#69 Four Ways to Dictate Notes into Advisors Assistant

Apr 29, 2016

Making notes after contact with a client can’t be over-emphasized. Not only does it help to provide continuity in your relationship, but it could be critical in a legal dispute or an interaction with a regulator. The best time to make those notes is as soon as possible after the client contact.

Advisors Assistant provides multiple ways to speak those notes so that they become notes associated with your client in Advisors Assistant.

Direct Dictation Using AAMobile

AAMobile is optionally available to all web-based users who wish to use their mobile devices to access their Advisors Assistant from anywhere they can get on the Internet.

AAMobile Notes_edited

AAMobile gives you full access to clients’ notes. It’s easy to just add a note in AAMobile and use your device’s voice recognition feature to dictate a note directly into Advisors Assistant.

Two Dictation Integrations

You can also use Mobile Assistant or Copytalk to dictate notes into your phone.

First, you call the phone number provided by the dictation service and provide the appropriate client name and phone number and then dictate the body of the note. Once the dictated note is sent, Advisors Assistant’s Outlook routine will see that the email is coming from either Mobile Assistant or Copytalk and will use the client’s phone number to find their record in Advisors Assistant. Google will archive Mobile Assistant and Copytalk soon as well.


When the contact is found, the email will be added to a topic called “Mobile Assistant Reports” or “Copytalk Reports.” You can move the email to another topic if needed by opening the note and using the Move feature. You can also edit the note.

Speech Recognition Programs

A more elaborate solution is to use a speech recognition program. Dragon Naturally Speaking is the market leader and sells for $59 to $139 (on sale) for the home or premium version. This can be used—not only to dictate notes, but to send emails, write documents in Word, and even control programs. Advisors Assistant works well with Dragon, but there is a learning curve to operate the Dragon Naturally Speaking program.

Notes Notes Notes

Whether you choose voice or keyboard, notes provide a huge payoff with your clients!

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