#86: Create A Mail Merge From Notes Search

Jun 12, 2017

Since its introduction, the Search All Notes tool has become one of our more popular features.  By searching for particular keywords or phrases within their note, users leverage it to surface all manner of interesting groups from their client data.  We regularly get requests about creative ways to uses these searches to generate mail merges, create custom exports, or manage groups of contacts.

Luckily, combining our Subset feature and default search results makes this simple!  In order to act on every result found by the Search All Notes tool you can:

  1. Open Tools, then select Search All Notes
  2. Search for the target word or phrase
  3. Select the Subset button
  4. Open Reports, then select Advanced Query
  5. Select Search without adding any filters
  6. Your results will include all names in the original Notes search
  7. You may select Merge, Export, or Manage


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