AAMobile Search Options

Nov 20, 2017

Starting with the Everywhere Update, AAMobile offers faster search by either contact Name or Phone Number.  These options can be accessed from the magnifying glass icon on every name record or by using a hotkey.  (ALT+Q for Name Search, ALT+P for Phone Search)  On the search page you can switch between Name and Phone Number search using the toggle to the left of the Search box.



AAMobile search begins to automatically filter for results once you go type at least 4 characters.  You may force a name search with less than 4 characters by selecting the SUBMIT button, but very large databases may return too many results.  Name searches should be entered as LAST [SPACE] FIRST.  Punctuation in the actual name may be included, but commas between Last and First Name should be omitted.  Phone searches should be entered without spaces, parenthesis, or dashes.

Search is one of the more common features used with voice recognition.  The way AAMobile automatically filters for results when at least 4 characters are entered is designed to work well with voice recognition systems, such as those accessed using the microphone icon in virtual keyboards on iPhones/iPads, Android devices, and Windows 10.  Speaking to these keyboards will trigger autosearch as you refine the results.


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