#55 Bursting Reports into Batches

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that, with Advisors Assistant, you can run a report all at once for several clients and Advisors Assistant actually divides the batch into individual PDF reports for each client? When the page numbering starts over, indicating a new client report, a new PDF is created. You then decide where those individual PDFs are saved on your computer. You can even indicate a default location for these Bursted Reports in your User Preferences.

You can tell if a report is “burstable” by looking at the Report Selection Menu. The checkbox in the “Can Burst” column of the report menu tells you which reports can be bursted.


Once you find a report that you want to “burst,” select that report from the menu and click on the Burst Icon at the bottom of the Report Selection Menu. Once the report is bursted, you can choose the location you would like the individual PDFs saved.


The reports are labeled with the name of the client as well as the name of the report that was run.

These bursted reports can be saved on your computer or you can even arrange to have reports delivered automatically to your clients through our partnership with AdvisorVault. More information about our AdvisorVault Client Portal Integration is available in our Help.

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