#84: Seminar & Event Marketing

Mar 19, 2017

Did you know that Advisors Assistant can be used to implement and track event or seminar marketing programs? With Advisors Assistant, you can do the following:

  • Import or build a prospect list
  • Track those prospects who sign up
  • Track the source of each signup
  • Address invitations with our mail merge capabilities
  • Mail merge reminder letters, emails, or postcards
  • Create call lists or emails to remind sign-ups of the event
  • Track attendees and non-attendees (change the category of prospects from Signup to Attendee for those signups who attend)
  • Record areas of interest for targeted follow-up mailings
  • Write post-event letters or emails to attendees to keep your name top of mind
  • Contact attendees and non-attendees about future events
  • Track attendees who become clients to know which events are producing revenues

These steps can be used to track events held to gain prospects, such as seminars, as well as tracking client appreciation events.

If the goal is to only market to each person once, Advisors Assistant will only make the process more efficient. If the goal is to build a database of signups, attendees and clients, then Advisors Assistant can put enormous marketing power at your fingertips.

More specific information on performing each of these steps can be found in the Advisors Assistant Help Library.

Using Advisors Assistant not only helps you keep in touch with your current client base, but also streamlines the process of expanding that base throughout the year.

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