#61 Calendar Reports

Jan 8, 2016

Calendar Reports

Did you know that there are many different calendar reports available in your Advisors Assistant? You can print out reports for your own calendar or any other user’s calendar that you have access to. You can also manage the events you select by completing all of the events, deleting them or even transferring them to another user’s calendar.

To get to the Calendar Reports Screen click on the Calendar icon on your Sidebar and click on the Reports Perspective at the top of the screen.


First you will need to enter the search criteria for the events you wish to select. You can search by date range, event type, status or even if it is an event connected to a contact. You can also include as many user calendars as you would like, as long as you have access to their calendar.

Once you have verified the criteria, click on Search to see the results and then click on Report to pull up the list of Calendar Reports available.


The different Calendar Reports list the search results based on event date, calendar user, contact or even priority. You can save the report as a PDF to send to others within your office, or you could even send a broadcast email or letter to remind your clients of upcoming appointments with the Microsoft Word integration.

If there is a report that you will run often, use the Down Arrow in the middle of the screen to save that Report to your Favorites. Back on the Calendar Reports Screen, you can also click Save to save the search criteria and use the Load button in the future so you don’t have to enter the fields again. From the Calendar Reports screen you can also Delete, Complete, or Transfer the selected events on the search screen.

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