#40 Color-Coded Subtypes for Calendar Events

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that you can select a default color for your calendar event subtypes? For each subtype you not only get to choose the abbreviation and the description, but also the color! You can decide within your office what the different color selections would signify so that you know right away what type of event it is. This color will override the normal event color that will show in the calendar, giving you even more color control.

You do have to have the correct security rights to edit lists in order to add/change the subtype color. To select a default color for the calendar subtypes, click on the Admin Menu and select Maintain Abbreviations. For the Abbreviation Type, select Calendar Event Subtype. Then click on the Add or Modify Button. You will then see the screen shown below where you can choose the corresponding color for the Calendar Event Subtype.


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