#30 FlexField Drop Down Lists

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that you can have pre-defined options for the text FlexFields in Advisors Assistant? The System Administrator can limit what the user can enter by creating a drop down list of possible choices. This will standardize what is entered into the field which makes entering FlexField values and searching for data in the FlexFields much easier.

To apply this limitation, the System Administrator needs to click Admin | Maintain FlexField Labels, select the name type title to add limits to, check the Limit Box next to the FlexField and click the Browse box. Then just build the list of options
for your users to choose from.


System Administrators can also convert a FlexField that you have been using as free form into a drop down list. To do this, go to Admin | Maintain FlexField Labels, choose the FlexField type, highlight the item on the list and click Modify. You would then click on the Browse button to input the list of options. When you make your list and save the screen, Advisors Assistant will check the field and add any new entries that were already in the field to your list.

Once the limitations are set up, the user can then go into the View Client with FlexFields Screen and choose from the pre-set list.

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