#8 Link FOLDERS to Contact Names

Dec 14, 2015

Link Files and Folders to Contacts

Did you know that you can link entire Windows FOLDERS to a contact name?

Many people use the View Client With Files feature to link a file to the contact so you can quickly open that file from within Advisors Assistant.

If you’re keeping all client-related files in one folder on your computer, you can link that entire FOLDER to the name instead of linking individual files. Then just double-clicking on the folder name from the Files Tab will open that folder in
Windows Explorer.


Whether you’re linking Files or Folders, we highly recommend you do not link from a C drive on your computer. We have lots of tips for setting up your computer to get the most use out of linking Files in Advisors Assistant, so please click on the HELP Button in the middle of the View Screen to learn more. Setting up your computer correctly the first time will help keep those File and Folder links useful for years.

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