#77 Google Integration

Aug 23, 2016

Did you know that Advisors Assistant now integrates with Google Apps for Work? The Google Apps for Work integration synchs contacts, calendar events, archives emails and even links with the Advisors Assistant Workflows! If you have a Google Corporate Account, you can then authorize Advisors Assistant to use the Google APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) to enable the Advisors Assistant integration.

You will need to have a Google Apps for Work (otherwise known as Google Corporate) account first before you can set up the Advisors Assistant integration.

With Advisors Assistant’s Google Apps integration, you can:

  • Archive Gmail sent to or received from any email address stored in Advisors Assistant
  • Sync Google Contacts with Advisors Assistant Contacts (both directions)
  • Sync Google Tasks and Appointments with Advisors Assistant Tasks and Appointments (both ways)
  • Complete Advisors Assistant workflow tasks in Google and have the workflow event automatically completed in Advisors Assistant
  • Complete workflow events in Advisors Assistant and have that task completed and removed from Google

Detailed instructions for setting up the Google Apps integration with Advisors Assistant can be found in our Help or feel free to contact technical support at (800) 643-4488 for their assistance.

Just another way Advisors Assistant incorporates all of your important programs to organize your data and helps reduce the need for double-entry!

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