#87: View Investment With History

Jul 26, 2017

Advisors Assistant offers a variety of portfolio tracking features in our optional Investment Module.  Many of these features, like generating bulk performance reports, are used regularly to produce a massive amount of information for every single client.  Others are designed to allow advisors to answer very specific questions about single accounts or even single securities.  One of these more detailed options is View Investment With History.

The Investment History view provides a way to see a chart detailing a specific position across multiple perspectives – price, market value, and share quantity.  The chart can be viewed over different time periods using the Range dropdown and its controls allow users to click and drag to change scale, zoom, and position along the graph.  This lets you quickly understand how a position has changed over time.

The View Investment With History option is accessed from any View Client screen by selecting the Investments tab, double-clicking an account to open it, double-clicking a holding to drill down to a single security, then selecting the History tab.  You can learn more in our Help files.


Help topic for View Investment With History

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