#70 Save Time & Decrease Errors with Form Automation Software

May 12, 2016

Did you know that Advisors Assistant integrates with Form Automation software programs Laser App and Quik! Forms to help you fill out applications quickly and easily? Advisors Assistant links with both versions of Laser App, their web-based version Laser App Anywhere and the desktop version Laser App Enterprise. You would tell Advisors Assistant which form automation system to use under the User Preferences.

If you’re using the web-based version of Advisors Assistant, the mobile app AAMobile also works with Laser App Anywhere. So you can fill out forms directly from your mobile devices, saving lots of time and greatly increasing efficiency.

In addition to name, address, and identification information, the data on the Application Information Screen is sent to the application program. To get to the Application Information Screen just click on the Modify Name Screen and go to the Application Info tab on the right.


Once you fill out the fields in the Application Information screen, just click on the Forms icon located on the sidebar to export that information to the Form Automation program you’re using (the Form Automation Software is sold separately).


The names referenced on the Application Info Screen, such as Spouse, Beneficiaries, and Accountant, need to be entered as records in Advisors Assistant. Then the addresses, phones, and other information for these names are also sent to the Form Automation Software.

You can also have an unlimited number of dependents’ information sent over to your application program using the View Client with Households screen. When you add a member to a household, if you check that member off as a dependent and select their relationship their data will also be sent to your application program.

Just another way Advisors Assistant decreases the need for double-entry and therefore increases efficiency!


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