#9 Instant Messenger

Dec 14, 2015

Advisors Assistant Instant Messenger

Did you know that Advisors Assistant contains an Instant Messenger?

You can quickly send a message to one or more people in your company who are using Advisors Assistant. Just click on the MESSAGING Icon in the Toolbar on the left side of your View Screen.


Once the Messenger opens you can write a new message, reply to a message somebody sent to you, or archive your messages.


After a message is sent from Advisors Assistant, as long as the recipient has Advisors Assistant open a small window pops up in the bottom right-hand corner of their computer screen, on top of whatever program they’re currently using. A single click on the message opens the Advisors Assistant Messenger.

When you create a new message the Messenger even indicates which users are currently logged into your database, so you’ll know if they’ll get your message right away or they’ll get the message when they next log into Advisors Assistant.

The Advisors Assistant Messenger also ties into the Workflow Module, and is used for notifications about Workflow completions and deletions.

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