Web Hosted System vs Computer Based System

May 18, 2018

Advisors Assistant is available in two versions: A Web Hosted System that stores your database on a private cloud or a Local, Computer Based System that stores its database on your own server or PC.


What is the Advisors Assistant Web Hosted System?

The Web Hosted System is the most common way to use Advisors Assistant.  It places your database in a Private Cloud so you can experience the best aspects of a web application and locally installed software.  Web Hosted users can access their CRM and account data through our Windows Workstation or through the streamlined AAMobile web application.  The Web Hosted system offers more flexible, concurrent licensing so you only have to pay for the maximum number of users who can access your database at any one time – not for every user ID or installation of the workstation.  Web Hosted users don’t have to worry about backups or server security – we take care of it all.


What is the Advisors Assistant Local, Computer Based System?

The Computer Based System is a legacy method for licensing Advisors Assistant.  Local users license the software and database for installation on their own server or PC, storing all the data on their own local network.  It gives users complete control of their data, but also requires more responsibility for security and backup.  Local installation requires a license for each PC used to access the system and does not offer access to the AAMobile web application.  The Local version of Advisors Assistant does work with third party VPNs or other tools for remote access, but isn’t web-enabled on its own.


How do the Web and Local versions Compare?

The table below summarizes some of the differences.

Advisors Assistant Version Web Hosted System Computer Based System
Licensing Also Known As Private Cloud, Web Based  Local, On-Premises
Type of User License Per Computer  Concurrent Usage
How Many Users Can You Register? 1 Per License  As Many As You Want
Access Access via Advisors Assistant Workstation? YES  YES
Install Workstation Anywhere? YES  1 PC per License
Access via AAMobile Web Application? YES  NO
Access on all Operating Systems NO – Windows Only  YES – Workstation On Windows, AAMobile Everywhere
Data Where Is Your Data? On Your PC or Server  On A Secure, Private Cloud
Who Manages Security? You Do We Do
Who Handles Backup? You Do We Do (You can get a copy!)



What is concurrent user licensing?

The Advisors Assistant Web Hosted System offers concurrent user licensing, a more flexible way to access your database.  With concurrent licensing, you can create as many user IDs and install as many workstations as you’d like.  Your users are only limited by the maximum number of concurrent users in your database.  It is a great way to make certain your users can access through multiple PCs and supports offices with part time staff.  Concurrent licensing is common in consumer web products such as Hulu or Netflix.


What optional Modules are available with each system?

All Advisors Assistant Modules (Investment, Insurance, Insurance Commission, Data Downloads, and ReadyDoc) are available with both the Web Hosted System and Local, Computer Based System.  ReadyDoc is always web enabled, regardless of your Advisors Assistant version.


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