#79 Social Media Links

Sep 23, 2016

Did you know that Advisors Assistant now incorporates Social Media links onto the Advisors Assistant name record? By entering in the Social Media addresses for the client, you can click directly to the client’s Facebook page, LinkedIn site, Twitter page, or Google+ page right from their Advisors Assistant View Screen!

To add the contact’s Social Media addresses, go to the Add/Modify Name Screen by clicking on the white space in the top left section of the View Client Screen. The Social Media address information is entered here under the Details Tab.


Once the addresses are entered for the client, click OK and you will see on the View Client Screen that the Social Media links located in the Address Section are now in color. If there aren’t any Social Media addresses entered, the Social Media icons will be greyed out. As you can see in the image below, James Madison has Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter addresses but the Google+ Icon is grayed out because he doesn’t have that filled in.


To go to the Social Media page, just click on the Social Media Icon and you will be taken directly to the corresponding page for the client.

Just another way that Advisors Assistant helps you keep in contact with your clients!

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