#3 Help Is Just A Click Away!

Dec 14, 2015

The User Guide for Advisors Assistant is Built Right Into the Program

Did You Know there’s a Help (?) Button on every screen in Advisors Assistant?

And many of the Help Topics contain Video Tutorials that actually explain and walk you through the screen that you’re using.

The main Help Button is right in the middle of the View Screen to the left of the phone number section. All other screens have a Help Button in the bottom right corner of the screen – using the Help Button on the screen takes you right to the Help Topic for that screen.


When you open a Help Topic, you’ll see not only written Help but Video Tutorials and Screen Shots.


And, if you wish to view or read the User Manual it’s available directly from Advisors Assistant. Just go to the Help Menu at the very top of the Advisors Assistant screen, then “User Manual PDF” to open the manual. At Advisors Assistant Holdings we’re always looking for ways to help you learn to use Advisors Assistant, so it can help simplify your life.

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