#10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Dec 14, 2015

Keyboard Shortcuts Save Time!

Did you know that Advisors Assistant has many keyboard shortcuts available?

Keyboard shortcuts, or Hot Keys, are a combination of keys you press on your keyboard that perform a certain function. For example, pressing the ALT key and TAB key together will cycle you through the different programs you have open in

Some of the most popular Advisors Assistant shortcuts are:

  • F2: Inserts today’s date into any date or text field (like a note)
  • F3: Inserts today’s date and time into a text field
  • ALT+Q: Opens the Name Lookup
  • ALT+P: Opens the Phone Lookup
  • CTRL + ALT + A: Presses the ADD ACTION BUTTON
  • CTRL + ALT + W: Presses the WORD ACTION BUTTON to start WordMerge
  • View Screens: If you look at the name of the tab for each View Screen, a letter is underlined. Pressing ALT + the underlined letter will change to that View Screen.

We have a list of HOT KEYS available in the Advisors Assistant HELP. Click on the HELP ACTION BUTTON in the middle of the View Screen, and under the CONTENTS Tab you can expand the “Getting Started” chapter to find a topic labeled HOT KEYS. You can also go to the INDEX Tab and enter HOT KEY to find the topic.

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