#23 Advisors Assistant Resource Library

Dec 15, 2015

Advisors Assistant Resource Library

Do you know about the Advisors Assistant Resource Library? The Resource Library is available ONLY to Advisors Assistant Users and is where you can find past Guest Speaker Webinars, access to the Advisors Assistant Workflow Library, as well as a direct link to the Pre-Recorded Training Webinars.

To get to the Resource Library, click on your Help Menu at the top of the screen and choose Resource Library.


The Workflow Library is where you can share Master Workflows with other users. You can import Workflow Templates that are already posted to the library or share your own useful Master Workflows for others to import into their database! The workflows are also editable once you import them into Advisors Assistant so they can even be used as a starting point to build on.

Please send us your Workflow Templates to help expand the library! The steps to import and share Workflow Templates are available within the Workflow Library. You’ll need to have Security Rights to perform these functions.

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