#41 Customizing Report Footnotes

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that you can customize the footnotes on your Advisors Assistant reports? The customized Footnotes will appear after each client’s or household’s section of the report. You must be an Advisors Assistant system administrator to have the rights to create and edit Footnotes.

To add a new Footnote, go to the Admin Menu and click on Maintain Reports. Click on the Footnotes Button and choose the type of report (Contact or Investment, for example) to which you would like to add the Footnote. Click the Modify Button.


As you can see in the screen shot above, there are 3 sections of the Footnote. Lines 1 and 2 are basically included to stay compatible with previous versions of Advisors Assistant. They can be replaced by Footnote 3.

Footnote Line 3 can be used to fully replace Footnote 1 and 2. Footnote 3 is a rich text footnote and can provide all of the text formatting you need to create footnotes required by your compliance officers.

All 3 Footnote Lines will show on every page on Non-investment reports. On Investment Reports, they will show on the last page(s) only.

The Page Disclosure, if present, will appear at the bottom of Investment and Investment Performance Reports. It will not appear on Insurance or other reports. This footnote is designed to be a short footnote for messages such as, “This report
is not complete without the Disclosure Page at the end.” or similar message.

As compliance changes have taken place, Advisors Assistant has modified the way footnotes are presented. This is an ongoing process and is just another way Advisors Assistant helps meets the needs of the Financial Services Industry!

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