Advisors Assistant Announces MacroRisk Integration

Sep 29, 2015News

This new interface between Advisors Assistant and MacroRisk Analytics – the premier management platform for advisors – will allow advisors to easily transfer their client accounts from their Advisors Assistant database to MacroRisk Analytics.

Advisors Assistant Holdings, Inc., parent company of Advisors Assistant®, is pleased to announce a new integration with MacroRisk Analytics. With this new interface between Advisors Assistant and MacroRisk Analytics, advisors will be able to transfer the client accounts they have in their Advisors Assistant database over to MacroRisk Analytics.

MacroRisk Analytics is the premier risk management platform for financial professionals, designed for long term investors. Their proprietary tools and measures allow advisors to reduce risk to their client’s portfolios by diversifying across the entire economy, or take advantage of the current economy for superior investment returns.

“This is an important integration,” says Pat Dempsey, CEO of Advisors Assistant Holdings, Inc. “The Advisors Assistant partnership with MacroRisk Analytics is a win / win situation for our users. We think combining Advisors Assistant’s CRM with MacroRisk Analytics offers an advisor the opportunity to analyze their client’s accounts by easily exporting them from Advisors Assistant to MacroRisk Analytics, a cutting-edge investment platform. They assist advisors in the identification and proactive management of macroeconomic risk in Client’s portfolios. We are very excited about this integration.”

“Integration with the Advisors Assistant Portfolio Management System is an important addition to our list of strategic relationships. Advisors can send portfolios from Advisors Assistant to the MacroRisk platform with just a few mouse clicks. The integration is seamless,” remarks Mike Phillips, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Scientist of MacroRisk Analytics.

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