#53 Gillware Internet Backups

Dec 18, 2015

We have said it before and we will say it again: always remember to BACK UP YOUR DATA! Having a backup plan is essential to your business. Even if CMS is backing up your web-based Advisors Assistant database, your computers have other data on them. Your data is the most important thing on your computer and, unfortunately, computers crash. You can never have too many backups and you can never be too careful with your data.

Most internet backups are expensive, but we have found one, which we have used for 3 years, that is affordable as well as secure: Gillware Data Recovery.

Gillware Backups happen automatically, they are encrypted and then go off site. Every 3 days, Gillware sends you a status email for each computer telling you that your files are backed up. We don’t know about you, but checking to see if the server or station is backed up is not the first thing we think of when arriving at the office.

Below is an email we get every 3 days from our Gillware Cloud Backup telling us that the files we’ve designated to be backed up have been.

We get one on every server and workstation we’ve designated, and we only pay for the files we want to back up and only for the compressed size, which is about half the actual size.

Even if you’re using our Hosted system, you probably have high priority and critical files on your local network that need backing up. If your Advisors Assistant database is stored on your network, not all Internet backup programs can backup a SQL database. We are occasionally contacted by users who thought they had a database backup—but the Internet backup program they’ve been signed up with doesn’t back up SQL databases. Gillware WILL back up your Advisors Assistant SQL database.

At 45 cents a month per compressed GB, this service is hard to beat!


For more information, call Ryan Pflanz at (877) 624-7206 x8793 or email Ryan@Gillware.com to discuss how to get set up.

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