Advisors Assistant Web Hosted Connection Setup Instructions

Oct 12, 2017AA-Workstation

The Web Hosted Advisors Assistant requires the installation of the Station Program that acts as a secure encrypted portal to your database on our web server.  This is considered the most secure method of accessing a web hosted database.

Below is a short video stepping through the Station Program installation and connection process. Once you’ve watched the video, you’ll see how easy we’ve made the process of connecting your Advisors Assistant shortcut to your database.

You will need your Web Setup email handy and your User ID and Password. If you are a new user, that information is contained in the setup email. If you are a new employee installing for the first time, please check with your employer or System Administrator in your office for your login credentials.

Remember you’re always welcome to call Technical Support at 800.643.4488 or send an email to

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