Price & Index Uploader: File Format

Oct 27, 2017

The Price & Index updated uses a simple .CSV file to obtain pricing information. You can see the format below, as viewed in Excel 2016. The default format matches how price files are offered by many vendors, but any spreadsheet with these heading/columns will work.

The file must have at least these headers, but it may have additional columns without causing problems. Only the data used in the yellow highlighted fields are really important, as the Advisors Assistant Investment Module uses End Of Day data for its market prices or index values. The data in other columns is ignored.  The utilized columns are vital to update your data. The first column, Symbol, is equivalent to the Download Symbol in your list of Advisors Assistant indexes. Date is the value for the end of day price for the index, organized in a standard Month-Day-Year format.

If you utilize a download source that provides files without the header row, you must add the appropriate headings before Advisors Assistant will be able to use the file. There are several ways to do this, including simply typing them in.

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