#72 Copying FlexField Labels between Name Types

Jun 16, 2016

Did you know that you can copy the FlexField Labels from one Name Type to another? When FlexFields are related, an Administrator can copy one set of fields to another and then just make a change or two if needed. You need to have Administrator Rights to perform this function. This feature helps maintain data consistency throughout your database.

To copy FlexField labels, go to Admin | FlexField Customization | Copy. The copy function is a From/To function. The “To” end does not need to have a FlexField set attached. The copy function will either create a new set of FlexFields or overwrite an existing set.


The Type field refers to the type of record the FlexFields will be attached to (Name, Policy, or Investment). The Description Field refers to the description of the Type Field (for example, if the Type was Name, the Description would be the type of name, say Client or Prospect). Clicking on Show Labels will display the labels being copied from the “From” section and will show the existing FlexField labels in the “To” section. The existing labels in the “To” section would be overwritten since you are copying the labels in the “From” section into the “To” section.

Just another way Advisors Assistant helps save you time and keeps your important data well-organized!

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