#67 Albridge Applink

Mar 31, 2016

Did you know that Advisors Assistant’s connection with Albridge and the Applink interface lets you go right into the Albridge system without even having to log in? With only one click you’ll be connected directly to Albridge right from your Advisors Assistant database, as long as your broker dealer provides the Applink service with your Albridge subscription.

You will just need to input your Partner User ID and your Broker Dealer’s Financial Institution ID into Advisors Assistant and then you are ready to use Applink. This is set up under Admin | Maintain Producers.


You can access Applink either from the Albridge Icon on the Partner Sidebar Menu OR by right-clicking in the View Account or View Investment screen. You don’t even have to have the Investment Module to be able to utilize Applink.


The Albridge Applink uses your client’s Tax ID to find the client in the Albridge system. From the Albridge Applink interface you can do the following:

  • Go directly to your client list screen
  • Go directly to an individual client’s portfolios
  • Go to your Advisor Profile
  • Go to an individual client’s profile
  • Go to your Advisor’s Reports and run reports

Just another way Advisors Assistant acts as a time-saver and increases efficiency during your work day!

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