#76 Outlook Email Archive to Current Name

Aug 12, 2016

Did you know that you can manually archive an email to a name in Advisors Assistant? If you either forgot to enter the email address into Advisors Assistant before sending/receiving the email, or the email would not have normally been archived to that name record, you now have the ability to archive that email manually.

First, in Advisors Assistant, make sure the name to which the email should be archived is showing on the View Screen. Then, in Outlook, highlight the email and click on the Advisors Assistant Tab and choose “Archive Email to Current Name Being Viewed.”


This will archive the email highlighted in Outlook to the contact record of the name being viewed in Advisors Assistant. It doesn’t matter who the email is from, whether the email address is in Advisors Assistant or not, or if it is marked as Do Not Archive; it overrides those settings. No need to copy and paste the email into the Advisors Assistant notes.

Another great way Advisors Assistant helps keep your client correspondence organized within the database.

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