How Quickly Can You Contact Nervous Clients?

Sep 29, 2015News

Can You Quickly Contact Your Clients to Reassure Them When There’s Disconcerting News?

When current events or unstable markets make it necessary to contact your clients right away, a world class client management system like Advisors Assistant makes it easy.

Contacting your clients quickly when they may be nervous or confused by current events reassures them, and it reinforces their confidence in you.

It shows them that:

  • you’re on top of things
  • you know what’s going on
  • you’re looking out for them.

Quick contact seems like an undaunting task, but Advisors Assistant, the ultimate in Client Management Software, is the solution. A full featured client management system (CRM) is one of the most important tools an advisor can have.

The name of the game is building trust and rapport with clients by contacting them not only when there’s important news or when they need reassuring, but on a regular basis as well.

And when we say Advisors Assistant is easy to use – we mean it. Listen to what technology expert Joel Bruckenstein says:

“We really do believe that Advisors Assistant is very easy to use, and ease of use should not be underestimated. No matter how sophisticated a CRM application is, it’s useless if you and your staff do not use it. Advisors Assistant does a nice job of balancing functionality and cost in an easy to use product.”   ~Joel Bruckenstein – Technology Tools for Today

Are you currently using a CRM which is little more than a Rolodex? More than just a CRM, full featured Advisors Assistant has been developed over the past 30 years by listening to input from financial industry leaders and providing what they need to stay at the top of their game:

Client Management | Optional Portfolio Management | Optional Insurance Management
You Choose the Modules You Need

Advisors Assistant has direct links to Microsoft Word and Outlook that make communicating with clients and prospects a snap. It takes only a few minutes to send one email or letter or mass emails or letters. And our Outlook Archiver automatically copies incoming or outgoing emails right into your client Notes.

The powerful and easy to use search screens make it easy to select very specific groups of people for quick contact. Advisors Assistant makes it extremely easy to classify clients and prospects into different groups and select groups by many different criteria. You can even classify clients as “nervous” or “panicky” or any other terminology you’d like to use.

Once your data is in Advisors Assistant as your home base, you can transfer it to other programs to save thousands of hours of repetitive input.

Order Now so you can start contacting your clients on a regular basis and Watch Your Sales Soar.

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