#83: Annuity Tab

Feb 15, 2017

Did you know that Advisors Assistant now has an Annuity Tab where you can list all of your Annuities separately on one View Screen? The View Client with Annuities Screen combines Annuity products from both the Insurance and Investment Modules all on one View Screen.

Insurance and/or Investment products that are listed as Annuities can also show on its own Annuities Tab, if you would like. Insurance Policies would need to be designated as an Annuity and Investment Account Type would need to be classified as an Annuity. You would need to have these optional modules in order to track this product information.

The System Administrator would designate where those products are shown under System Preferences.

You can choose to have the Annuity Products shown on JUST the Insurance and/or Investments Tabs, on JUST the Annuity Tab, or on both screens. If either of the fields are set to View Client with Annuities Tab OR Show on Both Screens, the View Client with Annuities Screen will be available.


Just another way Advisors Assistant helps consolidate all of your clients’ information in an organized way!

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