#19 Calendar Schedule View

Dec 15, 2015

Calendar Schedule View

Did you know that the Advisors Assistant Calendar has a Schedule View that shows you multiple user’s calendars all on one screen? The Schedule View in the Advisors Assistant calendar is designed to show you the appointments on the calendars to which you have access for the day that you’re viewing. You can even double-click on any appointment to see the details!

To get to the Schedule View, open the Advisors Assistant Calendar from the sidebar and click on the Schedule Perspective at the top of the Calendar View Screen. All of the Appointments scheduled on the calendars you have access to are shown on the view screen.


You can scroll across to see the whole day and scroll down to see more user’s calendars. You can also scroll day by day to get a feel for what is scheduled in the upcoming days!

The Advisors Assistant Schedule View is designed to show you which calendars have openings for any one day so that you don’t have to scroll through each individual calendar to see the appointments.

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