#21 Adding a Photo to a Contact Record

Dec 15, 2015

Adding a Photo to a Contact Record

Did you know that you can add a photo of the client to their contact record in Advisors Assistant? You can easily see the picture of the person you will be meeting with or who you are speaking with on the phone! You can even grab photos from the client’s facebook pages or websites.

To add the photo, click on the Camera icon on the contact record View Screen then click on Load New Image. You can then navigate to the image file and select the appropriate photo. Once you have the correct image selected, click Exit.


Now you can see your client’s smiling face every time you look at their record, you will never forget what they look like again!

You can also change the picture if you find a more current photo of the client. Just click on the photo’s thumbnail on the View Screen and use the Load New Image button to switch images.

Photos are stored in the database as a JPG file. If you don’t have a JPG, don’t worry, Advisors Assistant will automatically convert your photo to a JPG, compressing the file and reducing the amount of space needed to store it.

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