#82: Subset on Search All Notes

Dec 14, 2016

Did you know that you can create a Subset from a Global Notes Search within your Advisors Assistant database? Once you have the list of notes that match your search criteria, you can create a Subset (mini database) of just those names that match your criteria.

To search through all notes, go to Tools and click on Search All Notes. From this screen you can decide what information you would like to search on like Keyword, User ID, Modified Date, and Note Topic. The more information you enter, the more filtered the search will be.

When you have entered all of your criteria, click on Apply Filter and only those notes that meet your criteria will show on the screen. From here, you can click on Subset to create a mini database of just those contacts with matching notes.

You’ll know that you’re in a subset because the background of the View Screen is yellow. When you click the left and right arrows, you are only navigating through names that have notes that matched your search. If you need to exit out of the subset, just uncheck the box in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. You will see your background switch back to white when your subset has been turned off.

Just another way Advisors Assistant helps you find the information you’re looking for in an easy to use way!

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