Dec 15, 2015

Have You Backed Up Your Data Recently?

The support calls that break our hearts are the ones from people who have had a computer crash, and they haven’t backed up their database.

This QuikTip applies to our computer-based users, since Advisors Assistant Holdings is automatically backing up the web-based Advisors Assistant databases.

Our tech support manager requested we send this QuikTip because once again support had a call from an office that lost their server, and they didn’t have an Advisors Assistant backup.

There’s nothing we can do to help with data recovery if you don’t have an Advisors Assistant backup. We can help you reinstall your Advisors Assistant and get the program working again, but if you do not have a backup of your data you will be starting over with data entry.

We’ve made the backup routine in Advisors Assistant very easy to run, and it only takes a few minutes a day. Tech support will be happy to show you how to back up your database. There’s also extensive information in our Help System. Just search “Backup” in the index.

You can never have too many backups. Even though our company server is backed up every night to a USB Drive, we still take 10 minutes every day to make a separate backup of our Advisors Assistant database. That backup leaves the office every night because our database is one of the most important assets of our company. So if the building burns down and takes the daily server backup with it, we’ll still have that backup we took offsite, and we can be up and running the day the new servers arrive.


An actual Advisors Assistant User’s office that burned to the ground. He had a server with mirrored drives, but never took a copy of the backup offsite. Unfortunately the mirrored drives and backup burned with the fire.



It’s very easy! From the computer or server that has the Advisors Assistant SQL Database installed, go to “Start | All Programs | Advisors Assistant | Database Maintenance – Backup – Restore.” That will open the Server Utilities, and then all you have to do is click the Backup Button, select a location for your backup file, and watch your data being backed up.

Advisors Assistant creates a 256 bit AES encrypted, compressed backup file that can be copied to a USB drive and taken offsite. It’s encrypted, so if you were to lose the USB thumb drive your data would not be at risk.

We’ve done everything we can to make backing up your Advisors Assistant as easy as possible, but we can’t actually perform the backup for you if you’re using a computer-based Advisors Assistant. We really hate the calls when your computer crashes and you don’t have a backup, so PLEASE BACK UP YOUR ADVISORS ASSISTANT.

Our awesome Tech Support Team will be happy to help if you need it.

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