How Much Client Contact is Enough?

Dec 9, 2015News

Are You Contacting Your Clients Enough?

You’ve seen many articles about the need to stay in touch with your clients on a regular basis.

You know your clients want to hear from you, but there are several theories about just how often you need to contact them.

  • One article said to contact clients at least monthly
  • Another article said to contact them about 18 times each year
  • And yet another article said affluent clients expect contact 27 times each year

This seems like an overwhelming task – but Advisors Assistant makes it easy!

Advisors Assistant has seamless integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook which make communicating with clients and prospects a snap and takes just a few clicks. It takes only a few minutes to send one email or letter, or to send a mass email or letters.

With Advisors Assistant You Can:

  • Get a letter or email out quickly with important news to show your clients you’re on top of things
  • Easily schedule quarterly or annual reviews
  • Segregate clients and prospects into different categories – A, B, C
  • Categorize clients to get different newsletters
  • Track interests and hobbies so you’ll have reasons to contact them more often. Send articles or emails about the Boat
  • Show or great camping grounds or their favorite sports team. Once you know their interests, you’ll have all kinds of opportunities to stay in touch.
  • Keep track of spouse and children’s interests so you can send information about the Little League game or soccer team
  • Stay in touch on a regular basis to keep clients from straying to other advisors

You’re the only one who can decide how often you should contact your clients – but Advisors Assistant makes it easy to stay in touch and to show your clients that you care.

With Our Free 800 Line Telephone Support and Free Training Webinars we’ll have you up and running in no time. And with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee you have Nothing to Lose.

Choose either our Web-Based or our Computer-Based Program

Put Advisors Assistant to work NOW and watch your business Grow and Prosper!

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