control Full Not Available


Can I view my calendar on AAMobile?

Absolutely!  AAMobile allows users to access their own calendar or the calendars of any other user they have the rights to view.  Calendar event access is Read/Write/Edit.  Full calendar reports are not yet available, however.


How much does AAMobile cost?

With the Everywhere Update, AAMobile is available to all Advisors Assistant Web Hosted System users without extra cost.


Is AAMobile new? 

Yes and No.  AAMobile has been available as an optional feature on Web Hosted databases for several years, so it’s not a new application.  However, AAMobile is updated more often than the Workstation and new features are added constantly.  The Everywhere Update is just an example of this.


What is the Everywhere Update?

We recently updated the way Advisors Assistant works with AAMobile so that all users added to the database will be able to access AAMobile on any device, automatically.  This “Unlocks” AAMobile from device restrictions and manual per user registration, making it easier to use and more reliable.  Before receiving this update, AAMobile was registered to specific devices and users had to pay more to use it on multiple devices.  (both phone & tablet, for instance)


What devices can run AAMobile?

Pretty much all of them!  Any web-enabled device from iPhones to Android tablets to MacBooks to your typical Windows laptop will run AAMobile.  You only need to have an up-to-date web browser and a secure internet connection.  It is designed to work well in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers.


What size of screen is AAMobile optimized for?

Almost any size.  AAMobile is built in the “Mobile Responsive” style that allows it to automatically adapt its layout for different screen or window sizes.  The same app can be used on phones or widescreen monitors.


What’s up with my “Invitation Email”?

Users who haven’t upgraded to the Everywhere Update use a special invitation code to “Lock” their AAMobile access to a unique device.  Changing this device lock requires opening the email on the new device to transfer the assignment.  Losing this email could mean calling Support.  It’s a hassle and removing this was our most common request!

Users of the Everywhere Update still get an invitation email, but the only important thing on it is your unique URL shortcut and the Subscriber ID for your private cloud.  Everywhere Update users are not locked to specific devices.


How do I access AAMobile? 

AAMobile is a web application, accessed through your web browser.  You may access it through the custom URL specific to your Advisors Assistant database, or go to the app’s homepage and enter your Subscriber ID.


What is the Subscriber ID?

Your subscriber ID is a short string of characters that identifies the private cloud running your Advisors Assistant database.  It is part of the credentials used by Tech Support to connect your desktop workstation to your database and it is part of the unique URL you use to access AAMobile.  You can also type it into the generic AAMobile login page along with your username/password.


Is AAMobile only for phones or tablets?

No.  AAMobile is designed to detect when it is running on a mobile device so it can adapt to touch controls and screen size, but it also has settings for running on laptops.  It is designed to work EVERYWHERE.


Does AAMobile store client data on my phone or tablet?

No.  Like the workstation, AAMobile is designed to efficiently and securely access data through the web without storing it on the device.


What sort of internet connection do I need for AAMobile?

As with all Web Hosted databases, AAMobile requires internet access.  However, it is designed to operate on a broad range of connections. Despite being a pure web app, AAMobile uses data more efficiently and can perform well with less bandwidth.  It will work well with any 4G mobile connection and run a bit slowly on 3G.  It will run very well with a 1.5gb down connection to your home or business, and will run a bit slowly down to 750mb down.  AAMobile is not as sensitive to upload speeds, partially because it doesn’t support some of the bandwidth intensive functions of the Workstation.

Does AAMobile synchronize/archive email?

The Advisors Assistant Workstation is required to sync email from Outlook or trigger sync from Exchange, Office 365, or Google.


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