#80 Alert Note

Oct 5, 2016

Did you know that you can now add an Alert Note under Advisors Assistant Name Records to keep track of important information about the client or prospect? An Alert Note contains any information you deem important enough to see each time you look up the contact. This can be a special circumstance for that person, a change in their situation, something to always remember when speaking with that person; literally anything you want to remind yourself of in regards to that contact.

The Alert Note is added under the Modify Name Screen within the Alert Note Tab.


When there is any text in the alert note, the Alert Note Icon will appear on the View Screen. The Alert Note saves when you click OK at the bottom of the Modify Name Screen. The Alert Note Icon will appear on all of the View Screens so that it is hard to miss. To read the Alert Note, just click on the Alert Note Icon.


If you need to remove an alert note, delete the text from the Alert Note Tab on the Modify Name Screen, Click OK, and the Alert Note Icon will no longer appear on the Advisors Assistant View Screen.

Just another way Advisors Assistant helps remind you about important information regarding your clients and keeps your relationship more personal!

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