#68 Copy & Paste Email Addresses

Apr 12, 2016

Sometimes you may want to send an email to more than one email address listed under a client’s name. Advisors Assistant makes that easy with the clipboard symbol on the email address list.


All you need to do is highlight one or more addresses in the list. To highlight multiple addresses, hold down the Ctrl Key and left click. Once you have the emails highlighted, click on the clipboard icon in the lower right of the screen. That will place the highlighted addresses in the Windows Clipboard.


Then, start your email program. Click the mouse in the “To” address area and press Ctrl-V or, if there is an Edit Menu at the top of the screen (like Outlook has), click on Edit | Paste. You can paste into the Cc or Bcc Fields as well.

Now, you have the email addresses in your emailer!

You can click on as many addresses as you need on the Advisors Assistant contact record.

Mass Emailing is also available through Advisors Assistant. Additional information about this option can be found in our Help, by watching our Marketing Made Easy Webinar on our website, or by calling technical support at (800) 643-4488.

Just another way Advisors Assistant helps save you time!

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